There’s a very quickly growing number of liberal states using this crisis to free criminals from prison


Have you noticed that the modern left’s most touted solution to combating the spread of COVID-19 is letting people out of jail or stop arresting them altogether?

It’s been a serious talking point for the past few weeks, as Law Enforcement Today has covered several instances of it either being suggested or implemented in some form recently.

The question is, why?

Jails and prisons have a confined population that can be compelled in to various forms of restricted movement quite easily. While COVID-19 could spread inside of a jail or prison fast if unchecked, prison and jail officials are in a unique position to react faster than government could on the free-roaming populace.

David Horowitz, from the Conservative Review, noted the same concept:

“The concern of [the virus] spreading in jail more than in the general public is absurd. If anything, this is the most protected population, because each individual is under control of the government and anyone sick has already been quarantined and screened, which is why there is no record of an inmate epidemic during previous viral outbreaks in recent years.”

Letting people out of jail or prison isn’t going to stop individuals from contracting COVID-19, it makes absolutely zero sense. All one has essentially created is a change in venue for someone released.

Keep in mind, not everyone has “someone” to go home to when released from jails or prison. That means you’re going to have people transferring to halfway homes, or even on the streets.

Same dangers, different venue.

The only time people should be relieved of their sentences is when merit has opted for a possible early release or someone has reached their end of sentence. People shouldn’t be released because they might get sick.

Furthermore, do these advocates realize that when you step into prison (at least in Arizona) you have to fill out a form acknowledging you may die in custody for any number of reasons?

Whether it’s a slip in the shower, an act of violence at the hands of an inmate, or even pneumonia.

People deemed not ready to reenter society shouldn’t be reintegrated because there’s a virus that has contributed to the deaths of less than 5% of those it has infected.

Doing something of that nature en masse would just be grossly irresponsible, and the general public would reap the “rewards” of that irresponsibility.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’d be witnessing something akin to a scene out of Escape from New York, but you’d certainly see a spike in crime if there were heavy releases from prisons due to COVID-19.

Horowitz likened the possible outcome to a topic we’ve reported on extensively. That topic is bail reform:

“It will make every American city like New York, which experienced a 22.5% increase in major crime in February following the enactment of a new law abolishing bail for those who were supposed to be ‘low-level’ criminals.”

See what I’m getting at here? We already have data from the failed experiment called bail reform that shows the dangers of early releases.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Ironically, bail reform and those clamoring for releases due to COVID-19 are stances from the same overly-compassionate romanticizing of suspected or convicted criminals and felons.

What this crowd of left-wing activists fail to acknowledge is that simply releasing a risky population back into society early isn’t going to fix any problems. All that it could wind up accomplishing is creating new and different problems.

Are we so quick to forget Hurricane Katrina? We’ve already seen what happens when regular citizens roam through the streets when there’s a state of emergency and an economical freeze. 

Imagine the looting and property crimes we’d see if a flood of early-released inmates reintegrated into cities with quarantines?

Now, as a reformed convict, I do believe in many forms and instances of criminal justice reform. However, criminal justice reform should be achieved the right and proper way. When I see pro-inmate organizations suggesting we release all the inmates vulnerable to COVID-19, that’s when I begin to stop taking those kinds of entities seriously.

While certain counties have already started releasing lower risk inmates, not every other county needs to jump on this bandwagon. Don’t be that lemming that walked off the cliff because you saw the one in front of you do it.

The inmate population is already quarantined to an extent, there’s no need to rush to get them out early for their health and safety.  

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