NEW YORK – Will the mob rewind the clock with the release of Gene Gotti from prison?

“Dapper Don” John Gotti’s younger brother, Gene, is back on the streets after serving 29 years in prison for dealing heroin — and the mob is bracing for what it will mean to their rackets, the New York Post has learned.

An exclusive Post photo shows Gene Gotti, 71, outside his family home in Valley Stream, Long Island, following his release on parole from a federal lockup in Louisiana last week.

The picture shows the significant change in appearance he underwent during nearly three decades behind bars.

Although Gene went away sporting dark hair, the senior gangster is now nearly bald — and what little hair he has left is silver.

Gene Gotti

Gene Gotti as seen in an old booking photo. (FBI)

The Gambino organized-crime family once run by his late brother — who died in prison in 2002 — is now headed by Domenico Cefalu, with Frank Cali as its “street boss,” law-enforcement sources say.

But as a made man who was a mob captain when he headed off to the slammer, Gotti is entitled to a role in the Gambino family. Consequently, his cronies are concerned about the scrutiny that could bring, sources said.

“The Gambino’s are running smoothly — gambling, pills, construction unions, etc.,” one law-enforcement official said. In other words, they do not have a strong desire for the “good old days.”

“The last thing they want is someone to put them back in papers and on TV.”

John Gotti’s penchant for publicity “set them back 30 years,” the source added.

“They don’t want no flashy leaders, no weekly social-club meetings,” the source said.

geriatric gangster

It’s unclear whether Gotti — who allegedly oversaw a lucrative loan-sharking operation while behind bars — will demand that he resume his role as a “capo.” Or, might he insist on a higher rank?

“Everyone hopes he will be low-key and just make a living, but that is very un-Gotti-like,” according to one source of the Post.

No one answered the door Sunday at Gotti’s home, which is owned by his wife, Rosalie.

A sign on the front door says “Nana and Papa’s Nest — where the flock gathers.”

So, will Gotti acquiesce or cause a wave within the family? Only time will tell.