Guatemalan illegal immigrant charged for Alabama murder after ICE/DHS failed to deport him

MOBILE, AL - An illegal immigrant from Guatemala, who was not deported following a 2021 DUI by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) citing a directive from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was charged with the murder of a 19-year-old in Alabama over a year after his initial arrest. Antonio Rodas is charged in connection with the death of Adam Luker in a fatal car accident on April 28th.

According to reporting from The Daily Caller News Foundation, Rodas was arrested for DUI by the Semmes Police Department and the arrest report shows officers observed the "strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver," as well as tell-tale "open and unopened alcohol containers in his car."

Eight days later on May 6th, Luker died due to his injuries and Rodas, 29, was arrested May 8th after he attempted to flee the country.

Local news outlet Fox10 wrote that Rodas was driving without a driver's license and had T-boned Luker's vehicle at an intersection "at a high rate of speed." Later reporting from WKRG revealed that Rodas was driving 88 mph at the time of the collision.

Mobile County District Attorney Keith Blackwood said in a statement posted to Facebook, "Given the nature of the incident, his criminal history and the fact that Mr. Rodas is in this country illegally, we feel strongly that seeking Aniah’s Law is the appropriate course of action."

The Daily Caller researched Rodas' criminal history and received confirmation from ICE that he had entered the U.S. illegally. A spokesman told the outlet, "On an unknown date and location, Antonio entered the United States without inspection, admission, or parole by an immigration officer. On Dec. 27, 2018, the United States Border (USBP) arrested Antonio near Hidalgo, Texas and served him with a Notice to Appear."

“On Jan. 4, 2019, ERO San Antonio released him on an order of recognizance,” the spokesman added.

The scenario has similarities to many other tragedies in recent months, notably a Massachusetts case involving a murder by an illegal immigrant previously reported by Law Enforcement Today. Reportedly Rodas was on the radar of ICE following his previous DUI arrest in 2021, of which he was convicted in 2022.

The agency told reporters that their actions were being prioritized in accordance with the Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law put in place by Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas in 2021.
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Before open borders they used many fake names and ID's. I personally witnessed this. Now with open borders they just keep freely coming back in the rare cases they are deported. Secure borders and mass deportations are the only thing that can help prevent our out of control and increasing national crime wave !


Without secure borders we are not a country. Mass deportation, no matter the cost, must happen as soon as possible. Our borders must be closed. The lie the current president spews is beyond ridiculous. He has the ability to close our borders but refuses. Ask yourself why. This is not a political party problem, it's an American problem. United we stand, devided we fall. We've all heard this. We're now living it. Praying always for our nation, law enforcement, military, and we the people.


Put him in an old clunker car with his hands handcuffed to the steering wheel. Let the victim's family play demolition derby with him. Give him a taste of his own medicine and see how he likes it.


Put him in an old clunker car with his hands handcuffed to the steering wheel. Let the victim's family play demolition derby with him. Give him a taste of his own medicine and see how he likes it.


Mayorkas needs to be held accountable for complicity in all crimes that occur(ed) due to his complicit actions. Any body else would be charged!

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