Four of the top songs in iTunes are ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ – and the movement is spreading (op-ed)


NEW YORK, NY –While it is not unusual for a rap song to hit number one on any chart, it is very unusual for that rap song to be political.  And yet, here we are in 2021 when a rap song has hit number one on iTunes titled, ‘Let’s go Brandon.’

For those that do not know, the phrase ‘Let’s go Brandon’ was born after a NASCAR event in which driver Brandon Brown was being interviewed by NBC. 

As the reporter was interviewing Brown, the crowd in the background could be heard chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”  When the interviewer heard this, for whatever reason, she said that the crowd was shouting, “Let’s go Brandon.” 

And like that, a social media frenzy started.

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Shortly after the phrase hit social media stardom, rappers Bryson Gray, Tyson James, and Chandler Crump rapped a song that quickly rose to the top of the charts.  In the song, Gray, who is seen wearing an “Impeach Biden” shirt and a Make America Great Again hat, speaks about the COVID vaccine mandates as well as gun rights.  In the rap, Gray says:

“When you ask questions, they start banning.”

Gray, James, and Crump were not the only rappers to cash in on the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ phrase. 

Rapper Loza Alexander also released his version of the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ social media hit.  In his song, he uses the infamous clip in which the phrase was born.  Alexander raps:

“Tried to cover up, but tell the people, ‘Go Brandon…But we know what they sayin,’ though.  You can hear the chant in every post…Don’t nobody want this commie ‘cause we not in China.”

Both versions of this song mentioned above rose to iTunes stardom and at one point were in the number one and two spots on the charts.  Something that should cause concern when it comes to the Democratic base.

Democrats have long aligned themselves in many fashions with the minority population. 

Even President Joe Biden, when he was running for the presidency, made this known when he made a statement during an interview, “I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Democratic leaders have alleged over the years that their party is the one that is for anyone who is a minority in the country.  They claim to pass agendas that are designed to enhance minorities’ rights and claim that Republicans attempt to pass agendas that would limit them.

Now, with two popular rap songs coming out that are seemingly against President Biden and his agenda, the question Democrats should be asking themselves is are these rappers simply cashing in on a phrase, or do they believe it?  Moreover, do those people that have caused these songs to get the number one spot on iTunes believe it?

Maybe that’s why YouTube removed the video of Gray’s version of ‘Let’s go Brandon.’  According to Gray:

“YouTube has banned ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ son from YouTube due to ‘medical information.’  What medical misinformation is in the song?  Whoa.”

Gray then shared snapshots that YouTube sent to him saying that his channel “now has 1 active strike.’  The reason YouTube gave for the strike?  Medical misinformation:

“YouTube doesn’t allow claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).”

The lines in Gray’s version of the song that apparently speak misinformation, according to YouTube, is:

“The various shots the people are getting now cover that…They’re, They’re, they’re okay.  You’re not gonna, you’re not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations…Biden said the jab stop the spread, it was lies (I remember)…If you ask questions ‘bout the vax, then they gonna ban us.”

Even though some social media sites have been the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ songs, it did nothing to stop their popularity, especially when they top very famous singers like Adele.  Thankfully, YouTube has reversed their decision and now is allowing the video on their platform.


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White House claims they never heard of “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that now holds the No. 1 spot on iTunes


WASHINGTON, D.C.- The White House is claiming that the administration has “never heard” of the viral “(Expletive) Joe Biden” or “Let’s Go Brandon” chants that have recently swept the nation at several events in the past few months. 


According to reports, the two chants have been spreading like wildfire since the start of college football season and at an early October NASCAR race. 

Administration officials have sought to downplay the phenomenon with at least one Biden official claiming to be unfamiliar with the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant or its expletive-filled alternative even though both are being chanted from college football stadiums to concert arenas to local bars.

Andrew Bates, a spokesperson from the White House, commented on the issue to The Washington Post, saying:

“I had never heard of that chant until you explained it to me. I guess I’m not spending enough time on 8chan or whatever.”


This is despite the fact that not one, but two songs using the toned-down chant have made it to the top of the iTunes charts.

Both versions of the chant can be clearly heard on mics at major sporting events nationwide and have been heard, recorded and gone viral in multiple instances for nearly two months.

Still, even as the White House is acting like no one there ever heard of the phenomenon, Joe Biden himself has mentioned it all at least once.

The Post reminded readers that Biden made an oblique reference to signs reading “(Expletive Joe Biden)” that lined the road as he traveled in a presidential motorcade in Pennsylvania last week. 


During a speech in Scranton, Biden again claimed that he is one of the most popular presidents in modern history, “Notwithstanding some of the signs I saw coming in.” He added:

“That’s why 81 million Americans voted for me. The largest number of votes in American history, a clear majority are supporting when they supported me.”

Unsurprisingly, the Post blamed it all on Donald Trump for his “norm-breaking and vulgarity of the Trump era.” However, the paper was alarmed that the chants for Biden are “far more vulgar and widespread.”

The paper tried to wave off the chants as examples of a mere “target of vilification” being used to unite Republican opponents of Biden.

However, the paper neglected to point out that the chants are not only occurring in deep red, Republican districts, but is being seen universally across the nation, even in places as blue as Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Boston, Massachusetts. 

The chant was even heard as recent as October 25th during a march of New York City municipal workers who are tired of the coronavirus mandates. Watch below:


In response to the White House’s denial, former President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr, said:

“If they’re not familiar, let’s keep it going until they are.”

Fox News reported that the anti-Biden rap song, “Let’s Go Brandon,” has reached a top spot on the iTunes chart. Rapper Bryson Gray’s song poking fun at the president is sitting in the No. 1 spot of iTunes, ranking ahead of pop music superstar Adel’s latest single.

“Let’s Go Brandon,” which takes multiple shots at Biden regarding his chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, cognitive ability and handling of the coronavirus, features Tyson James and Chandler Crump.

Another song titled “Let’s Go Brandon” by Loza Alexander was No. 3 on iTunes on Monday, October 25th. The anti-Biden chant has produced two separate songs that are both currently more popular than anything the Apple music service has to offer.

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