From headbanger to handcuffs: famous rockstar becomes a cop


ROCKPORT, Ind. – The Rockport Police Department just got a brand new recruit. But he’s not a typical young, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed cadet. He’s the drummer from a famous rock and roll band.

Jeremy Spencer played drums for the group Five Finger Death Punch since joining on in 2005. He’s been on the road most of his life, leaving his childhood home of Boonville, Indiana at age 19 to pursue his musical dreams. But on Sunday, this headbanger put down his drumsticks and picked up a badge.

From headbanger to handcuffs: famous rockstar becomes a cop
Jeremy Spencer just went from national rockstar to community defender. (Wikipedia)


The Rockport PD in Indiana swore Spencer in as an officer this weekend, bringing him into a new, tight-knit group of brothers and sisters in blue.

Spencer says he’s taking what he’s learned from being a national icon to protecting the local community. Plus, Rockport is less than two hours from where the drummer grew up.

“I’m basically taking what I did in the band and just applying it to this, and trying to do the best I can,” he said on Sunday.

But will he miss his busy life on tour? Maybe not so much.

“It was amazing and it brings back memories watching it now. I kind of remember some of these shows and it’s very cool,” said Spencer. But change is good. “Life’s about experience, so to me this was great and I think this is going to be great now,” he said.

Spencer began training with the Rockport Police Department recently in preparation of bringing him onto the force. Spencer said he has a great relationship with the officers and said he has always looked up to them. And he’s excited to work with the community and give back.

From headbanger to handcuffs: famous rockstar becomes a cop
This drummer just became the newest addition to the Rockport Police Department. (Rockport PD)


“You just see the impact they have on everyone’s life. It’s so important,” said Jeremy.

We may not have heard the last from his music side of life, though. 

“I am busy, I have other projects that I’m doing. Just because I’m no longer in the band didn’t mean I retired,” Spencer said. The gig at Rockport PD is going to be just part time – at least for now.

Spencer is reportedly traveling back and forth between Vegas and Indiana, splitting his time between the two locations.

Spencer was voted “Best Drummer of 2015” by Loudwire. Now, we’ll have to sit back and see how he performs as an officer of the law. 


From headbanger to handcuffs: famous rockstar becomes a cop

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