Former Police Officer of 18 Years Accused of Murder

OLDSMAR, Fla. – Deputies say a former police officer of 18 years showed up at an Oldsmar bar this morning after being kicked out, then pulled a gun, murdered one of the employees, and called 911 on himself, reported Fox 13.

Triggering event

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said it was back on February 6 when Brian Mytych (pictured) got into a fight with the cook at Hennessy’s Bar and Grill. The altercation reportedly occurred after Mytych used racial slurs towards the musicians playing that evening.

Management gave Mytych the boot, but he refused to leave. Deputies were called to the scene and arrested the intoxicated 43-year-old for disorderly conduct.

Subsequent crime

Early this morning, deputies say Mytych returned to the bar. This despite the trespass warning he received after the fight the previous week. He left when he was told to leave, but returned a short time later.

When Mytych returned, witnesses said he shot and killed David Brown, 33, the cook he previously fought with. The sheriff’s department confirmed that Brown died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Arrest and confession

In a bizarre twist of events, Mytych told everyone else in the bar to leave, according to witnesses. He then proceeded to call 911. Authorities say he reported the shooting.  Furthermore, they confirmed finding the murder weapon. It was inside the bar along with Mytych. Subsequent to the chain of events, authorities say the man admitted to the shooting.

Mytych has been booked on the charge of first-degree murder.

Fox 13 coverage

Former police officer

The sheriff’s office says Mytych worked as a police officer with the Detroit Police Department for five years. Following his service in Detroit, he was employed by Westland Police Department for 13 years, reported Fox 13. So the former police officer of 18 years is now accused of murder. Furthermore, his apparent willingness to surrender and confess to the crime has telltale signs that will have many pondering the developing story.

FOX 2 in Detroit reports that Mytych spent most of his last two years with WPD on paid medical leave before being terminated three months ago. Moreover, their report indicated the weapon recovered by police was a .45 caliber Glock, which they believe to be the murder weapon.

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