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Georgia Police Officers Lose Job After Using Coin-Toss App


(Roswell Police Department)

ROSWELL, Ga. – The two Roswell, Georgia police officers who were caught on body camera video using a coin flip to determine whether or not to arrest a woman during a traffic stop in April have been fired.

Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson were terminated Thursday morning following an internal investigation, Roswell Community Relations Manager Julie Brechbill confirmed to Fox News.

The two were initially placed on administrative leave while the investigation unfolded. However, their fate was not so flippant.

Now, Chief Rusty Grant wrote in their termination letters that the officers engaged in conduct unbecoming of a police officer (CUBO) and cited a human resources policy in which they failed “to perform at an acceptable level.”

georgia police officers
Roswell, Georgia, police officers Courtney Brown, left, and Kristee Wilson. (Roswell Police Department)

Body camera footage, uncovered in an investigation by WXIA-TV, revealed that Brown and Wilson used a coin-flipping app to decide whether to arrest Sarah Webb, who was pulled over as part of a traffic stop.

Brown was heard on camera asking Webb if she knew how fast she was going. “The ground is wet and it’s been raining and you’re going over 80 miles an hour on this type of a road. That’s reckless driving,” Brown said.

“I’m so sorry,” Webb replied.

Brown returned to her police unit to ask fellow officers if she should arrest Webb or just ticket her.

Wilson, who also responded to the scene, was heard saying, “What do you think?”

Brown said she “didn’t have speed detection,” but the other officer pointed out that the body camera recorded her cruiser’s speed, which would have shown how fast she was going to catch up to Webb.

“Hold on,” Brown then said, as she apparently opened a coin flip app on her phone. Wilson suggested that heads should mean arrest and tails should mean release. Brown agreed and flipped the coin in the app.

“A [arrest] head, R[release] tail,” Wilson said.

“Okay,” Brown replied.

“This is tails, right?” Wilson asked.

“Yeah, so release?” Brown responded.

“23 (the police code for arrest),” Wilson replied. The officers decided to charge Webb with driving too fast under the conditions and reckless driving.

Webb, when she found out what the officers did, told WXIA it was “disgusting” that Brown and Wilson “put my freedom in the hands of a coin flip.”

When the station reported on the incident, the charges against Webb were dropped and she called for the police officers termination.

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Another two bit Police Chief who threw his Officers under the bus for the sake of politics. Woman driver should have been told, she got off easy and could have been arrested for the offense. Arrests on minor violations are the discretion of the Officer involved and who cares how they arrive at a decision. Also guess the Police Chief never heard of “Progressive Discipline.” If this was their first offense, the Officers should have received no more than verbal counseling. Hope the have a strong Union in that town who will rip the Police Chief a new ass hole.

If I were mayor Iwould rescinded the firings and instead fired the chief. He should stand behind his officers not throw them under the bus.

Agree! Our LEOs should always have the support of their higher ups until they have had the opportunity to be proven negligent in their duties, which I sure don’t see here. Another cry baby liberal gets her way.

She was on her way to work you know what I hate a asshole and there is no place in policeing for assholes when they figure that out there may be less of them being killed

There are assholes in every job. By your comment I assume you think it’s right to kill them too. You are a disgusting human being

This is Georgia it is a right to work state we dint have a union

The driver should be charged due to the speed she was going on a wet road is not only dangerous to the driver but to all others she may encounter.

I’m a little surprised that the Officers involved did not hold themselves to a higher standard. It’s hard enough for women Officers to be accepted as it is. It’s been a long hard road for women.

I agree as to the fight female officers had to fight over the years in law enforcement.
Again in my 34 years I had female partners in very violent high crime areas.
Some of the female partners I would not give you two cents for.BUT other female partners I had I would have taken over some of my male partners.
They had my back in life death situations.
You have great female officers and some not so great. Which is very true for male officers. To all do right and be safe.

Yes Elizabeth it has been difficult for female officers to gain acceptance within some departments. It’s all the more reason that these two should have discharged their duties in a professional manner. All they did was give was give the critics of female officers all the more to talk about.

Let’s take into consideration the offender in this case. With the dashcam video and speed indication, they had an air-tight case. The charges were appropriate given the lack of actual speed determination. Now we have an offender that should have faced DL suspension back on the road with an attitude that she has ‘beaten’ the police.

I guess discretionary decision making is no longer in a LEO’S job description.

I’m worried about a people that are ok with officers being killed, and departments that fire any officer just because….

With 34 years as a LEO and also a police commissioner if that case came before me as a commissioner I two would have also terminated those two officers.
Over the years I have locked up thousands being I worked in high crime violent ares. And took each and every lockup seriously. Taking someone’s freedom of movement away should never be taken lightly.
Some say the chief threw those officers under the bus. NO they threw themselves under the bus.
Yes even after 34 years I stand on the Police need to Be policed rule. The good officers will agree and the bad officers will hate. 🤷‍♂️

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