GOP are getting slammed for their silence during the election chaos: ‘cower to the media mob’


WASHINGTON D.C.- Many knew that we would not have immediate election results to determine who the next president of the United States would be.

Now, four days later, we have just received a final determination, however, the amount of illegal activity surrounding the votes and the counting of the ballots is astronomical. Many GOP leaders have been staying tight-lipped about all of it, and it is not going unnoticed. 

As President Trump and his team are laying the framework for a historic legal battle over the extreme bias and down right unlawful compromise of the election system, the “deafening” silence from key players of the Republican Party is started to be criticized by some. 

In the key battleground states, President Trump is attempting to protect the rights of the voters by trying to put a stop to all of the illegal activity taking place. 

Issues from election monitoring, to the late arrival of mail-in ballots, to allegations of dead individuals “voting,” the Trump campaign is charging forward, vowing to challenge these issues head-on in court, Breitbart reported.

Donald Trump Jr. was one of the few who took to social media to point out the silence from the “GOP hopefuls”, saying:

“The total lack of action from virtually all of the ‘2024 GOP hopefuls’ is pretty amazing,

“They have a perfect platform to show that they’re willing & able to fight, but they will cower to the media mob instead.

“Don’t worry, @realDonaldTrump will fight & they can watch as usual!”


He went on to say that Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis is an exception:

“One notable exception seems to be Ron DeSantis right now. He has been active and vocal” @RonDeSantisFL

And Josh Hawley, a U.S. Senator from Missouri. 

The first time Christie turned his back was after President Trump made his speech on Election night.

President Trump said:

“We don’t want them to find any ballots at four o’clock in the morning and add them to the list,”

“Ok? It’s a very sad moment. To me, this is a very sad moment, and we will win this. And as far as I’m concerned, we already have won it.”

In response, Christie said:

“I talk tonight not as a former governor, but as a former U.S. Attorney. There’s just no basis to make that argument tonight, there just isn’t.”

Christie continued:

“I disagree with what he did tonight, 

“I think Sarah’s right, that there comes a point where you have to let the process play itself out before you judge it to have been flawed.”

He went on to say:

“I think by prematurely doing this, if there is a flaw in it later, he has undercut his own credibility in calling attention to that flaw,

“So I think its bad strategic decision, its a bad political decision, and its not the kind of decision you would expect someone to make tonight who holds the position he holds.”

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce also pointed out the GOP silence, saying:

“For GOP pols who are banking on Trump not being reelected excusing your silence during election fraud, think about what’s best for this country, & then realize *no matter what happens w this election* Donald Trump & his voter support base will still be here,” 


Other GOP figures have been less overt in their skepticism of the president’s efforts, remaining largely silent throughout the process. Few, including Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO), Tom Cotton (R-AR), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), have spoken out, Breitbart reported.

When referencing a viral video that depicted someone covering up windows at a Detroit absentee ballot counting center, Josh Hawley asked:

“What is going on here? Why the secrecy?”

On Thursday Hawley tweeted:

“If last 24 hrs have made anything clear, it’s that we need new election integrity laws NOW. Ban ballot harvesting, guarantee poll watcher access, make ballot counting transparent. I will introduce” 

Senator Cruz, who remained an outspoken ally of the President’s, even when things were not looking good, took to twitter to say:

“If true, this is HIGHLY disturbing. 

“Elections should be decided by actual voters, not unscrupulous political operatives after the fact.”

On Thursday, Senator Cruz added:

“This is messed up.

“Ballot observers are required, by law, to be able to WATCH the counting. 

“Dem mayors are defying the law.”

Adding to the fury is a Thursday report from Axios that cited a “source close to McConnell” who said that the Senate “would work with Biden on centrist nominees but no ‘radical progressives’ or ones who are controversial with conservatives”, according to Breitbart

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Here is a story Law Enforcement Today brought you on some of the election interference that took place. 

DETROIT, MI- As Michigan continued to count ballots the day after Election Day, Republican John James’ Senate campaign accused local officials of impropriety, voter suppression, and election interference after incumbent Gary Peters picked up hundreds of thousands of votes overnight.

Fox News reported that James’ allegations came as chaos unfolded outside a vote tally room at the TCF Center in downtown Detroit where all mail-in absentee ballots were being collected. The chaos caused officials to place cardboard over the window in order to obstruct the public’s view as well as bar individuals from coming into the room.

Stuart Sandler, a consultant for James’ campaign, who also observed the count as a volunteer lawyer, told Fox News that they believe there were “a lot of irregularities” throughout the process that must be looked into. Sandler said in a statement:

“There were all kinds of chicanery, including ballots that came in reportedly in the middle of the night at 3:30 a.m. 35,000 ballots that were deceptively brought in.”

He added:

“There have been a lot of irregularities and lack of integrity. They’re not letting challengers in, they’re not letting them get food or water. When they do, they’re not letting them come back. There are all sorts of disruptions to the process.”

Up until the early mornings hours on Wednesday, November 4, James was holding a significant lead. Sandler has alleged that Mark Brewer, a former state Democratic chairman, organized the arrival of dozens of lawyers and activists to the TCF Center in order to “disrupt the process.” Sandler said:

“There’s a lack of integrity there. The people of Michigan made their choice and they’ve been trying to disrupt the process and we’re reviewing our options.”

However, Brewer insisted that the process of counting ballots has been the cleanest and most effective Detroit has ever had. He said in a statement to the Associated Press:

“This is the best absentee ballot counting operation that Detroit has ever had. They are counting ballots very efficiently, despite the obstructing tactics of the Republicans.”

Still, a source close to James’ campaign said:

“Poll challengers weren’t even able to get close enough to the ballot for the voter rolls to confirm that the ballots are credible, that people didn’t already vote.”

Previously, Michigan’s Secretary of State said she was expecting 2.5 million absentee ballots. However, by the morning of November 4th, a sourced alleged that that total increased to 5.6 million with the majority going up in places like Detroit.

Former State Sen. Patrick Colbeck, who is a registered poll watcher and was on the scene, told Fox News that what he witnessed was an “obfuscation and a complete lack of transparency.” He said in a statement:

“We’re being expressly denied the access to the ballot count area, at the most critical time. And you know, it’s very telling.”

He added:

“I can tell you right now, it’s not a free and fair election and I’ve been watching this for quite a while. So, get the word out, Democrats are attempting to steal the election and the best way to go off and fight back on this is to let people know what’s happening.”

The complaints from the James campaign follow the announcement from President Donald Trump’s campaign also alleging a lack of access to counting stations. Trump 2020 campaign manager, Bill Stepien, said in a statement:

“President Trump’s campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law.”


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