SLIDELL, La. – A man wearing a court ordered monitoring device is tagged with a residential burglary.

Police in Slidell received a tip that John Davis, 56, may have been involved in a Jan. 26 burglary of a home in the city. But it was the GPS-equipped ankle monitor he was wearing that sealed his fate, authorities said Monday.

monitoring device

John Davis (Photo courtesy Slidell Police)

After receiving the tip, detectives began looking at Davis, of New Orleans, as a possible suspect in the burglary, reported NOLA. Part of the loss from the crime included jewelry, electronics, and firearms, Slidell police said in a news release.

Monitoring device key piece of evidence

Subsequently, investigators learned Davis had recently been arrested in New Orleans. As a result of that arrest, he was required to wear a monitoring device on his ankle as part of an agreement with a bail bondsman, the release said.

As a result of the information, detectives reviewed GPS data from the ankle monitor. Consequently, it revealed Davis was inside the home in Hermadel Estates between 1 and 1:16 p.m. Jan. 26 before returning to New Orleans, police said.

Once they received the information, Slidell detectives and state troopers traveled to New Orleans and arrested Davis. Some of the stolen property was been recovered.

State Police booked Davis in New Orleans for possession of stolen property. They indicated he would later be booked with a charge of burglary in Slidell.