Gospel radio personality murdered outside her home, police actively searching for suspect


BALTIMORE, MD – A Gospel radio personality was gunned down right in front of her home on June 10th, according to police.

The murder, which authorities have described as both “senseless” and “tragic,” was said to have taken place due to some sort of neighborhood dispute.

Tyra Womack was 57-years-old when she was killed outside of her Lauraville neighborhood home, after having worked on WEAA-FM’s “Gospel Grace” radio program for over 30 years.

Carolyn Showell, an official who is with Womack’s local church, stated the following about the tragic passing of Womack:

“It’s one of those kinds of tragedies that just makes you numb. That’s the word I keep hearing, numb. You’re traumatized because she’s one of those unlikely people.”

Police are said to have already identified a person of interest in the murder of Womack, with the suspect cited as 56-year-old Richard Sylvester Green. A statement from the Baltimore Police Department went as follows:

“This was a senseless, tragic murder, as many are and it appears to have stemmed from a neighbor dispute. Investigators began receiving information almost immediately and have identified a person of interest.”

A neighbor of the deceased stated that they heard the fatal shots from inside their home:

“I opened the door but it had already happened. I didn’t see Tyra but I just heard the young man who allegedly took her life was using profanity and he appeared to be very upset. And then I went back into the house.”

The radio station where Womack worked posted the following on Twitter in the wake of her passing:

“WEAA offers condolences and prayers to the family of our beloved Tyra Phillips (Womack). We are heartbroken about her passing and remember her beautiful, gentle, sweet spirit today. Tyra was heard on Sunday’s Gospel Grace programs for many years at WEAA.”

On commenter online responded to the sad news of Womack’s death, noting that her voice will be dearly missed:

“I grew up listening to her read the church announcements. I would look forward to her closing because I’d say it along with her and [in] her voice. Sundays won’t be the same.”

Another of Womack’s neighbors, Shae Munoz, noted that Womack was a “good woman” and person of faith; saying that she was never deserving of this:

“A Christian woman and I’m just sad that this happened to her. She didn’t deserve this. She’s a good woman.”

Police are actively searching for Green, and he’s been described as approximately 5’10 and weighing about 180 pounds. Please follow Law Enforcement Today, as we’ll update the status of this case as more details are revealed.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

The past few weeks in America, the country has seen the likes of police attacked and slain, good Samaritans murdered, and businesses destroyed by the anger and greed from looters and rioters.

Now, a community is coming together in Indianapolis, Indiana to pay tribute to a man who was killed, by trying to do the right thing during the riots.

A real estate broker and former football player for Indiana University, Chris Beaty was only 38-years-old when he was murdered on May 30th. His final act of doing the right thing was what led to his death.

Witnesses to Beaty’s murder say that he was trying to stop rioters from stealing from some women, with one witness saying some of his last words toward the robbers were the following:

“You don’t need to do this. There’s a better way.”

And then, Beaty was fatally shot.

A candlelight vigil was recently held in honor of Beaty at White River State Park, where both friends and family of the deceased shared fond memories of the time they shared with him. Throughout the streets of Indianapolis, murals and homages of Beaty are emblazoned across various walls to pay respects to the man.

The life that he lived, even up to the moment that he passed away, has spawned the mantra of “live like Chris”.

GoFundMe page has been established in the wake of Beaty’s death to create the Chris Beaty Memorial Scholarship Fund, which was organized by his nephew to benefit new students coming into Indiana University & Cathedral High School. Jared Thomas wrote the following about his uncle within the fundraiser’s page:

“Chris was someone who always put others before himself. He truly was one-of-a-kind, with a giant heart filled with love for everyone he met, consistently working to break down racial barriers. We encourage everyone to live like Chris – to love others boldly, to stand up for what’s right, to live every day to the fullest.”

While it’s amazing to see that Beaty is serving as an inspiration to others to live in a manner that is about doing what’s right, it’s painful to know that he was torn from his family and friends because of him doing just that.


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