Georgia state rep refers to police as “klan members” in since-deleted social media post


ATLANTA, GA.- Democrat politicians are clearly going off the rails. This past week, a state representative in Georgia made a post on social media in which she shared photos of law enforcement officials, and referred to them as KKK members using the hashtag #KlanAtTheCapitol.

All On Georgia reported that Democratic State Representative Park Cannon, who represents Albany, Georgia, Tuesday posted on her public official Facebook page—not her personal Facebook page—in response to the legislature’s approval of a Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights, HB838, which passed on the same day as a hate crimes resolution bill.

In the pictures posted by Cannon, Colonel Gary Vowell of the Georgia Department of Public Safety was pictured with a handful of troopers, and she captioned it with an excerpt about legislation to protect “those who kill us,” in reference to the troopers and Colonel Vowell.

Georgia state rep refers to police as "klan members" in since-deleted social media post
Georgia Rep. Park Cannon Facebook photo Internet screenshhot

Park also used the hashtag “#KlanAtTheCapitol” and referenced the troopers sitting outside the House Chamber of the Capitol, which due to social distancing reasons has been mostly empty.

Of course, Park, being the gutless wonder that she is, deleted the post, then started deleting and banning people who commented who were calling on her to apologize to Vowell. However, the Internet is forever and despite the fact that she deleted the post, the screenshots continued to circulate.

Cannon lists herself as a health advocate and was elected to the legislature in 2016. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reached out to Cannon for a comment on the post, however she refused to respond. However, colleagues in the legislature reprimanded her for her post in the final days of the legislative session.

Rep. David Clark, a Republican who represents Buford in the legislature, said, in:

“Wow! I’m in utter shock that State Rep. Park Cannon posted this to her FB, basically calling the Capitol Police and GA State Patrol here at the State Capitol the “Klan.” All of her Democratic colleagues should be condemning her words of hatred and division. Her rhetoric only helps lead to more violence. It’s shameful that a person in leadership would say such words.

“We can have debates/discussion on law enforcement reform; however, hatred like this will not help that cause. We must remember the majority of the men/women in blue are amazing Americans, who protect us every single day.

They are willing to sacrifice it all by laying their lives down to keep our communities safe. I’m thankful to our law enforcement community and will always BACK THE BLUE.

“They are just as human/American as any of us. They have their own families and should be treated with dignity and respect. Shame on Rep. Cannon #BackTheBlue.

Rep. Philip Singleton (R-Sharpsburg) said:

“Our men and women in uniform deserve our respect and comments such as these are unacceptable. I believe this is what hate looks like and is exactly the kind of thinking that has gotten our country to the place we are today.

“Racism is NEVER okay.

“I call immediately for an apology and an official reprimand from leadership.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Two members of the legislature spoke out against cannon from the Well in the Senate this past week.


Of course, outside of Georgia most people have never heard of Cannon, who was elected to the legislature for the first time in 2016.

A CNN puff piece after her election said, “Cannon is young. She is a black woman. She is queer.”

Not merely satisfied to be referred to as “lesbian,” Cannon instead chooses to use the word queer.

Another Democratic representative, Karla Drenner, who identifies as gay, said of Cannon, “She definitely looks at the world differently than most members. The difference is that she identifies with the word ‘queer.’ I think that’s generated some discussion because a lot of members have no clue what ‘Q’ means.”

Cannon, who is 24 (and obviously has the maturity of a 12-year-old), said she made the decision to identify as queer because she says it’s an “inclusive” descriptor.

“I think ‘queer’ is a term like other terms that is evolving even within my community, on my street in the neighborhood. There are just different portrayals of it.”

 We will give you 100 points if you can guess what her college major was. If you guessed she minored in women’s and gender studies, you win the prize.

She also seems to play something of a victim. She said that when she first enrolled in college, she did so at Chapman University in California. Cannon said that sometime during her first few weeks, she heard knocking on the door of her dorm room. When she opened it, she said the “N” word was written all over it, which she said forced her to move back to Georgia. Hard to believe a woke state like California would have that type of racism there.

One interesting part of the CNN piece was when it said that Cannon appeared “cautious” in consulting with fellow members of the Democratic caucus, to ensure she is leaving the right impression with people outside the legislature.

Well, apparently that ship has sailed.

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