Gang member puts NYPD officer in chokehold while people film, call to beat him. Cop ends up in hospital.


BRONX, NY – Two cops were patrolling Bronx on July 11 when they were tasked with dispersing a crowd on Grand Concourse and Morris Avenue. When the crowd refused to disperse, the two officers started to cite a double-parked vehicle. While the officers were writing the citation the owner of the vehicle returned.

He began to complain and insist:

“Well, now that you wrote the summons, I can park here for hours and hours.”

The man was told no, you are required to move the car now and he became combative. He became so combative and belligerent that the officers had to handcuff him. While doing so, the crowd taunted the officers.

A video of the incident was recorded by a member of the crowd who was recording the incident on his cellphone. The unidentified man filming said:

“He act gangsta because he got a badge and a gun. F—k outta here. Y’all in n—s is p—y, bro.”

While trying to put the vehicle owner in the police cruiser another man was taunting and attempting to interfere with the arrest. One officer attempted to arrest this man but was unable to get a grasp of the man.

The suspect was able to wrap his right arm around the officer’s neck. The unidentified man filming the incident chanted:

“F—k him up! F—k him up!”

The headlock lasted four seconds. The officer falls to the ground and the suspect lets go and runs away. The man recording the incident, chanted:

“They smoked you, p—y! You just got smoked, p—y!”

The officer’s BWC fell to the ground during the altercation but was able to be retrieved by him.  

The Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) posted the video on twitter on Saturday. The union posted the video to vent its frustration with the City Council bill awaiting to be signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

This bill will make the use of any tactic that restricts a suspect’s airflow by compressing the neck a misdemeanor offense for police officers. The bill also addressed sitting, kneeling, or standing on a suspect’s chest or back in a manner compressing their breathing.

The same penalty would be imposed as for the neck –- one year in jail.

The SBA commented in outrage to Corey Johnons, City Council spokesperson. The SBA tweeted:

“COREY JOHNSON your STUPID law is about to be signed by NYC STUPID Mayor. It’s time you both take your community input & grab these perps yourself.”

Another outraged law enforcement source told the New York Post News:

“Putting a cop in a headlock could mean a death sentence if they lose control of their gun. A cop in a headlock can’t maintain weapons control.”

The officer in the headlock suffered a gash to the head requiring staples.

The suspect who assaulted and battered the officer is a known gang member. He turned himself in a week later to the 46th Precinct where the altercation occurred.

He has a long history of arrests. He has been arrested 11 times for crimes including gang assault, criminal possession of a loaded firearm and robbery, and others.

The suspect showed up to the 46th Precinct with his lawyer and a copy of the video.
The lawyer believes the video cleared his client, as it shows the cop being the aggressor in this case. However, the video does not show what caused the officer to lunge toward the suspect. The suspect kicked the officer’s BWC down the street.

The suspect was released pending investigation by the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. NYPD spokesperson commented:

“The NYPD was disappointed that the individual was not charged initially. The violence against the police officer speaks for itself. We are now in discussions with the District Attorney regarding the case.”

The two officers were Neighborhood Coordination Officers, a division of the NYPD to discourage outdoor crowds, to minimize several people from suffering injuries during shootings. Their main purpose is to address quality of life issues.

Mayor de Blasio commented he will sign the new bill next week. May de Blasio, at Tuesday’s news conference said:

“We’re going to do the restraining of officers to address the features of the law. And as with everything in life, we’re going to work hard to make it work.”  

As violence continues to surge in the Big Apple, Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled the city’s Violence Prevention Plan this past week.

The recent and ongoing gun violence shows no sign of ending. De Blasio said:

“We have seen some tough weekends, particularly last weekend and particularly in Harlem, we saw way too much violence and it’s not something that is acceptable in this city.

“We cannot have people live in fear, we cannot have our young people in the cross hairs, it is not something we will allow in this city. We have to do better and this weekend coming up has to be better, particularly in Harlem, where we are focusing a lot of our efforts to change the reality on the ground.”

Under the plan, the NYPD will increase its presence on more than 20 streets and in public housing developments starting this coming weekend. According to ABC7NY, NYPD’s new commander is looking to rebuild the department’s relationship with the community. 

Assistant Chief Judith Harrison has been named Brooklyn North’s Borough Commander and she has been working hard to fulfill an order to maintain public safety while strengthening the relationships between officers and residents.

Harrison said in a statement:

“I’ve been honored as part of my public service with the NYPD to balance the community’s needs for fair policing and effective crime fighting. I’m proud to step into this new leadership position at such a critical time and to continue our important work serving New Yorkers and elevating policing the city.”

As part of the Violence Prevention plan, there will be a youth town hall next Friday in Harlem, along with additional youth engagement like pop-up basketball skills and drills and activating Open Streets. Community leadership will also offer neighborhood walks with them and NYPD leadership, showing a “common cause” as stated by de Blasio.

Police officers will be paired with members of community organizations. They will walk the streets together in an effort to engage the community and de-escalate situations before they get out of control.

As part of the Cure Violence initiative, the participants will offer street corner resources and be violence interrupters and help de-escalate conflict. There will also be clergy and faith-based outreach along with a “Take Back the Block” initiative.

According to PIX11, de Blasio said, while he’s making good on his police reform promises, he is also putting an end to gun violence starting with a grassroots plan involving the community that is rolling out this weekend.

De Blasio said in a statement:

“We will increase NYPD at hotspots at key locations, more patrol officers on foot, in vehicles, commercial leaders and organizations walking with police officers, showing common cause.”

Over Fourth of July weekend, there were 37 shootings with 56 victims. CBS2’s Cory James reported that on Sunday, between midnight and 9 a.m., police said there were 21 shootings resulting in 37 shooting victims.

In all, at least nine shooting victims died over the weekend.

Speaking to the radio on Sunday morning, former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly pointed to a possible cause for all the shootings.

He said:

“Here, the mayor eliminated the anti-crime units, which were probably the most effective tool that existed in the department for decades to fight violent street crime. So, that was a direct signal of surrender.”

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Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a former police officer said this about the increase in crime:

“Many people were actually indoors for a long period of time, where a lot of anger and beef has been communicated over the internet. You have a large number of idle time young people, no SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program) and so there’s just a lot of idle time, over proliferation of handguns, So, we’re looking at the perfect storm of violence that we have to have the perfect plan to respond to.”

Adams continued:

“We need to have an emergency meeting with the police commissioner, as well as all the organizations that are associated with dealing with violence in the city to map our a real plan of dealing with gun violence.”

Shootings are up to 140% and shooting victims are up nearly 160% over this time last year. President Trump said that the federal government will step in to help if needed.

The gun violence is not limited to just Harlem. The Bronx and Brooklyn have been hit hard as the number of shootings last month hit levels not seen since 1996. Pastor Jay Gooding, the clergy liaison for the 49th precinct in the Bronx is begging de Blasio to expand the Violence Prevention program to the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Gooding pleaded in a statement:

“Please help us, you know? Please help us to include us in whatever way that you can because the Bronx and Brooklyn right now are two of the most affected boroughs. It’s out of control right now. It’s out control.”

De Blasio has said that he will expand the community-based Violence Prevention programs to other boroughs, but he has not provided a time frame for that. 

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