Welcome to Connecticut: Male sex offender who’s confused about his gender wants to be incarcerated in female prison


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NEW LONDON, CT- Post Millennial reports that a convicted Connecticut sex offender with a significant history of sex crimes against children has suddenly discovered he has an “intersex” identity and as such is requesting a transfer to a women’s prison, the only such facility in the state.

Reduxx reports the man, who calls himself Brandy Wood, 28, was convicted of a number of sex crimes in 2015, including risk of injury to a minor and second-degree sexual assault of a minor for “forcible sexual contact with a 15-year-old female in 2015. Learning nothing from that case, Wood, while out on parole, committed yet another offense against a minor.

On Jan. 4, Wood pleaded no contest in New London Superior Court to a charge of risk of injury to a minor, and agreed to a 2-1/2 year prison sentence.

In the latest case, Assistant State’s Attorney Theresa Anne Ferryman told the court that Wood had engaged in an inappropriate online relationship with a 13-year-old Park City, Utah girl in the summer of 2021, as reported by The Day of New London.

During trial, the court heard that Wood, who has conveniently now identified himself as an “intersex” woman, used a number of online platforms, including FaceTime, ShapChat and a video-chatting service which is the platform of choice among perverts such as Wood, Omegle.

According to former New London (CT) police youth investigator Joseph Buzzelli, Wood sent naked videos and explicit photos to the victims and coerced her into taking and sending naked photos of herself. The details were outlined in an arrest warrant affidavit prepared by Buzzelli.

Investigators further alleged that Wood masturbated in front of the teenage girl and bought her presents, including a “full body fur suit.” That present triggered suspicion in the victim’s parents in Park City, who then proceeded to call police, the affidavit said.

While being interviewed by police, the victim said Wood had “both a penis and a vagina,” which is of course physically impossible. Investigators later uncovered photographs of Wood wearing a full-body latex suit which gives the appearance of a woman. Investigators believe that is the source of the young victim’s confusion.

The victim told investigators that Wood attempted to intimidate her into sending naked photos and videos. Wood took it so far as to claim that he was a private investigator who knew the young girl’s address. Wood threatened to “get on a plane and come and find her.”

In yet another exchange, Wood, who now claims to be a woman, said he would come to your house and have sex with you” if she didn’t send him the naked photos.

According to Connecticut’s sex offender registry, Wood’s biological sex is described as female. He also bears a number of aliases, including Kyle Bailey, Steven Bennett, and Kuani-Brandy Moana Kalakaua-Wood. Yahoo News, citing The Day, reported that “Police describe Wood as having the outward appearance of a white male,” however identified as a woman when he was arrested.

Wood’s public defender, Michael Miller, asked the judge to house Wood in the York Correctional Institution, the state’s only women’s correctional facility located in Niantic, CT. Wood is currently incarcerated in the Cheshire Correctional Institution, a men’s facility.


Wood’s request to be moved to a women’s facility and his identifying as a woman is no doubt driven by the fact that even hardened criminals have little regard for child sex offenders.

Connecticut was the first state in the U.S. to allow male inmates to identify as women in order to be housed in women’s prisons. The requirement was included in a bill which was intended to protect pregnant incarcerated women, Reduxx reported.

The bill, classified as SB 13, An Act Concerning Fair Treatment of Incarcerated Women, expanded medical care provisions for pregnant inmates (women). A clause therein also required the Department of Corrections to “adhere to certain requirements that relate to the treatment and placement of inmates with a gender identity that differs from the inmates assigned sex at birth.

The law also requires the state to allow prisoners access to prison commissary items, clothing and programming consistent with their chosen gender identity, and also to be searched by a staff member whose gender matches the one chosen by the inmate.

Department of Correction policy in Connecticut states the agency “shall identify, diagnose, treat, and manage inmates who identify as gender non-conforming, and/or who have an intersex condition.” The policy also provides for transfer of an inmate from one facility to another after an evaluation and assessment.

According to Yahoo News, intersex “is an umbrella term used to describe someone whose sexual anatomy, including genitals, internal reproductive organs, and chromosomes, ‘fall outside of traditional conceptions of male or female bodies,’ according to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.”

In other words, it’s made up.

Judge Hillary Strackbein said last week in response to Miller’s request that prison accommodations are made by the Department of Corrections, not the judicial system.

A DOC spokesperson refused to respond to questions about Wood’s case, nor how many transgender or intersex prisoners are currently housed at York. The ACLU alleges that transgender inmates allegedly experience higher rates of harassment and sexual violence.

Wood is currently being held on a $200,000 bond subject to the prison sentence he agreed to. He is expected to serve 30 months out of an expected 10 year sentence in order to get back to sexually assaulting minors. He will also serve a probationary term, as well as being memorialized on Connecticut’s sex offender registry.

Ferryman said the victim’s family is not satisfied with Wood’s prison sentence. Police said the victim’s parents report the victim had been taken for psychological treatment and was “feeling suicidal” after the ordeal.

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