I’m the kind of person who likes to see the glass half full, not half empty.  When I see tragedy, I like to see hidden blessings. Sometimes it’s hard and you have to scrape away the surface to see the blessing. Sometimes it just presents itself.

Such was the case recently. David Fanale is a former Franklin Borough NJ councilman who made hateful comments regarding law enforcement.  He was forced to resign on July 10, after a massive police protest.

During that protest, many officers from around the country voiced their opinions. Officers Dewey DeCicco and Mark Razolli represented the Jersey City Police Department Fraternal of Police chapter.

On July 13, Jersey City Police Detective Melvin Santiago was gunned down in an ambush His assailant was killed by responding units.   Melvin’s death touched many, including the fine people of Franklin Borough, NJ

Dawn Fantasia of the Friends of Franklin NJ United We Stand Facebook group introduced an idea to show support for the Jersey City Police Department, thanking them for the support they showed Franklin Borough, NJ.

Dawn proposed that since Melvin was a model student and had a lifelong desire to be an officer like his uncle Frank DeFazio, a scholarship fund should be set up for any student who wished to pursue a law enforcement career. Everyone on the site agreed.

Dawn has reported that an anonymous wealthy Essex County business man he will match every $1000 raised with $1000 of his own money.

To think that complete strangers, who had no affiliation to the Jersey City Police Department outside of a protest march, would extend themselves this much for an LEO they didn’t even know, is heartwarming  It was that blessing I was looking for in this tragedy. Well done Franklin, well done.

Captain Robert Cubby served for 38 years with the Jersey City (NJ) Police Department, now retired.  A PTSD survivor, he has been involved in PTSD issues with the CISM team.  A prolific author, Captain Cubby focuses on writing about his experiences and solving police problems. He is a National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) instructor about police matters and a frequent conference speaker.  – See more at: https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/2014/07/16/detective-marc-dinardo-a-fallen-jersey-city-p-d-hero-remembered/#sthash.CMBRKWE5.dpuf