FORT WORTH, Texas – Fort Worth Police Department literally want to know “what’s the beef” (apparently taking a cue from an old tag line “where’s the beef” used by the company) after a local Wendy’s restaurant refused to serve an officer, according to the police department’s Twitter account.

A Fort Worth Police Department patrol supervisor went into Wendy’s at Trail Lake Drive and Interstate 20 in southwest Fort Worth at 6 p.m., said police spokesman Sgt. Marc Povero. As he walked to the counter, the employees turned their backs and walked to the back of the kitchen, reported the Star-Telegram.

The employees stayed in the back and wouldn’t take his order, Povero said. The officer was the only person in the restaurant at the time, and the drive-through employee made eye contact with him and didn’t help him.

The police supervisor left. It was his impression they refused service since he was a uniformed police officer.

On Twitter, Wendy’s said the fast food chain is aware of the incident and is “abruptly handling the situation.”

Fox attempted contact with a spokesperson for Wendy’s, but was unsuccessful as of Friday morning.

Although the employee’s at Wendy’s turned their back on FWPD, Thomas Ragster didn’t as you can see by this tweet:

The police department posted some of the information on Twitter late Thursday, tweeting directly at the Wendy’s account, which has been gaining a lot of attention this week for its many witty responses to Twitter trolls and fans alike.