Gowdy slams lawmakers’ double standards on defunding police efforts while funding private security for themselves


Trey Gowdy from Fox News’ “Sunday Night in America” ripped into lawmakers that have been funding private security for themselves while they also attempt to defund the police for everyday citizens in America.

During the July 25th broadcast of “Sunday Night I America”, show host Trey Gowdy opened with how there are very real dangers that members of Congress can encounter while making public appearances:

“Members of Congress are spending more money than ever on their personal security. It’s a tragic reflection of the times we live in. Gabby Giffords was shot meeting with constituents in Arizona.

Steve Scalise was shot practicing for a charity baseball game. Elected officials on both sides of the aisle have been threatened with all manner of violence.”

After highlighting some of the unfortunate dangers with being a public official, Gowdy also pointed out that elected officials, like members of Congress, have no shortage of police and security at their fingertips:

“Members of Congress are allowed to spend campaign money on their safety. Some members of Congress even travel with personal security when they’re in their districts and states.

There’s also a police presence when requested for members of Congress. The Capitol itself is heavily guarded – police are everywhere – there are metal detectors and dogs trained to detect guns, and explosives and panic buttons and restricted access. You name it, and it’s there.”

But Gowdy then shifted to asking the audience whether they feel as safe, rhetorically asking whether an average citizen has a police presence or observable general safety measures that somewhat resemble that of an elected official’s:

“Safety is priority number one for members of Congress, as it should be. But what about you? Are you safe? Do you feel safe?

Could your neighborhood benefit from a greater police presence? Is your place of work armed with metal detectors and guard dogs? Are the streets you walk, and ride down lined with police cars? Do you have personal security when you travel?”

Gowdy brought the point home, noting that while he understands why members of Congress are concerned for their personal safety – and receive a quality of security unmatched to regular citizens – he can’t understand why those same Congress members would entertain lessening police availability for average citizens:

“I understand full well why members of Congress spend money on their personal safety. I just don’t understand why some members of Congress don’t feel the same way about your safety. If their safety is the highest priority, shouldn’t your safety be, too?”

One of the Congress members that Gowdy brought up was Rep. Cori Bush, one of the biggest proponents for defunding police, who seems to fancy the idea of police and security when it comes to her own wellbeing:

“Cori Bush represents St. Louis, Missouri in Congress. She wants to defund the police. Well, let me be more precise – she wants to defund your police. But not her police.

She spent nearly $70,000 on her own personal security last year. I don’t know about your city or state, but $70,000 would get you your own personal police officer in South Carolina – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Gowdy capped the take off with noting that Congress members like Rep. Bush seem to think they’re better and more worthy of protection than regular Americans:

“Cori Bush tells us she’s progressive. The better word might be hypocritical. She wants to defund your police while she has a robust personal security detail in Washington and St. Louis. And that sends the clear message that her safety is more important than yours.”

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This isn’t the first time we at Law Enforcement Today have reported on Gowdy’s outlook on measures to defund the police.

Earlier in July, Gowdy referred to the effort as a “lethal mistake” that Democrats will never apologize for when the negative outcomes of police defunding lands on your front doorstep. 


During a recent episode on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Night in America”, host Trey Gowdy in his monologue took aim at the Democratic Party for championing the likes of the defund the police movement and not taking any accountability for the fallout of that effort put into motion last year.

Gowdy during his monologue called the defund the police movement a “lethal mistake” that Democrats will never “apologize for”.

During the July 11th broadcast of “Sunday Night in America”, Gowdy noted that since the defund the police movement gained traction and resulted in actual defunded police departments across the country, those very cities that participated in the effort have reaped crime rates that are “spiraling out of control”:

“Now, you knew that was a dumb idea when you heard it. You knew we really don’t want social workers showing up when someone is breaking into our homes or shooting up the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there some did not understand the idiocy of defunding law enforcement.”

“And tragically, many of those people serve in city government in some of America’s largest cities. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Austin, Seattle are just some of the cities which decided to cut funding for law enforcement. And in what should be a surprise to absolutely no one, violent crime is going up.”

With it being now over a year removed since calls to defund the police first started gaining national attention and resulting in real-world actions of defunding, Gowdy said that Democrats have achieved “what they wanted” and the results were as unsavory as many rational people predicted they would be:

“So, the left wanted less money for law enforcement, they got what they wanted — dramatic cuts were made to law enforcement. How did that turn out, you ask? Crime is spiraling out of control in many of these same cities.”

“Violent crime is up. People are being assaulted, robbed, shot, stabbed, killed in tragically high numbers in this summer and spring of criminal carnage. Crime hits the poorest communities the hardest. Crime is the most insidious tax of all on the poor.”

Gowdy said that many communities were sold on the lie that somehow less police would equal less crime, and now these same communities are likely not going to be getting an apology from the Democrats that made police defunding a reality:

“These communities were told that police were so bad. We need to either get rid of the police or slash their funding. These communities were told they would be safer with less police. They won’t ever apologize for this lethal mistake. But even if they did, it’s really hard to hear apologies from the grave.”

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Earlier in July, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report about how Democrats were realizing the negative outlook on police defunding – and have been trying to proclaim that Republicans were actually the party trying to defund police. 

Here’s that report from earlier in July. 


WASHINGTON, DC — With statistics confirming an uptick in violent crime across the U.S., some White House officials and Democrat politicians are now suggesting it is because police have been defunded supposedly by Republicans, despite evidence to the contrary.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently insisted that Republicans have defunded the police in the past and continue to do so via their actions of voting against legislation sponsored by Democrats.

When FOX News’ reporter Peter Doocy asked her to name one Republican who was against funding police, Psaki could not name one and instead replied, “I think most people would argue that actions are more important than words. Wouldn’t you say?”

The Democrats’ recent championing for police may be influenced by nationwide concerns about the rise in violent crime and midterm elections coming in 2022.

Despite the increased levels of crime, some of the Democrats’ constituents still do not want to fund the police, creating an awkward situation for the Party as it considers how it should approach law enforcement from a monetary aspect.

A recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll found that Americans who identify as Democrats acknowledged crime is rising, but felt the increase is due to guns and systemic racism.

The poll also reflected that most Democrats said being tougher with criminals was not a solution because law enforcement is already too tough with them.

The survey of 1,592 U.S. adults was conducted from June 22 to 24. It found that a significant majority (55 percent) described “violent crime” as a “very big problem” in the United States.

To a lesser degree, others said they were more concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic, race relations, the economy or political correctness, according to Yahoo News.

The same report noted:

“Even more striking is the fact that the number of Americans who consider violent crime a very big problem rose 6 percentage points over the last month, and Republicans (among whom the number increased from 56 to 65 percent) weren’t the only ones contributing to that increase.

“Last month, 45 percent of Democrats described violent crime as a very big problem. Now that number is 8 points higher (53 percent).

“At the same time, 47 percent of Americans now disapprove of the way Biden is handling crime, up from 43 percent last month; just 36 percent approve.”

Studies show that violent crime is indeed rising, but at a lower rate than it was during the 1990s and earlier, according to Yahoo News.

The report cited a study by the National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice, which found that the number of homicides across 32 U.S. cities increased 24 percent in the first quarter of 2021 compared with the first quarter of 2020. In addition, aggravated assault rates went up 7 percent while gun assault rates increased 22 percent.

The White House issued a statement on June 23 that corroborated statistics indicating an increase in violent crime:

“With the secondary consequences of the pandemic and the proliferation of illegal guns over the same period, we have seen increased violence over the past year and a half. Homicides rose 30%, and gun assaults rose 8% in large cities in 2020.

“The number of homicides in the first quarter of 2021 was 24% higher than the number of homicides in the first quarter of 2020, and 49% higher than in the first quarter of 2019.

“Black and brown Americans are disproportionately harmed by the direct and indirect consequences of gun violence.”

The report on the poll indicated that there was a strong disagreement about what was causing the spike in violent crime:

“Democrats who believe violent crime is increasing cite ‘rising gun sales’ (66 percent) and ‘systemic racism’ (62 percent) as the top reasons for this; Republicans (69 percent) and independents (62 percent) cite ‘the racial justice movement’ itself.

“Likewise, more Democrats believe law enforcement is ‘too tough on most offenders’ (37 percent) than believe law enforcement is either not tough enough (21 percent) or ‘about right’ (15 percent). Nearly all Republicans say police are not tough enough (52 percent) or ‘about right’ (29 percent).”

The White House claimed that because no Republicans voted for Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), a COVID-19 relief package, conservatives are somehow responsible for defunding law enforcement.

On June 23, President Joe Biden said at a press conference that the ARPA relief package would be used to help law enforcement:

“The American Rescue Plan, which we passed in the first 100 days of my administration, is providing much-needed, historic relief to bring back those law enforcement jobs and social service jobs. 

“Much of this relief has already arrived. The rest is on its way. And we’re now providing more guidance on how they can use the $350 billion nationally that the American Rescue Plan has available to help reduce crime and address the root causes. 

“For example, cities experiencing an increase in gun violence were able to use the American Rescue Plan dollars to hire police officers needed for community policing and to pay their overtime. 

 “Mayors will also be able to buy crime-fighting technologies, like gunshot detection systems, to better see and stop gun violence in their communities.

“They can use the funding to scale up wraparound services for the residents as well, including substance abuse and mental health services that we know will make a difference in prevention of crime.”

Biden also assured Americans during his press conference:

“And for folks at home, the American Rescue Plan, which is a once-in-a-generation investment to reduce violence in America, is available.

“I’m proud of it. It means more police officers, more nurses, more counselors, more social workers, more community violence interrupters to help resolve issues before they escalate into crimes.”

Yet, reading the White House’s plan online reveals it does not explicitly mention funding or hiring more police. Instead, ARPA is Biden’s way of dealing with COVID-19 and directing pandemic relief to Americans and attempting to stimulate the economy.

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