**UPDATED**-Media attacks Connecticut police department after criminal smashes bottle over officer’s head


ENFIELD, CT – **UPDATED WITH NEW VIDEO**The police are under attack across the United States.

Every day, you read or hear about yet another police officer or officers being brutally assaulted, often times for nothing more than just doing their job.

They are being physically attacked by criminals looking to do them harm, they are being attacked by politicians looking to score cheap political points, and finally you are seeing them attacked by a media that is complicit in pushing the narrative that all police are racists and all police are power-hungry thugs.

This could be nothing further from the truth. The latest media hit job on an outstanding police department occurred on Friday, when Fox 61 in Hartford compiled a one-sided hit job on the Enfield (CT) Police Department.

Fox 61, using nothing but one side of the story without getting the official side of it, and using only selected snippets of video from people with an agenda, and without any context, Fox made it appear as though the Enfield Police Department virtually broke into a building and started a melee for no reason.

The Enfield Patch reported that officers were dispatched to the downtown area of Enfield, known as Thompsonville for a well-being check on an individual.

Enfield Police Chief Alaric Fox said that officers had received a report of a suicidal person, and noted that “while verifying the individuals status, an agitated crowd began to gather at the intersection of Pearl and South St.

Fox said that one officer was struck from behind with a bottle and was treated and released at the hospital.

Let’s hear the story the way it was reported by Fox 61.


Fox 61 said that the owner of the store, Luke Bowl told them that police approached a man believed to be the suicidal individual and followed him inside the liquor store, where Bowl said he was cooperating with police.

“The kid starts walking with the officer and that’s when the officer went to grab the kid by the back of the neck and the kid pulled away from the officer and said don’t touch me and that’s when the officer took this kid and basically pile drove him into my rack of alcohol,’ he said.

Fox 61 said that a total of four people were arrested, but Bowl said that he didn’t know why one customer who “was not involved in the altercation was arrested.” Bowl complained he had to deal with thousands of dollars of damages.

“I want to cry. I’m holding back tears. My business was destroyed for no good reason,” Bowl said.

Apparently he has never heard of insurance. He also claimed one of those arrested was crying for his mama when he was placed in the back of the police cruiser.

Fox 61 never bothered to get an official statement from the Enfield Police Department, other than the brief comments of Chief Fox.



However, that would not fit the narrative that the media is looking for. Fortunately, one of the little punks decided to livestream the incident on Facebook. 

Let’s get the story from the Enfield Police Department Facebook Page:


“On June 12, 2020 at 3:10 p.m., Enfield Police personnel were dispatched to conduct a wellbeing check of a reportedly suicidal male party. Responding officers located the male in an alley at the rear of the Good Times Package Store, located at 92 Pearl St.

“As the officers were attempting to evaluate the male, two other males, 22-year-old Adam Brunetti and 21-year-old Michael Shanley, who were otherwise uninvolved with this incident, began to verbally berate the officers with unsolicited derogatory comments [aka two basement dwelling mommy’s boys who left Xbox 360 for five minutes].

“The originally reported suicidal male patient then ran in the rear door of the package store as officers followed [so much for kicking in the door]. Brunetti, Shanley, 25-year-old Mark Keys, and the store owner all followed the officers into the store.

Brunetti, Shanley, Keys and the store owner, who were all acquaintances [emphasis added] of the male patient continued to berate the officers as they attempted to medially evaluate the male patient.

“Shanley was live streaming the incident to social media with his cellular telephone. The officers continuously attempted to deescalate the incident.

“As the officers were escorting the male patient toward the front of the store, in an effort to route him for additional care, he punched one of the officer sin the face. As that officer was attempting to restrain the male patient, Shanley grabbed the officer from behind, causing all three to fall to the floor.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

“When a second officer attempted to assist the first officer, Keys blocked the second officer as the store owner was yelling at the officers to leave the store.

“During the altercation, Brunetti threw an unopened glass bottle of alcohol at the second officer, striking the officer in the head and causing a laceration to the scalp. Additional officers were called and arrived on scene.

“The male patient continued to resist and assault officers, which resulted in the male having to be tased. Brunetti and Shanley both ran from the store in an attempt to elude capture but were quickly apprehended.

“Keys remained on scene and was subsequently arrested.

“After being placed under arrest, Keys continued to refuse officers’ instructions which resulted in him having to be carried to a police cruiser for transportation from the scene [probably the wussy boy calling for his mama].

“The officer that was struck in the head with the bottle was transported to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries which required multiple staples to close the laceration. The original male patient was transported to a local hospital where he was evaluated and released to police custody.

“Oxycodone pills were recovered from inside the store [emphasis added—selling more than alcohol maybe?].

“During the subsequent investigation, video footage of the incident was reviewed, including store surveillance, Town of Enfield cameras, and personal cellular telephones.

“The video footage evidence and admissions by the suspects support the criminal charges against the four suspects.

“There have been multiple postings on social media that contradict the above facts of this incident and which allege misconduct by the officers involved, which is not supported by the evidence gathered.

“In an ongoing effort to achieve professionalism and promote transparency, however, the Enfield Police Department is requesting that anyone who has additional information and/or video/audio recordings to contact…”

So, there you have it. Fox 61 could have done a bit more homework and found out that the “unbiased store owner” was in fact friends with all of the parties involved. He is hardly an unbiased, third party as the news story implies.

As is typical for media, they just need to get the story first. You hear it all the time: “Eyewitless News was first on the scene…” You get the point.

Meanwhile, you have the “criminal justice experts” who last week were “civil rights experts” who two months ago were “public health experts” all over social media pontificating about “what the police did wrong, or what they should have done, or they shouldn’t have tased the guy.”

Most of these experts are Antifa wanna-be’s who act like tough guys in a group but would cower like a bunch of five-year-old’s watching a Freddy Krueger movie if they were by themselves.

The Enfield Police Department, as a CALEA and State of Connecticut POST-C accredited agency, is an outstanding department. Their command staff is top notch, and their chief, the former Commander of the Connecticut State Police is second to none. The department has professional, dedicated police officers who do a tremendous job protecting the citizens of Enfield.

Below are some of the community events the Enfield PD participates in.

It’s too bad Fox 61 couldn’t have done a little digging and gotten both sides of this story. But this is what we’ve come to expect in the year 2020. The police are always the bad guys.

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