Editor note: The names of the bands and albums in this story may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers.

Well if THIS wasn’t a warning sign, we don’t know what is.

Connor Betts, who murdered 9 Ohioans Sunday morning, was hardly covert in his deranged views towards human life.

Betts performed in a band calling themselves Menstrual Munchies- a band of the genre known as pornogrind.

Pornogrind is known for its metal sounds and vile lyrics entrenched in sexual violence, Vice News’ Daniel Newhauser reports. The band released albums titled “Female Butchery” and “Preteen Daughter P**sy Slaughter.” Cover art for the albums depicted the murder and rape of women.

A fellow band member Jesse Creekbaum claims the music of Menstrual Munchies, which he had invested more than five years in writing and performing, was only meant to be a joke, according to Newhauser.

Creekbaum lamented:

“I feel shitty having let him be in the band, doing those lyrics. Because I know, like, whereas I saw it as a joke — like, ‘Let’s play this and we’ll shock some people,’ and then the people that we know laugh — he didn’t see it as a joke. He was like, ‘F*ck, yeah. We’re gonna do this.’”

Creekbaum has been attempting to remove all traces of the band and the music they performed from the internet. He hopes to prevent others from emulating Betts saying:

“I don’t want to be associated with it. I don’t want it blowing up. I don’t want him romanticized. I don’t want any of this romanticized. I want people to erase him from history.”

According to Newhauser, Menstrual Munchies stopped performing with Betts after a series of concerning incidents.

While touring, Creekbaum recalled that Betts brought along a handgun and had considered robbing a gas station. He tried to convince bandmates to do it with him.

At the time, Creekbaum didn’t take it seriously. He also divulged to his bandmate that he had a history of methamphetamine use, thought realistically about the violence of their lyrics and struggled with depression.

Creekbaum still didn’t believe Betts was a danger even recalling a suicide attempt by Betts. Creekbaum said:

“I think he decided that he was going to kill himself, and he was like, ‘I don’t have the balls to do it’ and he drew a gun.”

Ryan Ward, a member of the Ohio-based band Cunt Torch, also of the pornogrind genre, commented:

“Part of the music is you want to figure out ways to portray people as being dehumanized as much as possible or, you know, degraded. And sexual dehumanization and objectification is a big way of doing that. If for some reason the music he made or whatever, somehow did do that for him, I feel that it’s an exception, not the rule when it comes to people making this music.”

Peers who had run-ins with Betts had seen how dehumanized he could really be.

According to USA Today, Betts had been suspended from his high school when it was discovered that he kept a “rape” list of girls he wanted to assault as well as a “hit” list of people he wished to kill.

The school is not permitted to release records due to privacy laws. However, according to USA Today, former Principle Chris Baker was asked about the suspension and he simply commented:

“I would not dispute that information.”

Betts violent behavior towards young women in his teens was not merely fantasy.

USA Today further reports that Taylor Ford, a former camp peer of Betts’, recalled a startling incident when the boys were at summer camp at age 15. Ford relayed that Betts and a young girl he had been dating were mingling with others after camp one day.

The girl had taken a phone call and Betts got into a dispute with her.

Ford recalled:

“Two or three seconds later, without any provocation, Connor grabbed my friend by the throat and started to choke her. I remember very clearly the bruises on her neck in the hours after this happened.”

What seemed to stick with now 24-year-old Ford was Betts’ callous reaction. Ford says:

“He stared at us without any emotion… almost blank-faced, stone-faced the entire time.”

According to the Dayton Daily News, a former classmate of Betts who wished to remain anonymous, had been close with Betts.

Betts had revealed to her that he had fetishes of tying her up and slitting her throat. She said that he commented that he was frightened by his own thoughts “he knew it wasn’t normal.”

The woman states that the conversation was reported to Bellbrook police nearly a decade ago when it occurred, but felt that it wasn’t taken seriously.

On Monday, Authorities in Ohio released security footage that shows officers running into heavy gunfire to take out the man mercilessly gunning down a crowd. 

30 seconds.

That was all the time that it took for these heroes to take out the crazed shooter who viciously gunned down as many people as he could see. Though he was reportedly wearing body armor, these trained warriors stormed into the very situation they hope never happens in their city and neutralized the threat.


Police can be seen rushing into the crowded downtown area to take out the active shooter. (Screenshot – Dayton Police)


Just 30 seconds… and still nine people were killed and nearly 30 more were wounded. The officers had arrived on the scene approximately 10 minutes after the first 911 call was placed.

The six officers who engaged the shooter reportedly took him out before he was able to enter Ned Peppers, a local bar in the Oregon District. The local chief said their actions came in the nick of time, undoubtedly saving countless innocent lives. 

“Had this individual made it through the doorway of Ned Peppers, there would have been catastrophic injury and loss of life,” the Dayton chief said.

Others also noted the bravery of the officers who have to face off against more and more of these tragedies in recent history. 

“We’re seeing so many more of these, police are having to adjust and go into these situations and respond, it’s a really difficult time to be in law enforcement right now,” Former Secret Service agent and law enforcement analyst Evy Poumpouras said.

The video of the responding officers can be seen below. 


The Dayton mayor also praised the officers for their quick thinking. 

“If they had not been there, the shooter would have gotten into an establishment and hundreds would have been dead on Sunday morning instead of nine,” Mayor Nan Whaley said. 

Police also confirmed on Monday that the Dayton gunman drove to the scene of the carnage with his sister, then made her one of the nine victims in the massacre.

The man who police say was the killer was 24-year-old Connor Betts. 

His sister, 22-year-old Megan Betts, was one of the bodies left in the Ohio city lined with bars and restaurants around 1 a.m., police said in a briefing.

(Below: Security footage shows chaos as Connor Betts opens fire.)


According to officials, right before the massacre, the siblings and a mutual acquaintance drove together to the nightlife district in Betts’ father’s 2007 Toyota Corolla.

Officials are still piecing together what they’ve learned in the hours since the shooting began.

Not long after the three arrived, Connor Betts split up from the other two.

Officials: Ohio mass shooter Connor Betts slaughtered own sister during rampage

Shooter Connor Betts and his sister, Megan, who was killed in the gunfire. (Facebook)


Police say that’s when grabbed his AR-15-style rifle, crept through an alley towards the row of people hanging out and opened fire.

The rifle was equipped with a double-drum magazine with a 100-round capacity, and Betts used it to shoot his first victims near a tattoo parlor.

Police say he then moved across the street towards Ned Peppers Bar before being shot and killed by responding police officers.


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Friends: Dayton killer was in a “pornogrind” band that performed songs about raping and killing women


Police said Megan Betts was among the dead and their friend was wounded.

The other eight victims who died were identified by officials as:

Lois Oglesby, 27; Saeed Saleh, 38; Derrick Fudge, 57; Logan Turner, 30; Nicholas Cumer, 25; Thomas McNichols, 25; Beatrice Warren-Curtis, 36; and Monica Brickhouse, 39.


Police recovered both the rifle and a shotgun from inside the Toyota.  Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said they were both legally purchased by Betts.

They haven’t yet publicly identified a specific motive in the shooting, but they have said they’re not sure whether Megan Betts was her brother’s intended target.

“It’s a nagging question and I just don’t have the answer,” said Biehl.

He also touched on the Betts family.

“This is a nightmare for them, and I think they are struggling, as you can understand.”


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