Green Bay Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix remembers four Florida police officers who have died in the line of duty, reported In a move showing respect, he wrote their names on his cleats for Saturday night’s NFL preseason game against the Washington Redskins.

Classy Move by Green Bay Packers Safety

Clinton-Dix had previously written the names of “Sgt. Debra” (Clayton) and “Big Norm” (Lewis) on his cleats. Clayton, of Orlando PD, was murdered on January 9, 2017, while Lewis, of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, was killed the same day in a fatal collision while searching for Clayton’s murderer.

But the Packer safety added the names of Officer Matt Baxter and Sgt. Sam Howard, members of the Kissimmee (Florida) Police Department, who were shot on Friday. Baxter died shortly after the shooting, and Howard died on Saturday.

Orlando Native

Clinton-Dix is a native of Orlando. Furthermore, he is a criminal-justice major at Alabama, where he was an All-American defensive back. This summer, he worked as an intern for Brown County (Wisconsin) Circuit Court Judge Don Zuidmulder to earn six credits toward his undergraduate degree.

Clinton-Dix is preparing for his fourth NFL season after earning Pro Bowl recognition in 2016.

The Packers defeated the Washington Redskins 21-17 on Saturday night. Clinton-Dix started at free safety for Green Bay.

HERO Foundation

The pro-law enforcement football player also began the HERO Foundation. He wants to inspire youth to do the same with a similar message — that anything is possible. The program could offer financial aid for college-bound students and a positive role model for young people, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

The working title is “Had Enough, Reach Out,” or HERO.

“I came from the same place they came from,” he said. “I was once them. … was once in their shoes, not knowing what to do, what route to take, not having a vision, not having a purpose. And if I can get them to have a vision … that’s a start,” Clinton-Dix said last year.

“… Even if I just change one kid’s life in my time on Earth, my life is complete. I’ll be happy with that. I’ll be satisfied with that.”

When he was drafted, the first thing the new Green Bay Packers safety did was buy his mother a new house. Consequently, now he’s trying to pass that empathy along to a younger generation.

“Either a person is born with compassion or they don’t have it,” said Clinton-Dix’ sixth-grade school music teacher and mentor, Eddie Cole. “That’s a muscle you can’t build.”

Rolling With ‘Ha Ha’

Finally, Clinton-Dix’ birth name is “Ha’Sean.” But was nicknamed “Ha Ha” as an infant by his grandmother in response his actual name being mispronounced. As a result, he prefers to go by “Ha Ha” and has stated that both he and his coaches love the moniker.

(Photo: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Twitter)