(Full video below.)

It’s the kind of gun battle that every officer dreads being a part of.  And now the Los Angeles Police Department has released new video footage of one such fight in April.

Dramatic LAPD gun fight with suspect caught on camera


It happened in South Los Angeles in the area of Long Beach Avenue and 52nd Street on April 20.  It started when the suspect went through a stop sign.

Police say the driver got out and took off on foot from the two officers, who called into dispatch that he had a gun.

Dramatic LAPD gun fight with suspect caught on camera


As the two officers chased the driver through the property of the Pueblo Del Rio public housing complex, a second man appeared.  He was later identified as 39-year-old Curley Duff.

You can see in the video that after the first officer ran by, Duff pulls a gun from his waistband and fires several times at the second officer.

 Dramatic LAPD gun fight with suspect caught on camera


The officer immediately returned fire and hit Duff – in the video released on Friday by the LAPD, you can see him collapse to the ground.

The video was body camera footage from LAPD officer Enrique Trujillo.  He shows his perspective of the battle, including Duff pointing his gun directly at the officer.  You can also see flashes going off from only a few feet away.

Right after returning fire, Trujillo immediately calls it into dispatch:

“Shots fired, shots fired” then is heard telling his partner, “I’m hit bro, in my leg.”

Later in the bodycam footage, Trujillo can be seen collapsing to the ground.

Dramatic LAPD gun fight with suspect caught on camera


People in the housing complex are heard in the video screaming as the officers radio for a rescue ambulance.

“We need an R.A. we got an officer shot. We got a man down.”

Officers raced Trujillo to the hospital in a police car. Duff was taken later brought to the hospital in an ambulance.

Police say they did recover the handgun Duff used in the shooting.

He has a lengthy criminal record that contains numerous arrests and convictions.  Here’s one more for his history :he’s now facing a charge of attempted murder of a police officer.

Trujillo is recovering at home.

The LAPD and the Office of the Inspector General are continuing their review of the use-of-force incident and will submit a report to the police chief and Police Commission.