BROOKLYN, N.Y. – A reputed Brooklyn gang member was thrown in jail for multiple offenses in March. But after a liberal judge took pity on him and slashed his bond, he returned to his community and unleashed hell. Now he’s facing 34 charges for strong armed robbery and sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl.

And it wouldn’t have had happened if a city judge hadn’t ignored the prosecutor in his case.

A report from the New York Post said that 17-year-old Tony Johnson caught a huge break back in March of this year after a Brooklyn judge had the ability to hold him on multiple charges, but against the recommendation of the case’s prosecutor, let him walk.


Tony Johnson now faces 34 charges after he went on a crime spree in Brooklyn. (NYPD)


The prosecuting attorney recommended that Johnson be held for $225,000. The judge slashed that number by 97 percent, letting him go free for a measly $6,000. 

Johnson was released into the custody of his mother back to their home at the Breukelen Houses in Canarsie. But he apparently didn’t learn his lesson.

Officials say that the teen, a known member of the Folk Nation gang, continued to unleash hell on his community. Over the last six months, Johnson, weighing in at 280 and standing over 6 feet-tall, committed a number of thefts and robberies.

Judge Craig S. Walker slashed Johnson’s bail down by more than 97 percent.


Court documents claimed that he stole cellphones, purses, money and allegedly punched a woman in the face outside of the Brooklyn housing unit.

One witness described his encounter with Johnson.

“Give me your sneakers or I’ll stab you,” Johnson allegedly said to his victim.

But last week, on October 8, Johnson did something much worse than stealing a few bucks. Prosecutors say that the teen snuck up behind a 12-year-0ld girl as she walked through the projects. 

Frustrated that she wasn’t holding any cash or valuables, investigators say Johnson pushed the pre-teen into a nearby basement, made her remove her clothes and then forced her into committing sex acts with him. 

Johnson was busted and now faces 34 charges for his racked up list of robberies and now the heinous sexual assault. He’s being held at the Horizon Juvenile Center in The Bronx and now would have to cough up more than $100,000 to get out. 

His family member says he’s being setup, and is a good kid that would never hurt anyone.

“This is an African American boy being framed!” his mother said. “He’s a good kid. Very respectful. He gets along with everyone. He plays with the kids and stuff.”

His family sobbed as they sat in on his court appearance. One girl who reportedly knew Johnson had to be restrained after cursing out a photographer for taking her picture.


Cops within the NYPD are pissed. They’re tired of seeing the dangerous criminals they lock up being released to commit more harm. 

“It is a disgrace that this teen is allowed back out on the streets to ruin a poor girl’s life,” said a Brooklyn detective to the Post. “Nobody ever talks about the victims. This poor girl’s life has been ruined because they gave this guy another chance he didn’t deserve.”

The thing is, as New York City continues to push to end “mass incarceration” in favor of more progressive policies, there will undoubtedly be a spike in situations like this one.

The city announced that over the next few years, they’ll release 50 percent of prisoners back into the community, vowing to cut the city’s jail population in half and keep it there.

And in order to keep the jails unoccupied, they plan to just stop prosecuting suspects for lesser offenses. 

“This is a very scary situation,” a source within the justice system said. “This poor girl is the victim of a broken system, and I’m afraid you’re going to see many more stories like this. This is just the beginning.”


NBC reported that the City Council and the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice announced the city’s plan to reduce the daily inmate population from 7,000 to 3,300 by 2026.

“With the lowest rate of incarceration in any major city, we are disproving the notion that we must arrest and imprison our way to (a) safer city,” said NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Of course, Bill. It’s easy to boast good numbers if you won’t let your cops do their jobs and if prosecutors don’t press charges. And city residents are feeling the effects.

City leaders say they expect to see a decline in the amount of violent felonies, misdemeanors and even parole violations with the new plan. Again… it’s easy to watch the needle fall when you’re not pushing on the gas. 

Other city leaders have recently been slamming the criminal justice system as a system of oppression and mass incarceration. 


We guess the city’s move is not that surprising, considering the stance of their prominent figureheads.

“This is the culmination of years of hard work to move away from the failed policies of mass incarceration,” City Council Speaker Corey Johnson tweeted about the situation.”But we will keep fighting to bring this number down even further. New York City should be a model of progressive criminal justice reform nationwide.”

Why have we suddenly decided as a country that law and order no longer matters? When did it become okay to switch right and wrong and flip the world on its head?

How long before we just decide to get rid of police altogether?

The plan also laid out the decision to close Rikers Island prison. A vote later in the week will decide if four new lockup facilities in densely populated neighborhoods would be built, NBC said.

Freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also threw her two cents in on Twitter.

She came out and publicly stated that we shouldn’t stop with New York, but should work to close down “many” of our current prisons across the country.



We’ve seen firsthand what happens when city leaders tell the cops to stop enforcing the law. It only takes a quick look at recent crime rates within the subway, where officers have been limited on what they’re allowed to arrest people for.

A prominent source within the department told the New York Post that officers feel “handcuffed” by their leader’s stance on enforcing the law. And they say that innocent New Yorkers are suffering because of it.

“The mayor has handcuffed the police in enforcing the quality-of-life crimes that we should enforce, and these guys know it now,” said the source. “And all the fare-paying customers commuting to work have to suffer. There are people down there picking pockets and sexually assaulting them.”

That source reportedly said that de Blasio’s agenda was partially to blame for the increase in subway crimes, largely due to his discouragement of arrests for low-level infractions like jumping a turnstile, even if that original stop could help uncover or discourage more serious crimes. 


Subway crime is up 11% in the last nine years. (Wikipedia)


Let’s take a look at some of the numbers.

Reports from crime within the subway system has increased in four different areas, the Post said. Through the end of August, police have logged two rapes and two murders. Last year during the same time period, police only had one homie and had yet to have any reported rapes, according to NYPD stats.

Robberies and felony assaults are also on the rise, but have not seen serious growth like the other categories, with robberies going from 309 up to 327 and felony assaults from 229 to 233. 

The Post also noted that hate crimes that were reported had nearly doubled since last year, with an increase from 32 up to 62 – or an increase of 95 percent. 

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Veteran city dwellers have also noticed the change, comparing the current climate of the underground mass transit system to what it used to be back when Mayor Bloomberg was in power.

“People don’t feel safe like they used to when Bloomberg was mayor,” one Manhattan resident said. “Taking the trains used to be a good experience, and now it’s just awful.”


“Every New Yorker knows the trains are dangerous, especially at night,” said another subway rider.

But overall felonies within the system seem to actually be dropping, with a 2.6 percent decrease in felonies over the same time period as compared to last year. But when looking at a larger span of time, subway crimes are actually up roughly 11 percent in the last nine years.


The NYPD released a statement after the reports of increased subway crime surfaced in the news. 

“The NYPD is committed to the nearly 6 million riders who use the subway each day and works closely with New York City Transit to address crime conditions,” the department said. “Overall crime continues to decline in the subway system and the police department vigorously investigates any incident to bring justice to victims and keep all riders safe.”


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