George Zimmerman is once again making headlines. This time it is for a completely different reason:  He has been credited with saving a family of four from an overturned vehicle.

According to a statement from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Zimmerman had been traveling on Highway 46 and Interstate 4, when he came upon a blue Ford explorer that had turned on its side, with smoke emanating from the wreckage.

He and another motorist stopped to offer assistance. Together the men extracted the two adults and two children from the vehicle.

The statement revealed that the Explorer’s driver had been traveling northbound when he lost control and ran off the road, causing the Explorer to roll before landing on its side. It has been reported that several passing motorists who saw the wreckage called 911, but no one else had stopped to render assistance.

The driver reported that he immediately recognized Zimmerman. He told the firefighters on the scene that “George Zimmerman pulled me out.”

According to a friend of the family, the victims have expressed their gratitude for Zimmerman’s assistance; however, some concerns have been expressed about receiving threats from those who disagree with Zimmerman’s acquittal.

Since Zimmerman did not a witness to the crash, he was not required to remain on the scene, so he left.  He has been remarkably humble about the situation and he did not even tell his defense attorney about the rescue.

“We spoke with George on Friday and he made no mention of this at all,” said a spokesperson for defense attorney Mark O’Mara’s office. “That’s very typical of George. He has a way of getting involved. That is just who he is.”

“There has been backlash …saying this is some kind of P.R. stunt, but it isn’t. We have confirmed it with the Sheriff.”

O’Mara concurred with the statement.  He said that he is not surprised that Zimmerman would stop to help a perfect stranger.

“The timing is unique…but this is the George Zimmerman that I have known and found out about his whole life. (It is) just in his nature and I wish people would just look at this and recognize that is who he is.”

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