CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – An apparently disgruntled teen was arrested early Tuesday morning for posting a threatening Instagram message. He’s the third teen arrested related to terror issues at Coral Springs High School this week.

Sebastian Darrah, 18, admitted posting, “Watch out for round two springs. We comin guns blazin,'” on Instagram when Coral Springs police showed up at his home at 1:15 a.m., but said he didn’t actually intend to shoot anyone. The posting was meant to be a joke.

Darrah is a friend of Ryan Trollinger, the 17-year-old former student of Coral Springs High and accused of bringing a loaded gun into the school and was arrested Monday. He appeared before a judge in Juvenile court Tuesday afternoon.

According to Darrah, his Instagram post was triggered by his anger over his friend’s arrest, said Sgt. Carla Kmiotek, the Coral Springs Police spokeswoman. He’s facing a charge of making a false report of a bomb, arson or mass destruction on public property.

At a brief court hearing Tuesday afternoon, a judge agreed to release Darrah with a GPS ankle monitor, and ordered that he have no internet access.

The Broward County judge, Michael Davis, tried to get his attention in a straightforward manner saying, “Because you’re in adult jail where the person next to you, sharing that cell with you, he might be a rapist, he might be a murderer, he might be a child abuser, you don’t know. And I have a very, very strong feeling that you never ever want to be in this situation ever again.”

Another teen, a current student at Coral Springs High was taken into custody for involuntary mental evaluation under the Florida’s Baker Act Law. He was found possessing a seven-page manifesto that details a plan for a school shooting. He was referred to as Trollinger’s “associate.”

The school was placed on lockdown while officers searched for him. When found, he told the officers Trollinger told him on Monday that, “Today is the day it’s going down.”

The handwritten manifesto (WARNING: Explicit language used) found in the associate’s pocket describes the teen’s plan to shoot and kill people at school on Jan 13, 2017, which he calls “terror day.”

The manifesto, which he allegedly wrote partly, reads:

“I want to be the worst school shooter in America if I do the attack. I am still not 100 percent sure I want to do this, but I want to be the worst school shooter in America. Worst [sic] than Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook,” the teen allegedly wrote.

The manifesto also contains, “… Kill them all!!!!! …” in bold letters, and “I hope my f—— parents don’t find this until it’s time. I don’t give a f—- if they find after the f—— attack.” At the top is a stick figure shooting another.

Any person with rational thought can recognize the journal screams for attention and help needed.

Some entries show he is uncertain about what he’s doing. “Love might cure me from my evil thoughts and my rage. I just want love …”

In a court hearing, a judge decided Tuesday afternoon that Trollinger will remain in juvenile detention.

As with so many others in recent years, these teens have gone astray and their stories reflect a need for guidance and a deeper kind of help and love. Fortunately, the inner turmoil was discovered before something tragic occurred. Hopefully they will receive proper counsel and guidance to steer them clear of future calamity.