Despite his catastrophic bail reform, Governor Cuomo blames NYC officials for massive crime surge


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a stern warning toward New York City officials recently, in that policing in the city needs to be reimagined to address the spike in crime or else the governor will find someone who can address it.  

During a recent press conference, Governor Cuomo noted that there is also the possibility of reducing state funding to cities if they can’t get a grip on violent crime:

“If you have all these terrible budget issues, how can you ever possibly jeopardize their funding? And by the way – without state funding – New York City is bankrupt.”

The governor cited statistics that showcased a 100% increase in shooting victims, referring to said stat as being “wholly unacceptable”:

“We have a problem in New York City when it comes to crime. That is a fact.”

The harsh criticisms come nearly four months after Governor Cuomo signed an executive order requiring police reform. According to the governor, New York City has yet to get a plan in motion, which said plan has to be submitted by April 1st of 2021.

Governor Cuomo explained that it’s not so much who decides to run with creating a plan for police reform within New York City, as long as it just gets done. But he stated if the aforementioned doesn’t come to fruition, he’ll find someone suitable for the task:

“The Mayor can lead it, City Council President can lead it, Comptroller can lead it, Public Advocate can lead it. If none of them want to lead it, I will find someone to lead it.”

Apparently, many officials within the city have been relatively silent when it comes to commenting on the governor’s recent statement.

However, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams did at least note that he’s been drafting ideas, but also said that Governor Cuomo could be doing more as well:

“I think there’s some culpability in the Governor’s office as well, and so that should be put out there, but he is correct, there has been a vacuum of leadership on many issues.”

While Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t directly comment on the matter itself, a statement coming from the mayor’s office alleged that police reform has been ongoing for years prior to Governor Cuomo’s June executive order:

“We’ve been working on fundamental police reform for years and have no intention of letting up now. It’s a failure of leadership to ignore the progress made in New York City, especially when it’s been advanced by so many advocates of color across the city.”

Former NYPD Lieutenant Darrin shared his thoughts on the debacle, somewhat mirroring the sentiments expressed by Public Advocate Williams, in that there’s shared ownership by both Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo on the state of affairs:

“We need a solution-based and plausible plan to reduce crime. It’s clear that Mayor de Blasio has fallen asleep at the switch, but at the same token, the Governor has done nothing to assist in the endeavor of reducing crime.”

Violent crime has been rife, such as a recent example that occurred on September 16th.

brutal attack outside of a Bronx deli was recently caught on surveillance video, and police need assistance in identifying the attackers featured in the footage.

From what police have gathered so far, the attack seems random, but the footage of the event is nonetheless brutal.

Find them: Two suspects beat, slash man in neck outside deli in de Blasio's New York City
Close up of Suspect 1 from Bronx attack

The victim in the case has only been identified as a 19-year-old male at this time, and suffered bruising to the body and a cut to the neck from the September 16th attack.

The attack took place at approximately 3:00 p.m. just outside of the Bronx Zoo Deli on Southern Boulevard. Two suspects were seen posted outside of the establishment seemingly waiting for the victim.

One suspect appears to be a young black male while the second suspect, holding what appears to be a wooden plank used during the attack, could be a black or Hispanic male.

The first suspect, who is more clearly identifiable, also appeared to be using a bladed weapon during the attack.

Find them: Two suspects beat, slash man in neck outside deli in de Blasio's New York City
Possible bladed weapon in suspect’s left hand

The victim was bombarded by both of the suspects and they were said to have made off with the victim’s cell phone and left in a blue Honda Civic. According to reports, the victim was treated at the New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Police are asking that anyone with information on the suspects’ whereabouts or identities to please call NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477), or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). You can also submit a tip via their website or on Twitter, @NYPDTips. All calls are kept confidential.

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But this isn’t the only attack the NYPD is looking to solve as of late. 

The NYPD needs the public’s help identifying three teenagers that robbed and punched an elderly woman in the East Village. The woman is 74 years-old.

Security footage before 7 p.m. on September 3, 2020, shows three teenagers, all black, two males and one female, between the ages of 14-18, walking past the elderly victim on East 14th Street.

That’s when one of the members in the group snatched the woman’s purse. She turns to confront the robber, but he punched her in the face, and she fell to the ground. The kid dropped her purse, and then all three teenagers fled the scene according to Fox 5 New York.

The video is one of those that if the viewer blinks they miss the action. They only see the kids running away. To help show the actual situation we have taken screenshots to help.

Watch: Three teens punch, rob elderly woman in New York City. Police need help finding them.
Screenshot taken from Fox5 New York

The above photo shows the three teenagers walking down the street. In the left hand side there is  black female wearing a white romper and her hair is in a ponytail.

To her right is a male teenager wearing white pants and a black shirt. To his right is a black male wearing red pants and a dark shirt. Behind him is the victim, in jeans, a white t-shirt, and a hat, reaching out to confront him.

She is also black.

Watch: Three teens punch, rob elderly woman in New York City. Police need help finding them.
Fox5 New York

The kid in the red pants and blue shirt has effectively punched the woman in the white t-shirt. She is in mid-fall on the littered concrete.

The kid in black with the white pants turns to see what just happened. The girl in the white romper quickens her pace and heads towards the cross walk.

To the far right we see a kid with a backpack, viewing what just occurred, and another woman, in jeans and a gray shirt bending down.

Watch: Three teens punch, rob elderly woman in New York City. Police need help finding them.
Fox5 New York

The kid in the red pants follows the woman in the white romper towards the cross walk.

The teen in white pants then turns around and looks at the woman who has fallen to the ground. She’s stunned and face down.

Watch: Three teens punch, rob elderly woman in New York City. Police need help finding them.
Fox5 New York

The woman who had been hit then sits up and the teen in white pants turns to join his friends running away.

The New York Police Department said:

“Although the victim sustained bruising and swelling to her face and cuts and scrapes to her hands, she refused medical attention.”

Anyone with information in regard to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477), on the Crime Stoppers website at NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM, on via Twitter: @NYPDTips.


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