It’s supposed to be the best day of your life. But for this Pennsylvania bride, her wedding day was filled with lots of emotions… and not the happy, positive ones she had hoped.

In a stunning display, a bride-to-be walked in on her future husband sexually assaulting one of her bridesmaids… but instead of telling him to get lost, she said, “I do” to a lifelong partnership with him.

You’d think that finding your partner sexually assaulting your friend right before the wedding is cause to cancel the ceremony. But these two chose to stay together… (Facebook)


A story from MSN said that the alleged crime happened just two days before the wedding was scheduled. The wedding party and a few close friends had been celebrating the upcoming ceremony at the Shawnee Inn in Smithfield Township on Aug. 30.

According to police, Daniel Carney, the groom in the upcoming wedding, pulled a woman into a locker room in the downstairs area of the building and proceeded to attack her and sexually assault her. 

The victim was a bridesmaid in the upcoming ceremony.

Police say that surveillance video from inside the hotel appears to show Carney taking the victim, who had clearly had too much to drink and was “extremely unsteady on her feet”, into the locker room before the alleged assault. 


The victim told police that she had blacked out from drinking too much, then suddenly woke up to Carney fondling her breast. She told investigators that her bikini bottoms had been removed. 

The attack was put to a halt when the bride-to-be reportedly barged in on the two. She saw what he was doing to her friend and began to physically attack him. 

Carney was arrested and charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse of an unconscious person and indecent assault.

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After the alleged assault, a phone call between Carney and the girl he attacked showed Carney apologizing several times for what had happened, blaming himself repeatedly. The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office allowed investigators to listen in on that call.

You’d think that after seeing your fiancé caught up in this kind of behavior, the couple would break it off. After all, would you choose to live with someone who is a known sexual predator?


He got caught sexually assaulting a bridesmaid, but they still tied the knot. (Facebook)


But shockingly, friends of the couple say that despite the trouble and legal ramifications that’ll surely last well into the honeymoon, the two still chose to tie the knot.

Marriages aren’t easy, but these two aren’t exactly starting off on the right foot…


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