This is the Future of Testing Explosives and Narcotics


Why are departments still latching on to 35-year-old technology when a new, better option is available for the same cost?

Gone are the days of guessing on color-matches for narcotics reagent tests. DetectaChem takes the guesswork out of field detection. This new system allows the user to get clear, easy to read results right through a smartphone. 

Old narcotics kits force the user to test a significant amount of the sample, which can put that person at risk of exposure to dangerous substances. With DetectaChem Inc.’s kits, simply swab the substance you are testing with the test strip on as little as the opening of the bag, insert it into the test pouch, click the pouch to begin the test, and wait. Next, take a photo of the barcode. The results will appear in a report on the application. 

The app allows the user to upload photos from the arrest, logs the test results, and geo-tags the location. Boom, there’s your probable cause.

The DetectaChem MobileDetect application is available for download through the Android or Apple App stores.

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