Their message is simple: there’s no place for gun owners in America.

“Gun extremists.”

That’s what legal citizens who support their constitutional right to bear firearms are being called by a grassroots group, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

“Lawless County resolutions.”

That’s what the group is calling Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

I tried really hard to not write against this group, I really did.  The website says it was started by a mom of five who is concerned for children’s safety. I’m a mom, and I get it, wanting to do what you think is right to protect your kids.

But then I read an article released by group a couple of days ago and changed my mind real fast.

“On January 20th, gun extremists – including out-of-state militia groups – will descend on the Virginia General Assembly, hoping to intimidate lawmakers into rejecting the democratic will of the people who, by wide margins, want (and voted for champions of) common-sense gun safety laws.”

This is just the first paragraph and already so much misinformation.

Group launches attack against 2A supporters, calls them all “extremists”


First of all: Gun extremists?  I didn’t realize it was extreme to expect to be allowed to live by our constitutional rights.  It’s pretty offensive to call people who honor the rights of citizens in this country a harsh term that’s obviously meant to be derogatory and spark fear into those who don’t know more about the situation.

Out of state militia groups?  I have seen many people commenting that they’re planning on attending to support Virginians and their rights, both as fellow Americans and recognizing that if Virginia can strip its citizen’s rights, other states could be next. 

But to call them militia groups?  Again, a term obviously being utilized to ignite fear and paint gun rights advocates in a negative light.

“Descend on the VGA…to intimidate lawmakers?” 

Really?  Again, using a word like descend has a harsh connotation, making the advocates seem more like terrorists.  Then implying that advocates of their own rights are like a bunch of bullies who are going to start pushing and shoving inside the capital until they get lawmakers’ lunch money.

Rejecting the democratic will of the people?  What are you on?  The article links to another article that lists a poll claiming 53-83 percent of Virginians are all in for full on gun control legislations, depending on which bill they were asked about.  Interesting since there are over 100 municipalities have voted to become sanctuary entities.

Group launches attack against 2A supporters, calls them all “extremists”


A closer look shows that this magical poll they conducted was a telephone survey…conducted on 818 people.  That’s an insanely low number to go on claiming “the majority of Virginians” support the proposed gun legislation.   

This is just the FIRST paragraph of the propaganda Moms Demand Action is pushing.

Not surprisingly, Moms Demand Action is an extension of Everytown for Gun Safety Support is funded by Michael Bloomberg. While the website states that mom, Shannon Watts, is the founder, the tax information for the group lists Michael Bloomberg.   

The group goes on to say that “Lawless County” resolutions “hold no legal weight, undermine law enforcement, and create a dangerous environment for people who may hurt themselves or others.”

And, “Policy experts, state attorneys general, and law enforcement alike agree: Lawless County resolutions, or as gun extremists call them, ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ resolutions…have no legal force.”

Group launches attack against 2A supporters, calls them all “extremists”


I’m not sure who you’ve been talking to in law enforcement, but I haven’t talked to a cop yet that doesn’t support the sanctuaries. Not saying they aren’t out there (there are bad seeds in every profession) but to generalize law enforcement and say we all agree they have no legal force is ignorant. 

I have heard of some law enforcement administration types insisting on enforcement of unconstitutional laws, so maybe that’s what the group is referring to.  But the rank-and-file officers are a different story, and I’m not sure how the admin expects to enforce gun confiscation laws on their own.

One such administrator, Sheriff Paul Penzone of Maricopa County, Arizonais quoted on Everytown’s website. 

He said, “With the same conviction we display when taking the oath of office, we must commit to practice impartial and non political actions during the course of our duties. Our democracy was designed to incorporate due process to write new laws and eliminate ineffective or unconstitutional laws.”

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son


Yes, our democracy was designed to eliminate unconstitutional laws.  Our constitution was designed to prevent them from being passed in the first place, and to allow the people to defend themselves should they be enacted.

The Sheriff continues, “Denying, ignoring or refusing to recognize and apply the laws as they are written is not within the authority of law enforcement professionals. Terms such as ‘Sanctuary’ county become an excuse to circumvent the law and defy due process and democracy. We must adhere to the Constitution when it meets our principles and values, and as importantly when it is in conflict. This is the basis of a nation founded in respect for the rule of law and due process. We owe it to our children to keep them safe and protect our democratic government.”

Interesting.  I was forced to recognize my city ordinance in Oakland, CA as a police officer when I was denied authority to report an illegal immigrant committing crimes to federal law enforcement.  The “sanctuary” city didn’t adhere to the constitution in keeping our legal citizens safe, but democrats didn’t have a problem with that.

Illegal aliens who shouldn’t be in the country? Yes, absolutely allow them to reside in immigration sanctuary entities.  But legal citizens advocating for their own God-given and constitutional right to own firearms?  They’re militant, bully extremists and their sanctuaries are unconstitutional. 

The information on Everytown’s site as well as the article released by Moms Demand Action is ignorant.  It’s tainted with lies (shouting gun advocates are white supremacists, an allegation I don’t even have enough time to debunk in this article). It’s incredibly misleading.

But that’s what you’re going for, isn’t it, Moms?

I know I’ve droned on longer than the average American’s attention span can handle, but I can’t leave this next part out.

The hypocrisy among the left is well documented and blaringly obvious in most cases.

It’s slightly less exaggerated here, but it’s still prominent. 

Said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, “Americans expect our sheriffs and law enforcement to uphold their oaths, respect the will of the people, and enforce the laws of their states.”

Respectfully, Mr. Feinblatt, I disagree.

Democrats don’t want laws enforced.  They want criminals to be on the streets.  They want illegal immigrants stripping resources from our citizens.  They don’t want police doing their jobs.

Until it suits their interest.  Then they cry out how these sanctuaries “threaten the safety of communities nationwide by fostering distrust in law enforcement.” You mean how Democrats foster distrust in law enforcement by screaming racism every time a black person is arrested?

Or how they insist that police have to be “nice” to every person that they come in contact with, regardless of how the person is treating the officer?  They can threaten the cop, spit at him, call him names, but the officer better not DARE use a curse word or he’ll suffer the wrath of the loving and tolerant left.

Or how they are starting to take away the separate crime of assault against a police officer in major democratic-run cities like Seattle, and instead saying any assault against an officer is just in the course of his duties? 

Democrats demand that police “do their jobs” and enforce the laws of the country, state, or local entity.  Until they don’t want them to.

They demand our constitutional rights be extended to illegal immigrants.  Until it comes to the second amendment.  Then they want to rip away those rights from our nation’s people, and call anyone who defends their rights intimidating, militant extremists.

Even for the left, that’s pretty extreme. 


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