Grieving mother in Nancy Pelosi’s police-defunded San Francisco still searching for justice one year after son’s murder


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – After her son was shot and killed while walking in the Portola neighborhood nearly a year ago, a San Francisco mother is expressing her grief for the first time since her son was taken away from her.

Monica Chew recently shared what life has been like for her for the past year with ABC 7, reflecting on the inexplicable murder of her 19-year-old son Kelvin back in May of 2020:

“It’s getting worse. Our family got destroyed. I don’t know how we can go forward. We need justice.”

Monica revealed that she has a heart condition during the interview with ABC 7 when she drew the neckline of her sweater down and exposed a tiny device on her chest. It’s clear that her situation has been exacerbated by her overwhelming grief over the death of her son Kelvin.

Chew exclaimed that she doesn’t understand why someone would simply murder her son, who was up to nothing more than being out for a walk when he was killed:

“Why did they take him out? He did not do anything!”

The night that Kelvin was murdered, he was trying to take a break from his Zoom classes and decided that he’d go for a walk. After Kelvin hadn’t returned for a considerable period of time, his mother became worried and decided to track his GPS location on his phone:

“I traced his GPS and found he had been at that place for half an hour. Didn’t move. I said, why is he sitting there for half an hour? Why didn’t he move?”

Opting to go search for him, Chew discovered her son’s body just a few blocks away from their home:

“His eyes were still open, there was a lot of blood on the floor…this tore my life.”

Two arrests were made in connection with the May 2020 fatal shooting of Kelvin. Authorities identified the arrested suspects as 26-year-old Fagamalama Pasene and 19-year-old Zion Young. Court records show that at the time of Kelvin’s murder, Young was out of jail on multiple bonds due from weapons charges in December of 2019 and February of 2020.

Kelvin’s sister thinks that her brother’s murder may have been due to the suspects wanting to steal his cell phone. However, Kelvin’s mother just can’t fathom what would compel someone to shoot her child:

“I don’t know if they hate him because he had no money to give them and he killed them. It’s more than a robbery. It’s more than that. I need them to give me a reason. Give me justice!”

The “justice” that Chew seeks is more than just for her son, but for the greater Asian community that has been impacted by a spike in targeted crimes in recent months:

“It’s not easy for an immigrant for 20 years…we contribute to this country we should be respected. We need respect.”

While looking at old photos of her son, Chew stated that the past year has taken a toll on her:

“It’s been along a year and I cannot get back to my life…I want to go with him.

“He stayed with me for 20 years, but I have to spend a whole life to remember him. I don’t think a human can go through it.”

According to a statement from the District Attorney’s office, Young and Pasene are being tried for murder. The case was supposed to go to trial on March 26th, but it was postponed until April 16th.

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In other cases stemming from San Francisco, video surfaced of an elderly Asian man being attacked inside of a laundromat in February. 

Law Enforcement Today shared that report shortly after the incident occurred. Here’s that previous report. 


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A 67-year-old Asian man was the victim of a brutal beating and robbery in February while he was sitting inside of a laundromat in San Francisco’s Chinatown. 

Surveillance video captured the brutal beating that occurred at approximately 10:00 p.m. on February 23rd, where the victim can be seen sitting inside of the laundromat when three assailants launched an unprovoked attack. 

The victim was first kicked in the face by one of the suspects, and then taken to the ground – with the three assailants then rummaging through the victim’s pockets to steal his money. 

Overall, the attack was launched and ended in a span of about 45 seconds, with police saying the three suspects wanted are still at large and unidentified as of this writing. 

The San Francisco Police Officer’s Association is reportedly offering a $2,500 reward for information that can lead to the identification and arrest of the suspects involved in the attack. 

SFPOA spokesman Tony Montoya commented on the recent attack, noting the disturbing uptick in crimes targeting the Asian community: 

“These random acts of violence targeting our Asian community members are no accident and they must end. The SFPOA stands with our Asian community and all San Franciscans in wanting these perpetrators to be caught and held accountable.”

The attack that transpired on February 23rd came mere days after police instituted increased patrolling of San Francisco’s Chinatown, considering the recent attacks that transpired miles away in Oakland’s Chinatown. 

San Francisco Police spokesman Robert Rueca noted that, at the very least, the increased patrols afford quicker responses to the area if incidents occur: 

“If anything we’ve increased our efforts in patrols and in the ability to respond to the community’s needs.”

The San Francisco Police Department is urging locals to come forward if they have any information about the February 23rd attack. Tipsters can reach the SFPD at 415-558-5588. 

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