Good guy with gun stopped what was nearly a mass shooting – and there was barely a peep in the news.


Tulsa, Oklahoma – According to police, a shooting took place within a Tulsa shopping center on March 27th, where a citizen carrying a legally concealed weapon allegedly took down an armed suspect.  

Overall, this sounds to be another instance of a “good guy with a gun”.

Police in Tulsa happened upon a strange scene near East 54th Street North and North Peoria Avenue, where they discovered a deceased woman inside of a black SUV. Yet, no arrests were made even after police identified the person who shot the woman.

Apparently, an unidentified male had witnessed the deceased woman opening fire upon a crowd from within her SUV. Since the bystander happened to be carrying his weapon, he opened fire on the woman, which resulted in her dying inside said SUV.

While the crime scene was still active, Detective Jason White from the Tulsa Police Department stated the following:

“I don’t know that there is going to be an arrest made in this particular case at this point. We are still going to go down and we are going to talk to him and figure out what his version is.

Once we get the video and we are able to look at that video, I think it’s going to give us a really good idea of what happened here.”

It just so happens police managed to get ahold of said video, which was surveillance footage that was captured near the scene.

Sources claim that the video showcased the deceased woman getting into some sort of a verbal exchange with a group in the shopping center that day.

The woman had apparently left the scene of the argument for a few minutes, and then returned while allegedly shooting toward a crowd of people. From there, a good guy with a gun intervened.

While they did interview the shooter at the police station, it was reported that he was freed after answering some questions.

Everyone loves a happy ending. Since the investigation is ongoing, no names have been released of the deceased.

Back on January 19th, there was yet another reported incident that was halted thanks to a “good guy with a gun”.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

Police in Kansas City, Missouri had confirmed that two people died on January 19th and another 15 were wounded when an armed gunman opened fire on people standing in line outside of a club late that Sunday night. 

According to reports, police reported to the scene of gunfire after calls came in about a shooting at the 9ine Ultra Lounge near 40 highway and South Noland Road just before 11:30 p.m.

KMBC News reported that a single male suspect began firing into the line that had formed outside the lounge area. 

The shooter was taken down by an armed security guard who was working at the club. Video from the scene shows the security officer opening fire. Police say that officer successfully shot and killed the suspect.

You can see the video footage here.

As emergency crews arrived at the scene, injured victims were transported to area hospitals.

Authorities say that three victims are still in critical condition. 

Investigators believe the shooting may have been sparked by tensions over the Kansas City football game. The KC Chiefs won the division championship over the Tennessee Titans and will be heading to the Super Bowl, which police said led to a large celebration throughout the city.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas issued a statement about the shooting.

“Our greatest challenges remain even this morning in our community. My thoughts are with the families and friends of those whose lives were lost or impacted by last night’s mass shooting. Thankful security appears to have kept the situation from being even worse.”

Kansas City Police Capt. David Jackson said his officers discovered “a chaotic scene” when they arrived at the bar parking lot, finding the bodies of each a male and female victim lying in the parking lot upon arrival.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker reportedly told reporters from AP that it had been a great day that turned to tragedy.

 “It just put such a tragic end to such a wonderful day in Kansas City,” referencing the Chiefs game. “It’s just hard to stand here and talk about this kind of tragedy on really one of the best days Kansas City has had in a long time.”

No police officers were injured in the shooting that evening. 

While it’s unfortunate that people were harmed in the confrontation, it could have played out far worse had that security guard not been armed and prepared to defend those around the area. This is why the notion of a “good guy with a gun” is so very vital to stopping heinous acts. 

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