Got another one: Hollywood producer indicted on money laundering and prostitution charges


SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CA – A 49-year-old movie producer was arrested earlier in July following an indictment from New York charging him with money laundering and running an international prostitution business.

California-based movie producer Dillon Jordan was arrested on July 15th in San Bernardino County under charges related to the Mann Act and money laundering, according to a release from the Justice Department.

The charges against Jordan were cited in the release as “conspiracy to violate the Mann Act, substantive Mann Act and Travel Act violations, and money laundering in connection with operating a prostitution business and laundering the proceeds of that prostitution business through two front companies.”

More specifically, the DOJ claims that Jordan used “a purported party and event planning company and an actual movie production company” to operate this alleged prostitution business in the United States and abroad from 2010 to May of 2017.

Officials say that through these two front companies, Jordan had maintained a roster of women that lived in the United States that would perform sexual acts for the defendant’s clients in the United States and abroad.

Jordan had also allegedly orchestrated the Interstate travel components of this purported prostitution business, and apparently “coordinated with a United Kingdom-based madam by sharing and referring customers and prostitutes”, according to the DOJ.

Through these two front companies, officials say that was how Jordan was able to accept payment for the services received by his clients and was also able to cut checks to compensate the prostitutes for their rendered services.

Commenting on the case, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss stated the following:

“As alleged, for years, Dillon Jordan operated an extensive and far-reaching prostitution business, using a purported event planning company and a movie production company to conceal the proceeds he made from exploiting women.  Now the party is over and the film is a wrap.”

FBI Special Agent-in-Charge George M. Crouch Jr. added the following:

“This defendant apparently thought he could hide his alleged criminal dealings behind a supposedly legitimate business.  But the FBI, in its mission to protect our citizens, uses every tool at its disposal to unmask those who violate federal law and assist the impacted victims. 

We encourage anyone who was victimized by this defendant, and anyone with additional information, to contact our Newark field office.”

The one count of conspiracy to violate the Mann Act and the one count of use of Interstate commerce to promote unlawful activity both carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison; however, the one count of enticement and the one count of money laundering both carry maximum sentence is of 20 years in prison.

Jordan made an initial court appearance in Riverside, California, where the defendant was released on a bond of $150,000.

Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym set conditions of Jordan’s bail that required him to not communicate with any victims or possible witnesses in the case.

Jordan was also informed that he has to surrender his firearms to law enforcement and that is home could be subjected to random searches.

According to IMDB, Jordan was listed as a producer for such films as “The Kid” and “The Kindergarten Teacher”.

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Issues revolving around immoralities and crimes within Tinseltown have been attracting more attention in recent years. 

Earlier in July, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report where actress Kirstie Alley warned that Hollywood is slowly working to condition a sort of acceptance of pedophiles. 

Here’s that previous report. 


HOLLYWOOD, CA – On Friday, July 2nd, in a set of tweets, actress Kirstie Alley shared her belief that the United States is on its way to accepting pedophilia. 

Breitbart News reported that the Cheers star tweeted:

“Was watching TV. We’ve gone too far in my opinion. I feel sorry for our children. Their exposure to everything perverse on every kind of screen is mind boggling. And even more tragic, it’s being hyped as ‘normal.’”

In her series of tweets to her 1.5 million followers, she added:

“No other generation has had such easy access to the underbelly of humanity. SO many screens & chronic bombardment of images and concepts. Our current society would have been praising Caligula. Protect your children.”

In two follow-up posts, the actress seemed to try and explain what she meant:

“I’m kind on a roll but my heart’s heavy with the s*** that’s being crammed down our kids throats. A ‘moral code’ is not old fashioned. Morals are simply guidelines for better survival. Explicit sexual ‘education’ and ‘select’ ideals being forced on kids is NOT better survival.”

She added:

“People are becoming so ‘open minded’ that down the road they will support pedophilia as people ‘just loving children.’ You think I’m kidding. I’m not. It’s the direction this insanity is headed. You can ‘ok boomer’ me all you want but this is where we will veer unless we change.”

The Looks Who’s Talking star faced some immediate backlash on Twitter and did not hesitate to publicly respond to some of her critics.

She wrote:

“My generation had zero public sex talk and zero sex education. In ‘health’ class we did learn about ‘periods’…sort of. But I can honestly say sex came fairly naturally when the occasion arose. I love the way the twisty twists twist my fears about CHILDREN’s futures into I’m against ADULTS having their choice of partners. Funny how all roads lead to that. I could care less who adults love or sleep with. My topic today was children being exposed to dark things.”

LGBTQ publication, Queerty, claimed that Alley’s concerns were nonsensical by saying:

“Former actress Kirstie Alley took to Twitter this morning to rant incoherently about something she’d just watched on television. Though she didn’t say exactly what she had seen, based on her remarks, it seems to have been about teaching LGBTQ issues and sex ed in schools…God forbid we teach our children to be more kind and accepting of others.”

Alley has a history of expressing views not shared by the majority of her industry. In September 2020, she called the Oscars’ new diversity initiative “a disgrace to artists everywhere.”

She wrote at the the time:

“…Can you imagine telling Picasso what had to be in his (expletive) paintings. You people have lost your minds. Control artists, control individual thought…OSCAR ORWELL.”

In October 2020, just before the presidential election, Alley announced her support for former President Donald Trump, tweeting:

“I’m voting for [Trump] because he’s NOT a politician. I voted for him 4 years ago for this reason and shall vote for him again for this reason. He gets things done quickly and he will turn the economy around quickly. There you have it folks there you have it.”

Alley also is no stranger to speaking her mind about the media, saying at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic:

“I now know why my personal friends who walk around in SHEER TERROR of contracting Covid are simply CNN viewers! I decided to watch CNN myself to get at their viewpoint and oh my God DID I EVER!!!! IF YOU TOO WANT TO LIVE IN TERROR WATCH CNN!! FEAR OF DYING IS THEIR MANTRA! OMG.”

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In other news regarding Hollywood, actor Ashton Kutcher recently shared his concerns over the possibility that China could use the likes of TikTok to push anti-American propaganda. 

Here’s that previous report from earlier in July. 


HOLLYWOOD, CA- During a recent appearance on “American Optimist,” the YouTub channel run by entrepreneur and investor Joe Lonsdale, actor and Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher issued stark warning about China.

Kutcher warned that Beijing could use the social media platform TikTok to influence the minds of Americans when it comes to issues like Taiwan and the South China Sea. He said:

“If I’m China and I want to create a problem in that area of the world, specifically a naval problem in that area of the world, in the South China Sea, I would probably want to utilize TikTok in order to influence the minds of Americans in an anti-U.S. propaganda, anti-Taiwanese propaganda effort in order to make any kind of war from the United States extraordinarily unpopular.”

Reportedly, TikTok is owned by China’s ByteDance and last year, then-President Donald Trump sought to ban the app unless it was acquired by an American company.

Biden took office and instead of moving forward with the proposed ban, he has taken a more lenient attitude toward China and revoked Trump’s proposed ban. Kutcher added:

“My sense as a fervent American is that it’s getting extraordinarily dangerous for not just individuals, but for the country at large.”

Kutcher continued on saying that most people believe that there is “media manipulation happening” and “misinformation campaigns” are taking place, just “not through their sources.” He said:

“I think that’s wrong and I think we’re about to face a reckoning in that particular domain and it’s going to probably change what social media looks like in the future. My sense is that what social media is today is not what social media is going to be in five years.”

He added:

“If the trendline continues on the path that it’s on today, my kids will not be on social media. If the trendline pivots as I think it likely will, there’s a chance that I will allow them to use it.”

Hollywood stars remain silent about China’s growing sphere of influence on human right abuses and avoid saying anything that might upset the country’s Communist dictatorship, as they are increasingly dependent on access to the Chinese market to turn a profit on blockbuster movies and to grow their bottom lines.

Actor John Cena recently apologized for saying that Taiwan is a country during a recent press tour for the movie Fast & Furious 9. 

Actress and singer Bette Midler deleted a tweet in which she outwardly blamed China for the coronavirus pandemic, demanding that Beijing pay “reparations” for the devastation it has caused the entire world. 

In the since deleted tweet, Midler wrote:

“It is too early to ask China to pay #reparations to the many nations around the world who lost millions of people and whose economies crashed, due to China’s negligence? #Labs? #WeMarket? Whatever. The rest of us are struggling mightily, while China steps over the rubble.”

The Walt Disney Co. reportedly pressured an American movie magazine to remove comments critical of China made by Nomadland director Chloe Zhao. Last year, China became the world’s largest movie market, surpassing the U.S. for the first time in history. 

Amid a new climate of direct geopolitical rivalry with China, many analysts believe U.S. studios will be lucky if they can retain the foothold they once had there, let alone make any meaningful progress toward expanding market access or growing revenue.

Law Enforcement Today (LET) recently reported on how TikTok is now collecting children’s ‘biometric’ data such as face and voiceprints. The social media platform did not provide an explanation for this specific date is needed or being collected.

The newly added portion of the “Image and Audio Information section reads:

“We may collect biometric identifiers and biometric information as defined under U.S. laws, such as faceprints and voiceprints, from your User Content. Where required by law, we will seek any required permissions from you prior to any such collection.”

TikTok has also been known to target and censor conservative voices. Back in May, LET released an article on TikTok permanently banning LET’s account after video of police sending messages of hope to Americans is posted. 

The video was shut down due to LET allegedly violating the big tech company’s “hateful behavior” and “violent and graphic content” community guidelines. However, after reviewing those guidelines, LET’s video did not violate neither of them.

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