Full Conceal Firearm System is Flexible and Practical

The Full Conceal firearm system is flexible and practical. That is my conclusion. I believe in their product and I want to share my experience with you.

It’s a Dangerous World

We live in a dangerous world, and I’m a firm believer in the reality that a well-trained person in legal possession of a firearm is the best defense to a homicidal suspect going crazy.

Yet the ongoing challenge for off-duty cops, as well as concealed carry permit holders, is the practical placement of their firearm. Throughout my career I’ve carried my off-duty weapon in several places. If weather and clothing permits, I like it best concealed on my hip, just like I’d carry my firearm on duty.

However, there are frequent obstacles to carry in this manner. For instance, wearing shorts and light shirts or tank tops off-duty.

Enter Full Conceal

The first M3 platform in production is based on the GLOCK® 19. After Full Conceal’s modification, it becomes an “FC Arms M3D” pistol.

Full Conceal

M3D pistol. (Full Conceal)

I was invited to The Range in Austin, Texas to check it out. Initially, like most cops, I was a bit skeptical. Was it more gimmick than gun, or a gadget that would fail when needed most?

After inspecting the weapon and test firing dozens of rounds, I quickly became convinced the modifications did not alter the capability of the Glock 19 in the least.

M3D Pistol Benefits

Rachel of Full Conceal showing off the M3D. (Full Conceal)

Next I wanted to know how easy the weapon transformed from the folded position into a lethal firearm and back. It was a piece of cake! With very limited handling—and no training—I was easily manipulating the weapon back and forth, just like my favorite tactical knife.

One of the feature-benefits that fits well with my lifestyle, is the ability to conceal the firearm in a front pocket or cargo compartment without displaying the footprint of a handgun. When carrying a concealed firearm on my hip and sitting in theater style seating, the weapon frequently knocks against the armrest. As a result, I like to carry off duty in a cargo pocket, and the M3D is ideal for this.

I asked Shane and Rachel of Full Conceal to demonstrate the weapon system for Law Enforcement Today readers. Here is the video made at The Range in Austin.

LET Video



Full Conceal’s mission was to create a conceal carry pistol where there was NO MORE COMPROMISING, starting with these basic requirements:

1) Naturally concealable (Footprint) – Has a footprint of a common cell phone so you can carry it in a pocket, purse or bag. You can tuck in your shirt and there are no clips on your belt that give away that you are carrying.

2) No holster required (Thin) – Be able to hide the pistol without a holster (so no added thickness). By the time you add a holster to a single-stack pistol, it will be thicker than normal double stack.

3) Safe / Reliable – When concealed without a holster, it is 100 percent safe from discharging the round in the chamber and is reliable in all aspects.

4) Quick / Easy Deploy – Quick and easy to deploy under stress and low-light conditions (like a movie theater). Only ONE simple action to deploy.

5) Full-sized gun – Full-length barrel (accuracy at distance), full-length slide (longer sight radius for aiming at longer distances), full-grip (more natural grip for rapid follow up shots and stability).

6) Max firepower – Deploy with the largest magazine capacity possible so you don’t need to reload often

7) Well balanced / comfortable – Well balanced and comfortable for daily concealed carry.

8) Standard pistol operation – When shooting and reloading, same muscle memory as a standard pistol.

I believe they’ve achieved their goals and I commend the M3D for your review.

– Jim McNeff, partner and managing editor, Law Enforcement Today