Grow-your-own human steaks is not cannibalism…according to makers of product


In a very disgusting do it yourself meal kit, a company, Ouroboros Steak, has created a meal kit for growing steaks…human steaks.  Thankfully, this product is not available as of yet, but, there is a possibility it could eventually become available.

The name of the company, Ouroboros, is derived from the circular symbol of a snake eating itself tail first. 

The kit, which thankfully for now is only hypothetical, would be shipped to the consumer with everything that is needed to grow their very own human cells into miniature steaks.

The cells, which are harvested from the inside of the consumers cheek, are fed a serum from expired, donated blood.  Over time, the small pieces of meat (human tissue) are grown into what the company refers to as bite sized steaks.

The company touts that these bite-sized steaks of human tissue are able to be created without causing any harm to animals.  However, what would make anyone want to, in essence, eat themselves, is mind boggling.

The do it yourself ‘meal’ kit was nominated for “design of the year” by the Design Museum.  The Design Museum, in apparently lauding praise on the idea, says:

“Ouroboros Steak is a DIY meal kit for growing gourmet steaks from of one’s own cells.  It comes as a starter kit of tools, ingredients and instructions that enables users to culture their own cells into mini steaks, without causing harm to animals.”

Grace Knight, one of the designers of the product, immediately argued against common sense that eating one’s own grown human tissue is not cannibalism.  She told Dezeen magazine:

“People think that eating oneself is cannibalism, which technically this is not.”

This product was created by scientist Andrew Pelling, artist Orkan Telhan and Knight, who is an industrial designer.  The product was designed by the three on commission by the Philadelphia Museum of Art for an exhibit in 2019.

A website for the hypothetical product says:

“At Ourochef our goal is to supply everything you need to create cultivated food at home from your own cells.  We provide the nutrients for growing healthy cells, scaffolds to make delicious textures and all the required kitchen consumables, tools and appliances you will need to care for your luxurious creations.

“Growing yourself ensures that you and your loved ones always know the origin of your food, how it has been raised and that its cells were acquired ethically and consensually.”

The designers of this project claim that it was done as a critique of the lab-grown meat industry.  The designers told Dezeen that lab-grown meat is not as animal friendly as some people believe that it is. 

They claim that meat that is grown in the lab can only be done with using fetal bovine serum for animal cell cultures.  Fetal bovine serum is actually created from the blood of a calf fetus after pregnant cows are slaughtered for meat.  Pelling explained to Dezeen:

“Fetal bovine serum costs significant amounts of money and the lives of animals.  Although some lab-grown meat companies are claiming to have solved this problem, to our knowledge, no independent, peer-reviewed, scientific studies have validated these claims.

“As the lab-grown meat industry is developing rapidly, it is important to develop designs that expose some of its underlying constraints in order to see beyond the hype.”

As far as the product that the designers developed for the project, they used donated human cell cultures that they bought from the American Tissue Culture Collection. 

In order to grow them, the designers utilized expired donated blood that would have been destroyed otherwise.  When the tissues had grown, they used resin in order to keep the product looking fresh.

Hopefully, this product will never make it beyond theory and into kitchens. 

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Pelosi talks about shifting from oil industry: ‘We have everybody at the table’, ‘different exuberances’ in climate talks

October 26, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – During the last Presidential Debate, current Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden promised that he would “transition from the oil industry.” 

President Donald Trump, once Biden made this comment, said, “That’s a big statement.” 

Biden went further and said that he would stop giving the oil community federal subsidies.  Now, current Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in keeping with Biden’s talking point, claims that she and her base have “everybody at the table” to discuss what that means.

Pelosi told MSNBC Live that she and the democrats have reportedly talked to everyone about transitioning from oil to more eco friendly ways of producing energy.  She claimed:

“Now, in terms of transitioning, we have everybody at the table when we talk about the climate issue, and that’s some of the, shall we say, exuberances, different exuberances within our own party. 

“We have at the table.  We have the private sector, the public sector, the non-profits, enviros, labor, the business community, people of faith, farmers, venture capitalists, every aspect, our Native American community, everybody there at the table as we go forward with – as we will go forward with legislation to preserve the planet.”

While Pelosi was quick to talk about Biden’s plan on ending the gas and oil industry, she was not so quick to speak about the growing alleged scandal involving Hunter Biden and his son, the “big guy” Joe Biden.

When asked about the allegations surrounding the Biden family, she simply told the Washington Examiner’s Kerry Picket:

“I’m not answering those questions.”

Instead, in true democratic leader fashion, Pelosi attempted to spin the attention from the growing scandal to something that American citizens have been hoping for, a new round of COVID-19 aid.  She pivoted:

“We’re talking about the coronavirus.  I don’t have all day for questions.  That’s what we are talking about now.”

And with that, ended all talks from her about the specifics on Joe’s plan on ending oil and gas businesses, as well as the alleged controversy surrounding his family. 

These questions, and news conference occurred just hours after Tony Bobulinski, who was a recipient of one of the alleged Hunter emails, announced that Joe Biden was fully informed of his son’s dealings, and that email references made for paying the “big guy” were about Joe specifically.

Joe, nor Hunter, have ever publicly denied that the emails were accurate.  Instead, Joe keeps pointing to previous alleged investigations into him which he states prove there was no wrongdoing on his part.

One of the emails in question revolves around Bobulinski from James Gilliar, a member of the J2CR international consulting firm.  In the email, on May 13, 2017, Gilliar talks about the “expectations” regarding an undisclosed deal and payment. 

Gilliar also allegedly said in the email that “10 held by H for the big guy.”  Of course, people are speculating that 10 means 10% of whatever deal was reached would be going to Joe Biden.

The emails, which were first obtained by the New York Post, who published a journalism piece which was banned by social media.  The reason it was banned, according to social media elites, was because they could not confirm that the emails were obtained legally.

However, as many other news outlets, including LET have pointed out, that never stopped them from allowing shares or reporting from anyone with unverified reports that would be disparaging of President Trump and his administration.  After all, all of the social media giants were quick to share, and continue to do so, the mostly proven false claims of the Russian collusion scandal. 

In addition, they also have allowed President Trump’s leaked tax information to continue being spread on social media.  Something of which could only have been obtained by some type of criminal endeavor.

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