Mayor de Blasio’s NYC: Graphic video shows attacker stab man in the head in Harlem


HARLEM, NYLaw Enforcement Today has continuously reported on the uptick in violent crimes in the Democrat run New York City. 

It was all fun and games when Mayor Bill de Blasio chose to succumb to the cries of left-wing agitators and terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and defund the New York City Police Department, in addition to eliminating some effective anti-crime units. 

Now crime has skyrocketed, residents have left, and tourists do not feel safe going, leaving the city in a condition similar to the NYC of the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

The latest crime was caught on video surveillance, and it is incredibly disturbing. 

The graphic new video shows a 40-year-old man being stabbed in the head several times in an attempted robbery on the streets of Harlem early Monday, November 9th.

The Post obtained the disturbing surveillance footage, which shows a knife-wielding attacker running up behind the victim, grabbing him by his sweatshirt and repeatedly stabbing and slashing the man in the head and face.

The video shows the attacker stabbing the man at least eight times, two of those times appear to be in the face. The victim then runs off as the attacker attempts to chase him.

The heinous and brazen attack took place just after 1 a.m. at the intersection of Second Avenue and East 108th Street, police reported.

Investigators followed a trail of blood, which lead to them the 17-year-old attacker. The teenager was charged with attempted murder, possession of a weapon and robbery, police said.

The 40-year-old victim was taken to Harlem Hospital where he was listed in stable condition. 

In another brazen New York City attack that was caught on camera, a man is seen punching two women in the face.

News 4 reported that police are looking for a man they say attacked two women in a Brooklyn deli at random on Sunday, November 1st.

The 21-year-old and 24-year-old victims were inside a deli on Utica Avenue around 1:15 a.m., when police say the stranger tried to talk to them.

Surveillance footage shows the man placing his bag on the ground, pulling up his pants, and then striking the first woman in the face. The second woman then gets involved, and the man is seen repeatedly punching her. 

One of the women was left with a detached retina, and the other with bruising to her head and body, authorities say.

The man ran off after the attack. Both women were taken to the hospital in stable condition. Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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Here is more on the rising crime in New York City. 

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Compared to October of 2019, gun arrests exploded to more than 102% this October, and shootings skyrocketed 121%.

According to the New York Police Department’s crime statistics for October 2020, there were 137 shootings and 502 gun arrests in the five boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. 

New York City has been an unfortunate example of what happens when businesses are restricted, people’s movements are restricted, activities that normally reduce stress and encourage happiness are all but gone, and the legal system appears to favor criminals. 

There is no doubt that the city and New York state’s lax bail policies have returned criminals to the streets in record time, and usually without a cash bod involved. 

Year-to-date, there have been 1,299 shootings, a 93.9% increase over shootings at this point last year.  Gun arrests year-to-date show a 15% increase in the total number.

Other crimes also continue to spike in New York, with burglaries up 32.2%, auto thefts up 78.7%, and the only decline was the murder rate, which was down to 35 this October compared to 36 last October.

There have been at least 24 declared COVID-19 hate crimes, primarily involving Asian victims.

New York Police Department Commissioner Dermot Shea explained that in September, New York City broke a 25-year record on the number of gun-related arrests:

“I look at that two ways. It’s good that we got them off the street but it’s bad that people are carrying them.”

The majority of the arrests were in the borough of Brooklyn.  The rise in gun-related arrests mirrors the rise in violent crime, which makes sense. 

As a part of a push to keeps guns off the street to curb the explosive number of shootings in the city, Federal prosecutors busted 10 Brooklyn felons on gun possession charges over a three-day period.

US Attorney Seth DuCharme announced the effort to curb crime:

“The one tried and true way to reduce the rapid spike in gun violence we’ve experienced in Brooklyn this summer is to take the guns out of the hands of repeat offenders and take those offenders off of our streets.”

Five of the 10 arrests occurred around traffic stops. The arrests were part of Project Safe Neighborhoods, a program bringing together law enforcement from local, state and federal levels to reduce violent crimes.

In related news, five people were shot in New York City this past weekend, with one fatality.

An 18-year-old man was shot in the back of the head while inside a building on Frederick Douglass Boulevard near West 155th Street, on the grounds of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Polo Grounds Towers around 12:45 a.m. Tuesday. 

He was taken to Harlem Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. A person of interest, described as a friend of the victim, was taken into custody, but he claimed that his friend was playing with the gun when he accidentally shot himself.  As a reminder, he was shot in the back of the head.

In the Bronx, a man was shot during an attempted carjacking.  The Jeep Grand Cherokee driver pinned one of the carjacking suspects to a pole causing serious injuries.  The driver tried to drive off and escape as one of the other suspects fired shots into the vehicle, striking the driver twice.  The victim kept driving and crashed, but pinned a second suspect.

Two other people were shot in Williamsburg area of Brooklyn and in the Arverne district of Queens.

In lower Manhattan, a woman was killed by her husband before he turned the gun on himself in an apparent murder/suicide

It was reported that the woman filed for divorce from her husband and he tried to talk to her, which resulting in an argument.  The woman was pronounced dead at the scene and the man died shortly after being transported to the hospital.


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