BRADENTON, Fla. – Every morning, millions of American parents watch their children climb onto the bus with faith that they are in the hands of capable teachers and administrators whose focus is to educate and prepare these children.

That was not the case for the parents of a 15-year-old boy in Bradenton, Florida.

According to Fox 13 News’ Kimberly Kuizon, a teacher took advantage of a child entrusted to her care. Kassandra Moore, a 31-year-old teacher, began communicating with the teen via social media about schoolwork. However, she used Instagram to send the child several photos of herself both in lingerie as well as nude. A recovered message revealed that Moore wrote to the child “I wanted to just grab you and kiss you, but I didn’t want to make the first move and you reject me.”


The online relationship soon became physical. The two allegedly had sex on numerous occasions- not only on the grounds of The Broach School but also apparently in the open at G.T. Bray Park, according to Kuizon.

Bradenton Police Department Captain Briana Thiers is focused on ruling out if any other children were victimized. He says “Right now we have one victim. I’d like to think that’s the only victim, but we don’t know.” He also remarked of Moore, “This is a person that has no business being involved with children whatsoever… to me it’s a predatory type person.”

Kassandra Moore has been terminated due to alleged sexual relations with a 15-year-old student. (Manatee County Sheriff’s Office)


Kassandra Moore, a newly wed, was only discovered when another student spoke up to school administration. The school commented “Our students and families are our top priority, and we are deeply saddened by these allegations. Once we were notified of the allegations, we immediately reported them to the appropriate authorities and the teacher was terminated. All employees of CES are thoroughly vetted and complete a thorough FDLE background screening prior to employment. We take these allegations very seriously and are doing everything we can to facilitate the investigation. In order to protect the privacy of our students and their families and to maintain the integrity of the ongoing investigation, we are unable to provide further comment at this time.”


The Bradenton Police Department is still asking for anyone with more information to come forward- particularly to determine if there have been other children exploited by Moore. She currently is charged with four counts of lewd and lascivious battery as well as one count of transmission of harmful material to a minor.


This is far from the first time we have heard of young, female teacher preying on their students.

Law Enforcement Today’s Kathryn Loving dove deep into this increasingly common trend. In 2017, she reported on her first-hand experience in these types of cases in her years as a detective specializing in crimes against children.

She states that “Teens are probably the most susceptible to this type of violation because of puberty, psychological reasons, and accessibility.” And further comments that “The teachers are trusted individuals. They are entrusted with our children. Students also trust them, somewhat automatically, because they are teachers. School is supposed to be safe.”

Further, Loving brings up an often overlooked point “One benefit going for sex offenders is society still believes a teen victim is party to the problem and are responsible for their participation.”

No doubt that was the case of the 15 year old Bradenton boy who was victimized by Kassandra Moore.