Do as I say: California governor sends his children back to a wealthy private school while public schools remain closed


SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA– Since in-person learning shut down in March, parents and students have struggled to try to make their homes the new classroom, all while trying to juggle everyday life.

Over the last several months when some restrictions lifted, parents were forced to go back to work while leaving their children home, which made things all the more difficult. 

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) was originally in the same boat as everyone else, however, his own children have now gone back to in person learning in some capacity at a high end private school, while public school parents continue the “at home learning” juggling act, as most public schools remain closed.

Politico reported that Newsom’s children attend a private school in Sacramento County that has a hybrid schedule that alternates remote and in-person education before it will return full-time next month, according to a source.

Many public school districts in Sacramento County do not have the luxury of hybrid instruction, and remain closed. 

According to Politico:

“Sacramento County schools are allowed to open classrooms under Newsom’s reopening system. But the county’s large public school districts — including San Juan Unified, which serves Newsom’s neighborhood — have yet to do so.

Some Sacramento County districts plan to reopen elementary schools next month, while San Juan has a January goal date. Sacramento City Unified has yet to propose a reopening date,” 

Newsom was asked about his own children’s education on Friday, October 29th, and he answered:

“They’re phasing back into school and we are phasing out of our very challenging distance learning that we’ve been doing, so many parents are doing up and down the state.”

In June, Newsom gave guidelines that school districts must adhere to in order to re-open, however all other decision making has been left up to the individual districts. This allows Newsom to essentially play the “don’t look at me” card.

The Daily News reported that Newsom said he wanted schools to open soon, but that it was the local districts making the decisions.

He said:

“We absolutely believe that the social-emotional learning that occurs in the classroom is the best place for our kids, certainly the best place for their parents as well. And so it is absolutely incumbent to do everything in our power to provide support to our districts so that they can safely reopen, emphasis on safely reopen,” 

The concern that is now being raised, is that the wealthy private schools, like the one Newsom’s children attend, have the funds and the means to take all necessary precautions required to open in-person learning. However, many public districts, especially economically disadvantaged ones do not have that luxury. 

This will in turn lead to more affluent children receiving a better education, which is sometimes the case anyway, however now the gap between the wealthy and poor districts will grow larger. 

The Daily News reported that Pradheep Shanker, a radiologist and public health policy expert, said on Twitter that the:

“rich and elite will have children that will advance far more than those in public schools…and years from now, we will wonder with great concern about why we have a massive income gap…”

This is not the first time during this pandemic that Governor Newsom has been caught putting his own needs before others. In July, he closed beaches and restaurants, however, his winery remained open. 

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 California Governor Gavin Newsom is being widely criticized for implementing further shutdowns Wednesday.

In 19 counties, Newsom ordered restaurants, bars, winery tasting rooms, zoos, movie theaters and museums to be closed, from July 3rd through the 5th.

Let’s not forget that the governor ordered beaches across the state to be closed in southern California this holiday weekend.

The problem that’s bigger than the shutdowns themselves is that Newsom conveniently left Napa Valley out of the shutdowns, which houses his very own Plumpjack Winery.

To the closures, Newsom stated:

“I cannot say it enough; I said it last week, I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again. We’ve got Fourth of July weekend coming up. One of the areas of biggest concern relates to the spread of COVID-19 in this state remains family gatherings. Not just bars. Not just being out in the streets where people are protesting and the like.”

“It’s specifically family gatherings. Where family members or rather households — immediate and extended family members — begin to mix and take down their guard. They may walk into that barbecue with masks on; then they put the cooler down and the mask comes off, they have a glass of water, and all of a sudden nieces and nephews start congregating.”

To be fair, Napa Valley has had only 343 cases. This is largely minimal compared with the 2,200 cases Los Angeles County reported on Thursday alone. 

In Los Angeles County, 1,900 are hospitalized with the virus, 28% of those in intensive care.

Plumpjack posted some advertisement posts on Instagram, which have since been taken down. Here are screenshots of the posts informing people on mask wear.

Do as I say: California governor sends his children back to a wealthy private school while public schools remain closed

Do as I say: California governor sends his children back to a wealthy private school while public schools remain closed


The Daily Mail reported:

“His wealth is derived from holdings in the hospitality industry, including wineries, vineyards, bars, restaurants, cafes, and hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, and Palm Springs.

“Newsom and his wife reported more than $1.2million in income during his final year as the state’s lieutenant governor, the majority of it from outside business interests.

“Newsom’s 2018 return showed nearly $394,000 in wages, of which about $151,000 was his state salary.”

On Thursday, Newsom encouraged California residents to turn to their “better angels” in wearing masks, and also discouraged “traditional” family gatherings for the Independence Day holiday. 

Newsom is being questioned on his aggressiveness, or lack thereof some say, in enforcing the mask mandate he has put in place. He  mentioned that he has formed teams of “state regulators” to focus on businesses that don’t enforce the rules within their walls, including regarding masks and other social distancing and sanitary requirements.

On Thursday, the state sent letters to businesses, about 350,000 of them, warning of fines and criminal prosecution for failure to implement the mask order.

Newsom also said:

“We’re not going into everybody’s backyard and enforcing. We’re just encouraging people to be safe, to be thoughtful about themselves and others.”

Just in case Californians aren’t aware of the closures and mandates by now, Newsom announced a “public awareness campaign” to be featured on billboards, TV and radio ads and social media posts to remind them of the virus and the importance of social distancing and wearing masks.

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