Hilton: If school isn’t in session in 2020, ask for a refund on your taxes


On the July 12th episode of Fox News Channel’s “The Next Revolution,” host Steve Hilton came in spicier than a bottle of Tabasco sauce when approaching the topic of schools reopening come fall of 2020.

And by spicy, we mean the show host suggested that if your local school for your children doesn’t open this fall – demand a refund on your taxes.  

During the show, Hilton felt that so long as schools remained closed in the upcoming year, parents and taxpayers are getting short changed on their investment.

While mentioning that COVID isn’t as scary as many mainstream media outlets are proclaiming, with regard to risk, Hilton noted the ill-effects of the virus that have nothing to do with the virus’ effect on one’s body:

“Here in America, summer camps are closed, and school plans are in doubt. This is not safe. It’s harming our children. Almost a third of parents say their children’s emotional and mental health is suffering. Another third worry that it’ll start hurting their children soon.”

The show host continued, noting the harm being bestowed upon children residing in less developed, or lower socio-economic areas:

“It’s hurting their education and their future prospects, too. The evidence is piling up that remote learning doesn’t work, especially for the poorest families and those in rural areas with unreliable internet.”

From there, the host continued, making mention of not only educational caveats with regard to one’s level of class – but also the adverse effects associated with increases in domestic violence and the economy:

“And perhaps worst of all, we’re seeing a rise in child abuse. Beyond the impact on children, there’s the impact on our economy. If kids can’t go to school, parents can’t go to work.”

The aforementioned aren’t scary scenarios, they’re harsh realities. And when reality is frightening, it’s a call to action to effect change where possible. From Hilton’s perspective, he thinks that taxpayers should ask for their money back since the states are more than willing to tax with regard to schools, but might fail to actually provide one:

“If your child’s school won’t open this fall, demand your money back so you can find an alternative. It’s your child. It’s your tax dollars. Why should you pay for a service you’re not getting? That’s our new campaign — reopen schools or give me my school money back. Take it to the courts.”

All things considered; his suggestion isn’t a bad one. Americans don’t pay taxes for education for a child to sit in front of a computer – we pay taxes for a classroom experience. If that isn’t being provided, then we Americans are certainly deserving of a refund.  

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LET Unity

Fox News has never shied away from bringing to light relevant and controversial subjects. 

During the July 2nd broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the show’s host revealed a disturbing development with regard to the McCloskey family that had become the subject of viral memes after they defended their home from protesters in late June.

According to the husband and wife, both police and private security firms won’t render them assistance after threats of more attacks have been hurled at them.  

During the segment providing follow up to the situation where hundreds of protesters forced their way into a gated community and harassed and threatened Mark and Patricia McCloskey, Tucker Carlson divulged the following:

“After appearing on the show, Mark McCloskey and his wife were bombarded with death threats, many of them credible. Today they learn of another coordinated attack on them that’s planned for the weekend.”

Carlson noted that the McCloskey family contacted authorities and when connected with police, the following allegedly took place:

“The dispatcher put them on hold and then finally transferred them to an officer. The officer didn’t seem to be listening to anything the McCloskey said. We’ll call you back, police said, and they never did.”

Trying to see if anyone could help them after receiving death threats, the family then contacted security firms to see if they would provide protection:

“The McCloskey called a number of different private security firms, but not one of them would take the job of protecting them. The owner of the last company the McCloskeys called advised them to flee immediately.

“Quote, ‘The only advice I can give you is abandon the house. Run. Let the mob have its way. Let it burn.’”

The show host noted that Mark McCloskey had contacted Fox News about the update, because they were feeling like those with an ability to rectify the matter didn’t care:

“[Mark] was panicked, understandably. His wife sobbed in the background as we spoke. American citizens trapped in their home by a violent mob, knowing that something awful could happen to them very soon, totally undefended. This is your country. The mob is winning if things like this happen.”

While certain security firms reportedly turned down the McCloskeys – apparently someone took the job. And the mob of protesters, they most certainly did return to the couple’s home the day after the broadcast of Carlson’s July 2nd show.

Reports indicate that security personnel were positioned on the balcony of the McCloskey home as protesters surrounded the home, reciting chants like “no justice, no peace.”

However, it’s not really clear what the McCloskeys have to do with police brutality, considering that the attorneys actually have represented many clients that were alleged victims of police brutality.

Thus, it appears the reemergence of the mob that happened on July 3rd was retaliatory against the family rather than indicative of any genuine movement or protest.

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