GQ Hacked by the Russians?

Was GQ hacked by the Russians? Well, naming Colin Kaepernick as Citizen of the Year makes far less sense than Donald Trump winning the presidency, so they must’ve been penetrated by the Kremlin, right?

Yes friends, Kaepernick has been named Citizen of the Year by GQ magazine. They want to “celebrate the man who became a movement.” Excuse me a moment, I need to vomit . . .

As cops tend to do, let’s look at who, what, where, when, how and why regarding GQ’s lame-loser-dimwit-brainless-obtuse decision.

Who agrees with GQ’s choice when police officers have been specifically targeted for executions due to the uniform being worn? As a result, race-baiters like Kaepernick facilitate the hatred being pored out on men and women in blue

While I’m not blaming him directly for police officer executions, the poliganda (political propaganda) contributes to the hatred being express toward police officers.

Police are being executed in the line of duty, and the lies being propagated are contributing factors.

What crazy brain trust thought his actions were noble?

Nobility is an NFL player educating the rest of the league as to why he stands for the national anthem. 

Where does he get off saying the police are, “Runaway Slave Patrol?”

He apparently doesn’t know or respect any true modern day sheepdogs.

When will people come to their senses and realize that a man who hates the flag and all that America represents is not worthy of recognition?

Quite frankly, his protest is ignorantly protesting his legal right to protest. In other words, anyone protesting the anthem AND our flag is in essence protesting the First Amendment, Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution. Their actions declare, “I protest the right to protest.” If they were intellectually honest, which they are not, they would know this form of protest has nothing to do with the perceived abuse by law enforcement.

How can a man embracing a myth be honored in this way?

There is a false narrative regarding an epidemic of racist police officers killing unarmed black men despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It’s time to end the myth.

Why is a movement built on lies worth celebrating?

The institutional injustice he claims to be occurring in America is deceptive propaganda.

So what exactly has Kaepernick accomplished in the past year? Kyle Reyes produced an outstanding video published by Law Enforcement Today. In it he asks some poignant questions relative to Kaepernick’s qualifications as Citizen of the Year:

  • Has he been out raising money for the gang violence victims in Chicago? Nope.
  • Has he been out trying to educate himself on the simple fact that more white people were shot than Hispanic and African-American people combined last year? Nope.
  • Has he been working with inner-city families to overcome all the socio-economic differences that lead to an increase in violence and crime in those inner cities? Nope

Reyes appropriately points out that Kaepernick has been sitting around complaining that no body likes him.

Furthermore, I agree with Reyes, this was indeed the “PR play of the year” by QC. If Kaepernick qualifies as Citizen of the Year, then we all know some public safety and military members who are worthy to be named, Citizen of the Millennium.

If you’d like to nominate your own Citizen of the Year, go to the video on our Facebook page. In the comments section, tag your nominee. Reyes and our friends at Whiskey Patriots will select a winner and fly them to the Whiskey Wall for an interview. This is our combined effort to show GQ what a true American Citizen of the Year looks like!

Finally, I’d like to hear your opinions. Was this truly a decision by GQ or Russian hacking?

Law Enforcement Today sources in support of the opinions in this article:

Jim McNeff, editor-in-chief, Law Enforcement Today

EDITOR’S NOTE: For our readers (both of you) who think America landing on the moon was a hoax, and there is a criminal conspiracy lurking behind every corner of the earth, we want you to know that LET does not believe Russia hacked GQ. This is called satire. We believe GQ made this boneheaded decision on their own.