Formulated Racism and the Thin Blue Line Flag


Is the Thin Blue Line flag racist?  An expert weighs in.

I’ve written 15 books, over 300 articles, and as an expert witness, I lost count at 10,000 opinions and reports that I’ve completed. 

I did reports like we all did in junior high, high school, and college, including a thesis. 

I also completed reports and essays in the military, both on-duty as a police officer, and during courses like Leadership School and the NCO Academy. 

I’m telling you this because with all that said, this is the most significant piece I’ve ever written, in terms of personal impact and importance.

The Thin Blue Line flag represents all law enforcement officers, and includes civilian, military, and contract officers, as well as other groups like Border Patrol and Customs Enforcement, Native American Federal Police on reservations, and groups like the FBI, transit police, and others. It is a warm symbol of anyone associated with law enforcement.

I’m using information compiled from that pertains only to municipal, county, and state civilian police officers as a reference because obtaining actual numbers and diversity factors of military, Native American, and private police groups is exceptionally difficult.

Based on recent Datausa information, there are approximately 744,674 police officers serving in the United States. 

Of those, 86.7% are male. 

More than 20% of the officers are Black, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, and other races or ethnicities.  Again, this doesn’t include Native American Federal Police that are nearly 100% Native American and doesn’t address police officers serving in predominantly minority communities that are most likely aligned racially with that minority.

The Thin Blue Line flag represents all of these officers.  The fact that the mainstream media and several leftist hate/activist groups have nearly succeeded in painting that flag as a racist symbol completely breaks my heart. 

This is evidenced by the recent altercation involving this flag in Connecticut.

Formulated Racism and the Thin Blue Line Flag

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Though Democrats opposing display of the flag eventually changed course, that only occurred because of a substantial amount of pressure from pro law-enforcement sources.

The people generating this association with our flag have a practiced, strong procedure in place.  Social media, and the firestorm that can easily be transmitted through its many sources has been evident in the examples, as well as anything else deemed newsworthy. 

One of the most isolating and schismatic subjects is racial prejudice, especially when it is automatically assumed that a group has racist beliefs, regularly acts on them, and uses their racism and prejudices to exact revenge or retribution against a certain group.

The association I’m speaking of is actually a very easy leap for the uninformed and easily-influenced. 

“Police officers are targeting young black men and killing them without justification.” 

That statement right there is one of the most incendiary groups of words that could be linked together to cause hate, fear, and foreboding thought.  The thought that times have not indeed changed, and the false belief that roving bands of officers, painted as all-white, are roaming around killing young black men for no reason at all.

We have a significant effort in place to demonize law enforcement, and there is no more inflammatory topic than murder based on race. This procedure is clearly apparent with recent events where celebrities, the liberal media, and now presidential candidates are quick to judge without fact or reason and take to the airwaves to condemn the police.

I’m not going to give additional coverage by mentioning the names of the perpetrators, but four recent incidents are freshly burned into my frontal lobe:

  • A black cadet at the US Air Force Academy was suspected of and convicted of fabricating a racial hatred hoax where a black doll in a hangman’s noose was hung on his dormitory door and the “N” word and other epithets were written nearby.  National media outlets exploded with the story of racism at the Academy, indicting all non-minority members of the Air Force without pause for facts.


  • A small group of black female students at Syracuse University went viral on Twitter and Facebook alleging that a white male student physically attacked them and shouted racial slurs while they were all passengers on a campus shuttle bus. After the smoke cleared, video and audio surfaced showing that the black females were the aggressors against the white male.  The damage was already done.  The white student had been forced to leave the university and start over at another college.


  • A group of students from a Catholic high school attended a pro-life rally in Washington, DC. They were wearing souvenir “MAGA” hats, and because of that, the media and a large group of celebrities automatically assumed them to be white supremacists and were able to effectively paint them, and any supporter of our president, as racists who attacked a group of black men and an innocent Native American.  After the fact, there is now a $250 million suit filed against the first of many who defamed these school kids, but initially, the story was clear, as was the intent of those who peddled it.


  • A black actor on the show “Empire” orchestrated and fulfilled a fake attack involving two (white?) men wearing “MAGA” hats where the actor was left bruised and with a noose around his neck and bleach poured on him. The initial response at the national level was immense and quite nearly sparked major race riots in several cities.


Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson commented after the actor was charged and called out news commentators, celebrities, and presidential candidates who jumped on the bandwagon without a second thought, helping to perpetuate this crime against an entire group of people and a waste of Chicago PD resources.

It should be noted that in the last example, several prominent and currently-serving senators and U.S. representatives called the (hoax) attack a “modern day lynching.” 

I’m quite sure there is no more provocative and agitational phrase or word than “lynching” to anyone understanding the terrors black people endured under the initial phases of the Ku Klux Klan. 

These are allegedly educated people who attended all sorts of history courses during their education process, so I have little doubt that they did not know the firestorm their comments would ignite.

It has boggled my mind as to why a person or group would blast the police as racists, but you need only to look at the chain of events directly after one of these incidents are reported to see the master plan. Trigger words are used, stereotypes are enforced and repeated, and it is all aimed at taking down anyone in authority.

People who are emotionally immature and/or ignorant are naturally designed to dislike or not respect authority. Think of yourself as an elementary- or junior high-aged child being told you had to do something or couldn’t do something else.  Your rage built, you shut off all hopes of reason and logic, and quit listening. All you could hear was your own words of rage.  You lacked emotional maturity, as we all did at some point.

“Hands up, don’t shoot” and “I can’t breathe” are phrases chanted and echoed by groups protesting police. 

Ironically, neither of these events occurred as they were alleged, but this false narrative was painted on a proverbial sign and run down the road before the facts came out months later.

The method is simple – you take a group of people who are easily influenced and pre-destined to dislike authority, and are continually reminded that racism and acts of prejudice exist, and they are just waiting for something to happen – when an incident occurs, a false narrative, meant to fit the liberal agenda, spreads like wildfire and people are rioting in the streets and looting businesses. 

They were just waiting for an opportunity.  When the facts come out much later, like when Attorney General Eric Holder, a black man, read through the autopsy report of Mike Brown an announced to the world that the original recounting of the incident couldn’t have been true, and Mike Brown wasn’t retreating with his hands up, but instead attacking Officer Wilson – it just didn’t matter.  Ferguson, Missouri was in ruins. 

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson had stirred up people and made some money from it. The parents of Mike Brown, who weren’t even involved in the young man’s life, ended up speaking in Switzerland at an international peace summit and were awarded millions of dollars. 

Even though Eric Holder said it didn’t happen the way it was alleged, a few people got rich, businesses burned, and a country was divided.  And Eric Holder’s words didn’t matter except to those with reason and logic.

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I will echo the words of Superintendent Eddie Johnson again, paraphrased.  When a person uses an incredibly divisive scenario for their own gain and uses formulated racism or prejudice as a weapon, everyone loses. 

The fires of hate are stoked.  Authority is usurped.  Conservatives, police officers, and military members are painted as racists. The damage is not only deep, but long-lasting, perhaps permanent.  And any victim of a real racist attack or act of prejudice doesn’t stand a chance of being properly heard and their situation being correctly examined.

Two personal observations: 

  1. I’ve been told that minorities can’t be racist because they don’t hold power over whites.  They may hold prejudices but can’t be racist.  Power?  Like affirmative action, where minorities are promoted ahead of whites, or are hired first because of government-established quotas?  That’s power.  It’s also power to be able to play the race card when stopped for a traffic infraction, knowing you can paint the officer as a racist and never be held responsible for your actions.
  2. I was raised in a very diverse area in South Texas. My school and town were about 50% black, 20% Hispanic, 25% white, and a few Asian folks.  I spoke to everyone, everyone spoke back, and we waved and made eye contact.  That has changed over the past 10 years, specifically.  I’m in the public all day, every day.  I see people from all walks of life as I enter and do business at gas stations, truck stops, and restaurants.  I’ve noticed a significant decline – probably 75% – of the number of black men and women who will return my greetings or gestures or make eye contact with me.

Although there are several other incidents that were incorrectly labelled or interpreted, I believe it started when a black man was arrested in Massachusetts for breaking into a house.  A white police officer arrested him.

It turns out that the black man owned the house and was a professor at a university – one of the current (at the time) president’s former professors at a university he attended.  The president went on TV and stated that the officer acted “stupidly” and condemned the incident. 

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Without knowing the facts or talking to the officer or the department, our president decided that the white officer was stupid and wrong.  They ended up having a “beer summit” to mend fences, but the damage was done. 

The President of the United States had declared a racial war against police, namely white police officers, and the Thin Blue Line Flag was then easily associated with racism.

All it took was an opportunity. 

I’ve dealt with this subject in my own way, and you will deal with however you decide after reading this and filing it away with everything else you’ve understood on the subject.  Never again can we assume that you will operate without worrying about every action you take and every word you speak, and never again will we likely trust many members of our communities, fearing that they will become opportunists who jump on a chance to make themselves nationally famous over some words at a routine traffic stop or incident.

I’m hoping time will impact the frequency of these formulated hoax attacks.  Until then, watch your 6 like never before.




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