This is huge: Florida governor orders crackdown on illegal immigration after Biden’s ‘sanctuary country’ orders


TITUSVILLE, FL – Citing public safety concerns, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently called on the Biden administration to stop releasing criminal illegal aliens into his state, and announced measures intended to keep criminal illegal aliens from reoffending after release.

At a press conference with Angel Families in Titusville on Thursday, April 1, DeSantis explained that lately, as a result of the Biden administration’s “reckless” policy, immigration detainers are not being honored, and removal of criminal illegal aliens has been “halt[ed].”

Therefore, he said:

“Now the federal government is effectively releasing [criminal illegal aliens] into our communities.”

DeSantis added:

“We think that that is problematic, that is not the way to guard public safety.”

The Florida Governor listed some eye-opening statistics to bolster his point, saying:

“Over the next 30 days, as many as 50 criminal aliens are set to complete their Florida prison terms….

“That number could rise to over 200 felons within six months, and the issue is, if those detainers continue to be removed like they are, there’s going to be no basis to be for the state, certainly to hold them at that point because they would have completed their sentence.

“And so it will effectively be the federal government releasing these convicted criminals back into society.”

DeSantis announced that in an effort to combat this problem, he was instructing the Department of Corrections to identify all criminal illegal aliens who “ICE is refusing to pick up” and “develop a process for transferring them to an ICE detention center.”

In addition, the governor announced that he has ordered the DOC to notify the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and local law enforcement “of all instances in which ICE refuses to detain criminal aliens.” 

This procedure, he stated, is meant to document “a decision being made to not enforce the law,” so that the circumstances of release are known in the event of a reoffense.

Furthermore, DeSantis requested that all Florida sheriffs join the national Law Enforcement Notification System (LENS), which notifies local law enforcement when a known criminal alien is released from federal custody into local counties.

In addition, the governor noted that he and his associates were exploring ways to remove criminal illegal aliens without involving the federal government.

DeSantis added:

“If ICE is not willing to take custody and remove, and ICE wants them released into our society, then any additional crime that is committed is by definition one that should have been prevented….

“These are convicted felons who are here illegally.  If you can’t remove them, then what do you have?  Just a complete lawless system and a completely open border?

“I don’t think any of us want that.”

DeSantis echoed his press conference sentiments in an April 1 letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Noting that the DHS’s pause in removing criminal illegal aliens “jeopardize[s] the health, security, and wellbeing of Florida communities,” DeSantis declared:

“The Biden Administration’s abdication of responsibility to enforce America’s immigration laws reflects your disregard for public safety and the rule of law, which our state cannot endorse.”

In the letter, Governor DeSantis also detailed demands for the federal government to act according to its previously followed procedure of deporting criminal illegal aliens back to their home country.  

He stated:

“I demand that your administration continue working with our officials to ensure that all such felons are detained by ICE until their status is adjudicated, and, if found to be in this country illegally, removal effected….

“Specifically, we demand that ICE continue to pick up all undocumented felons from FDC (Florida Department of Corrections) custody, or, if ICE is now unwilling or unable to do that, receive them from FDC officers at an ICE facility in Florida.”

The governor concluded by saying:

“These are not just immigration issues – they are public safety issues.

“Too many lives have already been lost at the hands of criminal aliens improperly set free.  Too many parents lost children because government immigration officials disregarded their legal obligations….

“I remain resolute in fighting for our state upholding the rule of law.  I hope you will do the same.”

These statements by the governor follow closely behind a federal lawsuit that Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody filed regarding Biden’s sanctuary country policy.

In the suit, Moody cited the cases of seven convicted illegal aliens in Florida whose offenses included “burglary, cocaine trafficking, grand theft auto, heroin trafficking, credit card fraud, money laundering and other crimes.”

Two of those seven criminals have already been released into Florida because ICE did not take custody due to Biden’s policy.  The remaining five are expected to be released into local communities over the coming months.

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Florida lawsuit: Biden’s “sanctuary country” policy releasing illegal immigrant convicts into American communities


TALLAHASSEE, FL- As the Biden Justice Department continues to seek out those involved in the most bogus “insurrection” in world history at the US Capitol on January 6, the rest of his administration is apparently turning a blind eye to real criminals.

By that, it is the fact that what amounts to Biden’s “sanctuary country” policy is releasing huge numbers of criminal aliens into American cities and towns.

So what’s going on?

In February, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now under the apparent command of Joe Biden ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents not to pursue illegal aliens for arrest and deportation unless they have been recently convicted [emphasis added] of aggravated felonies against Americans.

Please note convicted.

What does that mean exactly? Just what it says…criminal aliens who have been arrested and charged with crimes such as rape, murder, sexual abuse of a child, child pornography or literally hundreds of other felonies wouldn’t be eligible for take into custody orders because they have not yet been convicted of the crimes.

Word salad? Absolutely, and the ignorant among the American public probably do not understand that convicted and arrested mean two entirely different things.

As Breitbart noted, if “ICE agents try to arrest an illegal alien who is not a convicted aggravated felon—or a known or suspected terrorist or gang member—they must first get approval through an arduous chain of command process where a field director or a special agent in charge greenlights the effort.”

According to the Western Journal, Laura Ries, a former DHS official who now works for the Heritage Foundation as a senior research fellow said Biden’s scheme basically turns the entirety of the United States into a “sanctuary country.”

“Law enforcement professionals estimate these guidelines will take 90 percent of those here illegally off the table when it comes to detention or deportation,” she wrote in a statement.

“In essence, ICE agents are being told to back down from enforcing the law and doing their jobs. Sadly, this guidance is forcing law enforcement officers to choose between protecting Americans and protecting their careers,” Ries wrote.

“Forget sanctuary cities—this turns America into a sanctuary country. Prominent leftists have spent the past months calling to ‘abolish ICE.’ The Biden administration effectively just made their wish come true.”

Now, some states have had enough of the federal government’s soft on criminal illegal aliens approach. Breitbart reports that in Florida, Attorney General Ashley Moody has filed suit against the Biden administration’s sanctuary country orders.

That lawsuit has revealed that illegal alien convicts in state prisons are being released into American communities because ICE no longer has the ability to detain and deport them.

Moody identified seven illegal alien convicts in the case—many of whom have been convicted of burglary, cocaine trafficking, grand theft auto, heroin trafficking, credit card fraud, money laundering and other crimes.

In those cases, the Florida Department of Corrections sent notices to ICE about illegal alien convicts’ upcoming release dates, however ICE agents were forced to reply saying they could not take custody of the criminals due to Biden’s sanctuary orders.

That resulted in two criminals—Alejandro Falcon Luis Reyes and Dzevad Husejnovic being released into Florida communities rather than being turned over to ICE to get launched out of the country.

Other inmates named in the lawsuit—Jose Gomez, Loveson Pierre, Donovan Mott, and Wanto Jerome—are all scheduled to be released later this month, in June or November.

“The Biden administration’s reckless policy of refusing to do their jobs and deport criminals places all those gains and Floridians’ public safety at risk,” Moody said in a statement.

“Until President Biden’s inauguration, presidents of both parties detained and deported criminals,” Moody continued. “This is a radical shift that places Floridians and our law enforcement officers in greater danger, and that is why I filed suit.”

For example, in Pasco County, Florida in particular, the lawsuit states that ICE agents were unable to take three illegal aliens into custody who had been convicted of crimes such as domestic violence, violating a restraining order, and a warrant for an accused sexual predator.

Two other states have also filed suit against Biden, including Arizona, where Attorney General Mark Brnovich has filed suit, as well as Montana where Attorney General Austin Knudsen have joined Florida. Both those states argue that Biden’s sanctuary country policy violates federal immigration law.

Breitbart previously reported that due to Biden’s sanctuary country orders, ICE detention of illegal aliens has hit the lowest level in the history of that agency, with less than 14,000 detainees in custody. Along the same lines, deportations have been cut by 53 percent in  his first month in the White House.

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