Two Rutgers faculty groups publicly backing professor who said white people “should be taken out”


NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Two Rutgers University faculty groups have come out in support of a professor who made headlines recently for a racist, anti-white tirade.

As we previously reported, Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper, also known on Twitter as “Professor Crunk,” unleashed on white people, or “villains,” as she called them, during a September interview with The Root.

During that interview, Cooper praised Critical Race Theory, and declared of white people, “The thing I want to say to you is, we gotta take these motherf***ers out!”

Cooper did quickly backpedal on her apparent call for violence against whites by saying:

“But, I know, we can’t, like, say that, right?  We can’t say, like – I don’t believe in a project of violence.  I truly don’t.  Because I think in the end that our souls suffer from that.”

However, after her words became public, Cooper was understandably criticized for her sentiments and for her suggestion of violence.

In response, on November 5, 2021, Cooper’s colleagues of the Rutgers American Association of University Professors – American Federation of Teachers (AAUP-AFT) came out with a statement of “unequivocal solidarity” with Cooper following her remarks during the interview.

The AAUP-AFT claimed in their opening paragraph that, following the interview, “our colleague Brittney Cooper has come under a renewed wave of racist attacks for her public scholarship.”

The group went on to declare:

“We wish to express our unequivocal solidarity with Dr. Cooper, to affirm our support of her academic freedom, and to decry the harassment and intimidation she now faces, including threats of physical violence fueled by a media smear campaign.”

The statement continued by describing Cooper’s work and stating that:

“her scholarship illuminates the harm and devastation wrought by anti-Black racism and white supremacist projects, past and present, as well as the specific contributions of Black women in theorizing and resisting these racist systems.”

It continued:

“A bad-faith media disinformation campaign has grossly misrepresented Professor Cooper’s communication of her research findings, falsely accusing her of promoting violence, in contradiction to her long-standing position of espousing nonviolence. 

“This smear campaign is not only an attack on her scholarly integrity but has incited threats to her physical safety.”

Ironically denouncing so-called “violent attacks” on the professor who called for “tak[ing] those motherf***ers out,” the statement concluded:

“Rutgers AAUP-AFT stands in solidarity with Professor Cooper and joins with the Rutgers BIPOC Faculty Caucus to defend the academic freedom rights of our faculty and to denounce these violent attacks on Professor Cooper.”

Indeed, the Rutgers University Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Faculty Caucus also officially added its backing to Cooper with their own declaration, also standing “in solidarity” with her.

Their statement was similar to the words of the AAUP-AFT, as it claimed:

“Professor Cooper has been the target of excessive and virulent hate mail and threats of physical violence as well as a media smear campaign designed to discredit her scholarship and service to the university and her fields of knowledge.”

The BIPOC Faculty Caucus further claimed that:

“The attacks against Professor Cooper are part of a larger campaign of disinformation aimed at destroying social justice activism and anti-racist education, and they reflect a historic pattern that transmutes white anxieties about the loss of hegemony into anti-Black violence.”

In conclusion, the group called on Rutgers and its community:

“to reject the politics of white grievance and fear and to embrace the courageous vision of justice and commitment to institutional transformation that grounds the work of Professor Cooper and the other members of the BIPOC Faculty Caucus.”

This is not the first time Cooper’s public statements have raised eyebrows.

In April 2020, for example, she declared in group of tweets:

“F*** each and every Trump supporter.”

Also for instance, in 2015, she submitted a piece to Salon entitled “The right’s made-up God: How bigots invented a white supremacist Jesus,” in which she called herself a “practicing Christian” and declared that Jesus was “potentially queer.”

Later, in 2016, Cooper declared on a Ted Talk that:

“If time had a race, it would be white.  White people own time.”

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Rutgers professor praises reports of low birth rate of white people: “We need to take the motherf*ckers out!”

Originally published October 31, 2021

The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ- A Rutgers University professor who clearly is a few fries short of a Happy Meal (although she looks like she likes her share of Big Macs) was taking part in an online conference during which she referred to white people as “villains,” and also praised reports of low white birth rates, saying, “We got to take these motherfuckers out.”

The clearly deranged professor, Brittney Cooper claimed that “Critical Race Theory is just the proper teaching of American history,” Breitbart reports. Congrats parents—these unhinged radicals are teaching our kids.

Cooper was speaking during an online conference titled “Unpacking the Attacks on Critical Race Theory” last month, the Daily Mail reported.

The professor, clearly a racist, also claimed that whiteness “totally skews our view of everything” and also said that “white people are committed to being villains.”

Flip the script and substitute a white college professor saying the same thing about blacks…they would already be on the unemployment line. Not this loon however.

“They [whites] fear that there is no other way to be human than the way in which they are human,” Cooper said, adding that whenever she speaks to a white person they merely believe “all this power” is simply a part of “human nature.”

“They do this thing where they say that how white people have done humanity—how they have acted as human beings—is the way all of us act. So they think black people are going to get them back,” she continued.

“And I wouldn’t be mad at the black people who want to get them back, but what I believe about black people is that we have seen what a shit show this iteration of treatment of other human beings means,” Cooper added. And my hope is that we would do it differently in the moments when we have some power.”

Breitbart noted that Cooper appeared to be speaking to Michael Harriot of The Root Institute, who was seen nodding up and down like the little doggie in the back of a window, apparently agreeing with the unhinged Cooper as she went on her rant.

White people having children? She also had an opinion on that, saying:

“White people’s birth rates are going down—because they literally cannot afford to put newer generations in the middle class. They kind of deserve it,” she continued, apparently with a wry smile on her face.

Continuing, the told Harriot:

“The thing I want to say to you is, ‘We got to take these motherfuckers out,’ but, like, we can’t say that,” before she claimed she “doesn’t believe in a project of violence.” Hmmm. “Take these mother fuckers out,” but “doesn’t believe in…violence.”

We’ll let that sit for a moment.

Continuing her racist rant, Cooper said, “Despite what white people think of themselves, they do not define the laws of eternity,” then said that “whiteness is an inconvenient interruption” in history.

“Their projects are not so sophisticated,” adding that she “showed up” at this moment in history “precisely so that we could help figure out an end and a way to the other side of this gargantuan historical tragedy that is white supremacy.”

She also showed up to apparently keep fast food restaurants in business…just saying.

She then went on to claim that the Marxist critical race theory is “proper American history,” and said that “kids can actually grasp” the curriculum. Meanwhile parents across the country have (rightfully) claimed that it is a racist ideology.

Cooper claimed that her version of “accurate” history tells us that white people “didn’t discover America” because indigenous people were already here.

She also said that whites “committed acts of violence in order to make yourselves seem superior.”

She of course missed the point that history teaches us that Columbus “discovered America” for the Europeans, not that he led the first humans to occupy the continent.

As far as violence, there was plenty of violence on the North American continent prior to the arrival of Columbus and the European explorers, with indigenous peoples including Native Americans engaged in wars of attrition throughout history.

Last year, Cooper famously said “Fuck each and every Trump supporter” in response to people protesting about Wuhan, China-related shutdowns. She’s anti-Trump? Color us shocked.

According to Rutgers University’s website, Cooper is an associate professor in the Department of Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies since she is clearly unqualified to teach anything meaningful or substantive. Some of the courses she teaches include “Black Feminism” and “Black Intellectual Thought,” the website said. We figured she’d probably have some experience in cooking and nutrition courses.

For more on anti-American, radical college professors, we invite you to read our prior report. 



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