Group of Georgia families purchase land to form an ‘all-Black’ self-sufficient community (op-ed)


The following editorial is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

TOOMSBORO, GA – If this were white people planning to do this, it would rightfully be called racist. Likewise, the government would block it from taking root.

But this is 2020 and anything goes, especially where it concerns government, businesses and individuals caving to the black community. In Georgia, two women are planning an “all-black community” to deal with “400 years of racial oppression,” according to Breitbart News.

Microsoft apparently thinks this is a wonderful idea, giving the report its so-called “good news” tag. The two women, Ashley Scott and Renee Walters said that they wanted to create “a tight-knit community for our people to just come and breathe.”


They said that the reason for conceiving such a community comes as the country “continues to confront the toxic legacy of slavery and Jim Crow.”

The women intend to call the community Freedom, and say they drew their inspiration for the community from the fictional country of Wakanda which was the setting for the movie “Black Panther.”

Scott, who is a realtor from Stonecrest, Georgia and apparently was so distraught by the death of Ahmaud Arbery that she needed to seek therapy learned through that therapy that she was apparently suffering from “400 years of racial oppression and trauma” which dated back to the beginnings of America.

Clearly, Scott has bought into the 1619 Project load of manure.

Walters meanwhile is an entrepreneur and investor, who founded the “Freedom Georgia Initiative,” which is a group of 19 black families that purchased just over 96 acres of rural land in the town of Toomsboro, located in central Georgia and home to just a few hundred people. They made the  purchase with the intention to develop it into a “self-contained black community.”

They announced their intentions, saying:

“Something new is happening! We discovered the viral post about Toomsboro, Georgia for sale and we joined several Facebook groups discussing building black cities and new Black Wall Streets—and we were here for it! It was clear to me that developing new cities was necessary because these old ones, even with strong black leadership, have too many deep-rooted problems.”

The women say that the community will have small homes for vacation use, and will host events such as weddings, retreats and recreational functions. They hope that someday the segregated community will turn into an incorporated, self-sustaining community.

Just wondering, isn’t this something we were trying to get away from during the fight for equal rights?

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“We are dealing with systemic racism,” Scott wrote in an opinion piece for Blavity last month. “We are dealing with deep-rooted issues that will require more than protesting in the streets.

Like apparently segregating communities.

Walters said Walters in an interview with Yahoo News:

“It’s now time for us to get our friends and family together and build for ourselves. That’s the only way we’ll be safe. And that’s the only way that this will work. We have to start bringing each other together.

“We really just want you to come and hang out and feel safe. You don’t have to worry about the ‘Karen’s’ of the world and anything like that. You just come in and have fun. We’ll have a sportsman area, like a black sportsman area with fishing, hunting, shooting range, ATV trails. We really just want to build a tight-knit community for our people to just come and breathe.”

Ah, we see what you did there.

The article incorrectly said a so-called “Karen” is a “derisive nickname for white women who “assert racial privilege in an offensive manner.” In fact, the nickname can describe anyone who asserts any type of privilege or who comes from the standpoint of being a know-it-all, most recently primarily lecturing people in public places about not wearing facemasks.

Meanwhile Scott said that blacks need to own land and create their own social, political and economic institutions.

“Amass land, develop affordable housing for yourself, build your own food systems, build manufacturing and supply chains, build your own home school communities, build your own banks and credit unions, build your own police departments, tax yourselves and vote in a mayor and city council you can trust,” Scott said.

“Build it from scratch. Then go get all the money the United States of America has available for government entities and get them bonds. This is how we build our new Black Wall Streets. We can do this. We can have Wakanda! We just have to build it for ourselves!”

The report continued:

“Wakanda is both a fictitious nation whose magic remains undisturbed by colonization, and a cinematic embodiment of the benefits of separation, as opposed to segregation,” it said.

For those not familiar, so-called “Black Wall Street” was an area in Tulsa, Oklahoma which was the home of flourishing black-owned businesses. In 1921, white racists attacked the city, killing a number of people and destroying property.

“Just like for Black Wall Street, their dollars circulated around 11 times before it left the community,” Walters said. That’s just something we want to bring back. We want to encourage businesses to come and we want to circulate our dollar within the community before it leaves out to someone else. We want to make everybody in our areas wealthy.”

Sounds a bit pie in the sky to us. It is also not what civil rights icons such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had in mind and it certainly is not what he lost his life over.  

One Democrat lawmaker however doesn’t see where segregation is a good idea to help blacks in the state. Georgia state lawmaker Vernon Jones believes that helping President Trump in his reelection bid is the best formula to help black Americans going forward.

In April, Jones tweeted:

“I’m a Georgia state representative and lifelong Democrat. But in this election, I’ll be casting my vote for @RealDonaldTrump. I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Party left me.”  

During a White House event, Jones said:

“President Donald J. Trump has a solid record of accomplishments in the black community. His leadership and successful legislative agenda has done more to improve black lives and their communities than any other president since the Civil Rights and Voters Rights Act.”


The statement was made during a Black Voices for Trump discussion at the White House.


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