Good guy with a gun shoots and kills bad guy on a “violent crime spree.” Where’s the media coverage?


ST. CHARLES, MO – A chance stop for a bathroom break in St. Charles, MO enabled a man to stop an armed man from murdering a clerk in a QuikTrip on July 16th.

Police said that the man who was shot and killed had been on a violent crime spree throughout the area before the good guy was able to stop him.

The St. Charles Police Department reported a man whom they have not identified had stopped at a QuikTrip convenience store at 2260 First Capitol Drive around 3:30 a.m. to use the bathroom.

After the man had completed his business, he started to walk back towards his vehicle when he saw a dark-colored SUV quickly pull up to the store.

The man became suspicious that there was something off with the way the SUV entered the parking lot and began watching as the suspect, identified as Lance Bush, exited the vehicle and entered the store carrying a backpack.

The man watched as Bush walked toward the clerk who was near the coffee pots.

After a few moments, the man watched in horror as Bush grabbed hold of the clerk and dragged her to the front of the store where the money was stored as she screamed out of fear.

The man watched as Bush held a knife to the clerk’s throat while he demanded money from her.

The man retrieved his .9mm handgun from his vehicle and entered the store intent on stopping Bush’s deadly threat against the clerk. As the man walked towards Bush, the St. Charles Police Department reports Bush began walking toward the man while saying:

“I have something for you.”

Seemingly the man’s words and actions of walking toward him placed him in fear of great bodily harm or death, causing the man to open fire to stop the threat.

Bush was struck by the gunfire and collapsed onto the ground while the man and the clerk called 911 for help.

Police and rescue personnel responded to the store and transported Bush to a nearby hospital. Once there, he succumbed to his injuries.

The St. Charles Police Department does not believe that this incident was Bush’s first armed robbery of the night – rather they believe it was his third. Police reported another convenience store, this one at 1401 South Fifth Street, reported an armed robbery around 3 a.m.

Police say that a man who matched Bush’s description was seen walking into the On the Run store and informing people inside that he was robbing them.

The man allegedly produced a knife and held it to the throat of a clerk while demanding money. The man was eventually able to collect money and fled the area in a black SUV.

Then around 3:15 a.m., a burglary alarm was dispatched at Midtown Phillips on Capitol Drive. When officers responded they found the business unsecure after discovering glass had been broken.

Police did not report exactly what had been taken from the Midtown Phillips, but noted that the black SUV believed to have been driven by Bush had items taken from the store inside.

The vehicle that Bush was seen driving when he entered his last convenience store was a 2013 black Toyota Highlander. That SUV had been reported as stolen during another armed robbery on July 15th in Maryland Heights.

The St. Charles Police Department reported that they will not release the hero’s name until after prosecutors decide if his use of deadly force was lawful in this situation. They also refused to release any store surveillance footage of the crime spree Bush is accused of committing while they are continuing their investigation.

Gaetz slams left over new House bill on guns: “They want you afraid of the Second Amendment”

WASHINGTON, DC – A Republican Senator out of Florida has blasted Democrats and those on the left over a recent House bill proposal would create an alert for active shooters that would be similar to that of Amber Alerts.

Not because he is against notifying the public in the event of an active shooter, but rather because he is concerned that every case of gunfire, regardless of circumstance, will lead to an alert and mass panic.

In light of the recent active shooter events in the nation, politicians have scrambled to come up with different ways to warn the public to seek safety and shelter when violence breaks out.

The bill, dubbed the Active Shooter Alert Act, is allegedly designed to allow states to implement mass-alert messaging systems similar to the ones used for Amber and Silver Alerts.

The alerts, when triggered, would notify everyone who is deemed to be in the “vicinity” of an active shooter event.

The bill was presented to the house on July 13th and passed by a vote of 260-169 with 43 Republicans and every Democrat besides one voting in favor of the bill.

Proponents of the bill believe that the alert can save lives. Democrat Representative Mark Pocan told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“I just think any tool we have to help avoid additional deaths when we have an active shooter is helpful. Those alerts do make you aware of something so you can avoid it.”

While that may have been the initial intent behind the creation of the bill, people like Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz and Democratic Congressman Ron Kind believe that it will cause more harm than good. During a hearing on the bill, Congressman Gaetz asked:

“One has to ask, what is the true purpose of this bill? Why do the Democrats want to use the power of government to bombard your cell phone with active shooter alerts 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

It’s because they want you to be afraid of the Second Amendment. It’s because they want you to be afraid of responsible gun ownership…

“And they hope that if they program you and bombard you long enough that you’ll hate your own Second Amendment rights, or that you may tattle on your neighbor who is lawfully and rightfully exercising theirs. The American people should not fall for this.”


To the congressman’s point, the bill does not provide any clear guidelines on when an alert can be activated and what the parameters are for doing so.

For instance, could someone call in that they heard shots being fired and before details are known, an alert is sent out, causing a mass panic? The answer, according to Congressman Gaetz, is yes.

He said:

“Would that make the circumstance safer? Of course not. It would lead to stampede, tragedy, hysteria, mistake, perhaps even more death…This bill is like yelling “fire” in a movie theater, except the fire is in another movie theater across the street.”


While 43 Republicans broke rank and supported the bill, Congressman Gaetz got surprising support from another congressman, Democrat Kind. When asked why he voted against the bill, he reported that he also was concerned about the unintended consequences of it.

He told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

“[He is] concerned that a system like this could generate more chaos and cause armed civilians to rush to the scene, potentially interfering with law enforcement efforts.”

Now that the bill has passed the House, it will be sent to the Senate for review and eventually a vote.

While anything can happen once the bill gets to the Senate, odds are in this political climate it will most likely pass considering the Democrats control the majority by a slim margin.

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