Governor Cuomo blames police for soaring crime rates, threatens to pull funding from 500 departments


NEW YORK CITY, NY– As if taken straight from the playbook of the many Governors and Mayors across the country facing rioting, looting, and an increase in crime, Governor Cuomo blamed New York’s crime surge on Police. 

In a press conference on August 17th, Governor Andrew Cuomo discussed the soaring numbers of violent crimes taking place all over New York, and referred to it as an “urgent crisis”. Without mincing words, he then blamed it completely on police departments, claiming they have done “very little” to come up with reform plans. 

As if publicly blaming the police was not enough, he then went on to say that he sent a letter to five hundred police departments across the state, telling them they need to address the crisis. In this letter, he also threatened that he will be pulling funding from the departments if their reform plans are not in place by April 2021. 

Cuomo then went on to give statistics on the increases in crime, as if this was a new revelation to him. 

He shared that year to date:

  • New York City murders are up 29%
  • Shootings are up 79% in the city over all 
  • Shooting are up 60% in The Bronx
  • Shootings are up 102% in Brooklyn
  • Shootings are up 54% in Manhattan
  • Shootings are up 75% in Queens
  • Shootings are up 108% in Staten Island

However, NYC released their numbers on August 17th also, and they did not match Cuomo’s. According to The Daily Mail, the NYPD’s figures show that shootings are up 82.1%, and murders are up 30.2%.

In reference to this, Cuomo said:

“You cannot dismiss these numbers,”

Crime began rising four months ago, after the death of George Floyd, when both citizens and politicians turned against the police. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was one of the most outspoken on the police, and locked arms with the anti-police Black Lives Matter group, painting their logo across the streets of New York City. 

Crime units were then disbanded, and officers were essentially told to take a back seat when it came to policing, and they did just that. 

Now that New York, like many of the cities across the country, looks like the wild west, Governor Cuomo wants to point the finger at the police. 

During his press conference, he suggested that police and local communities needed to work together. This is a fabulous idea that would solve many problems, however, he fails to realize that it is not the police officers who have a problem with the communities, it is the communities that have a problem with the police officers, so maybe he should be blaming them.   

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Cuomo said in his press conference: 

“The relationship is based on trust and respect and the relationship is ruptured, 

“But divorce is not an option here. Divorce is not an option. You can’t say, ‘We don’t need any police. End the police department.’ Oh really? And then what happens at 2 o’clock in the morning when someone is coming through the window and you hear the glass break?

“So divorce is not an option. You have to resolve the tensions and reconcile.”

Cuomo then went on to say that 90% of the victims “are black and brown.”

He said:  

“You want to talk about social justice? You want to talk about civil rights? You want to talk about social equity? How do you explain that?”

He continued:   

“It’s not just New York City. It’s all across the nation,”

Yes, thank you Governor, we can all see the crime raging across the nation, but do you know what they all have in common? Democratic leaders who told police not to do their jobs, and then blame them in the same note. 

It is not just NYC where the crime rates have risen. Cuomo also said that shootings are up all across the state:

  • Albany up 240%
  • Buffalo up 66%
  • Rochester up 54%
  • Syracuse up 130%

Cuomo’s threatening “budget cut” letter comes after he made an executive order on June 12, insisting that the individual police departments implement a reform plan by April 1, 2021, but insists “very little had been done”.   

Cuomo said: 

“We have an issue and we have to address the issue,”

He continued:

“denial is not a successful life strategy, not in government, not in your personal life.”

He added:

“[New York] does not run from a crisis, it’s not what we do. It’s not who we are. We’re not going to deny that this is a crisis.

“What do we do in a crisis? Leaders lead and leaders act. This is a time for leadership and action. Acknowledge the tensions. They’re real,” 

Finally Cuomo said: 

“I’m trying to force attention and focus and action on this issue,

“People are getting shot everyday, it’s getting worse, not better. We have to act.”

Once again, everything is the fault of the police, and it is starting to get old. We need leaders in this country who are willing to speak the hard truths. Crime is not going to be solved by “reform plans”, crime rates will decrease when offers have their “handcuffs” taken off, and are once again allowed to do their jobs without fear of persecution. 


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