Former police chief: With all the talk about defunding the police, one agency appears in need of it – the FBI


The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author, a retired police officer.

WASHINGTON, DC- There are problems with the FBI. Anyone with two eyes and two ears can see that. It started with the bogus Russia collusion scheme, “Crossfire Hurricane” and it continued through the Gretchen Whitmer “kidnap” case up to the January 6 “insurrection.”

Last month, we learned through the Washington Examiner that the FBI had used an anonymous tip line while vetting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

This in and of itself is bizarre. After the involvement of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign in the Russia collusion hoax, is it too far a stretch to believe the Democrats were also not behind the anonymous tip line?

After all, they are clearly not above dirty tricks. Now we’re finding out that the Democrats are upset that the FBI didn’t dig up any dirt on Kavanaugh and want answers.

According to American Thinker, the Democrats are apparently concerned that the FBI didn’t do a good enough job tracking down all the anonymous tips received by the agency.

They imply that former President Trump had somehow impeded the investigation. Is this a pretext for a third impeachment of Trump? An impeachment of Kavanaugh? Who knows?

Yet there are other questions that deserve an answer. As Jack Midori writes in American Thinker, “is this what passes for crack police work from our ‘premier law enforcement agency?’”

Is the use of such a tip line now standard procedure when vetting presidential nominees? In the case of Kavanaugh, he had a long track record as a judge. It shouldn’t have been all that difficult to investigate him.

Was a confidential tip line used when vetting Biden’s nominees? Did they use it to vet Merrick Garland? How about the rest of the far-left neo-Marxists that populate the Biden administration?

Midori questions whether or not the FBI is what it is supposed to be, that is the premier law enforcement agency in the country. Using a tip line to vet presidential appointments?

As he notes, they are either not competent to conduct simple background investigations, or it has devolved into a political hit machine for the Democrats. Are we back to the old J. Edgar Hoover days?

In examining the FBI’s record over just the past six years, it presents some disturbing incidents, as Midori notes:

  • Hillary Clinton given a complete pass on transmission of classified information, with Comey declaring a lack of “intent” on her part
  • A FISA court provided with false information in order to conduct surveillance on private citizens
  • A perjury trap set for Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser
  • Declined to investigate clear-cut perjury by Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper in congressional testimony
  • Evidence of Hunter and Joe Biden’s influence-peddling was suppressed
  • Trespassers at the US Capitol on January 6 (a misdemeanor) charged with criminal conspiracy (felony)

Over the past five-six years, people serving inside Democrat administrations have been given a pass, while those serving Republicans have been slammed with over-the-top investigations.

The Kavanaugh tip line is, in Midori’s opinion proof that the FBI doesn’t engage in applying equal justice under the law to Republicans and Democrats. Current FBI Director Christopher Wray is an absolute disaster and hasn’t shown any interest in correcting the issues.

Midori dug into the past twenty or so years of FBI leadership.

  • 2001-2013: Robert Mueller, he of the “Mueller Report” that investigated so-called Russia collusion, was previously involved in the Whitey Bulger scandal.
    In the case of the Russia investigation, Mueller knew within months it was a political hit job, yet he continued to investigate Trump for over two years, tying his hands in the first two years of his administration and which led in handing the House back over to Democrats in 2018.
  • 2013-2017: James Comey used the PATRIOT Act against American citizens strictly for political purposes and leaked fraudulent information about Trump to the press. Comey also leaked classified info to a friend in academia (without a security clearance) which led to the appointment of Mueller as special prosecutor
  • 2017-Present: Christopher Wray was in charge of the FBI as they attempted to conduct a political hit job on Kavanaugh; the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping scheme was hatched under his watch, and recently designated so-called “right wing extremists” as the greatest threat to American Democracy. That is of course code name for Trump supporters.

Lately, the FBI has become an abject joke, last year dispatching a boatload of FBI agents to Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama to investigate a “noose” in the garage of NASCAR’s only black driver, Bubba Wallace. After an intensive investigation, they discovered it was a garage door pull—which had been in the garage for years, and which was in fact in a number of garages at the speedway.

According to The Daily Beast, FBI investigators hit the motherload when they raided one of the January 6 “insurrectionists’” homes—a “fully constructed U.S. Capitol Lego set” from the home of so-called “riot leader” Robert Morss, age 27.

A Lego set—available at retailers and on-line. This was it! They had him now! This is what passes for “investigation” from the FBI.

A few weeks ago someone suggested defunding the FBI, CIA and DHS and starting over from scratch. That might not be a bad idea.

The January 6 “investigation” is the most recent embarrassment for the FBI. While a majority of those who went to the Capitol that date did nothing more than criminally trespass, most are facing felony charges, with a significant number still jailed seven months later and some being held in solitary confinement.

According to American Greatness reporter Julie Kelly, in June AG Merrick Garland bragged that the FBI and the DOJ had reached a “benchmark” of arresting 500 people, as if they are engaged in some sort of a contest.  Garland also warned that he would “hold all January 6 perpetrators accountable” for their actions.

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Contrast that with those who destroyed cities across America last summer. Very few have been prosecuted, and those that have, few have been jailed. Billions of dollars in damage was done, and around two-dozen people were killed. Tens of thousands of police officers were injured, some at such a level that they are permanently disabled. The damage does not include the economic impact of closed businesses and lost jobs.

At the US Capitol siege meanwhile, only one person died as a direct result of the incident—Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year Air Force veteran from San Diego, California. Babbitt—unarmed—was shot and killed by a still unidentified plainclothes officer believed to be affiliated with the US Capitol Police. A number of US Capitol and DC Metro police officers were injured.

Meanwhile Wray made the laughable and absurd claim that the FBI treats all protesters the same way, regardless of political affiliation. He is more than happy to help Garland with his mission of making examples out of arrested Trump supporters. He has shown no such interest in making examples out of Black Lives Matter and Antifa supporters.

An example of those prosecuted by the FBI and Garland’s justice department is 69-year-old Lois Lyn McNicoll, arrested in California on June 28. McNicoll is (or more likely was) an employee of Los Angeles County. She was dimed out by one of her co-workers, evidently a “stand-up person.”

The FBI, as they are inclined to do, convinced McNicoll to speak to them, in this case Special Agent Daniel Dale without an attorney present.

As Kelly notes, a number of January 6 defendants cooperate with the FBI under the misguided notion that it will buy them leniency, believing in their heart of hearts that they did no wrong, and were trying to help the real bad people.

Dale interviewed McNicoll at her place of employment “in a non-custodial capacity,” informing her that her “participation was voluntary and that she was free to terminate the interview at any time,” terms which she agreed and said she understood.

So, McNicoll when she entered the Capitol was part of the “armed insurrection” that “stormed the Capitol, threatening the very lives of AOC and the squad,” right? Not so much.

Surveillance video showed she entered the Capitol through an open door. That video is part of 14,000 hours of footage which only a select few have been allowed to view. McNicoll took a few pictures inside the building, then was ushered out by police around 30 minutes later. That’s it.

Dale concluded there was “probable cause” that by entering the Capitol and taking some photos, she had committed four federal offenses during her half-hour “crime spree.”

The charging document said she had been trespassing and “willfully and knowingly…utter[ing] loud, threatening or abusive language, or engage[ing] in disorderly or disruptive conduct, at any place in the Grounds or in any of the Capitol Buildings with intend to impede, disrupt, or disturb the orderly conduct of a session of Congress.”

McNicoll, for trespassing and taking pictures inside the Capitol, will likely lose her job, have her reputation destroyed and her finances cleaned out. All of this for being a Trump supporter, not anything close to an “armed insurrectionist.” But this is how the FBI now rolls.

How about some other January 6 scofflaws? On June 29, 2021 at around 5:30 a.m., the FBI conducted a pre-dawn raid at the Lakeland, Florida home of three January 6 scofflaws, according to WFLA. Neighbors told the station they were awakened to loud “boom” noises believed to be flash-bang grenades and FBI agents shouting on loudspeakers outside the home.

One man, who recorded the raid on his phone said he believed the FBI had used flashbangs during the raid.

“It was like maybe 5:30 or so. I jumped up and grabbed a gun because I didn’t’ know what was going on,” he said.

Video released later showed several FBI agents removing items from the home and placing them into large government vehicles. A family member of one of the accused told WFLA’s reporter that she was “so shaky she can’ hardly talk.” One of the men arrested is a paramedic with the Polk County Fire Rescue and will lose his job.

There are numerous other stories similar to the above. One such case that Kelly had previously written about involved the arrest of a Florida pastor and his son for their participation in the January 6 protest. She noted neither was accused of committing a violent crime, yet the son was arrested by the FBI in front of his three-year-old daughter.

You see, it’s all a matter of priorities. Clearly the January 6 incident was unnecessary and those who committed serious crimes, including assaulting police officers should be held to account. However the time, money, and manpower being invested into what has clearly morphed into a Democrat-driven political hitjob is absurd.

As Kelly notes, while our southern border remains wide open, with all manner of cartels smuggling drugs and human assets into the country, while our major cities have all turned into American versions of Mogadishu, our country’s “preeminent law enforcement agency” is putting the hammer on 68-year-old women who harmed nobody.

One can also not discount the possibility, as reported in Revolver News and on Tucker Carlson Tonight that the FBI did  infiltrate those attending the January 6 incident and in fact not only participated in the incident but facilitated key parts of it, such as they did in the foiled “kidnapping” plot of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D).

Kelly noted that she had spoken to the spouse of one of the January 6 defendants. He has been locked up in jail for months awaiting trial. She related the story of an FBI raid on their home at 9:30 p.m. on a Sunday night in front of their young child.

Twenty—that’s 2-0—agents showed up, weapons drawn to arrest him and proceeded to ransack the house. She was taken into a separate room—they did not ask to have an attorney present—where she was interrogated by three FBI agents.

Unbelievably, they asked her who she voted for and which political party they identified with. They then asked about what news channels they watched as well as their views on immigration, including the border wall.

That begs the question. What in the hell does political party, who she voted for, what news channel she watched and her views on immigration and the border wall have to do with anything? Is there any doubt that this sham isn’t politically motivated??

They asked her if she and her husband followed QAnon. They asked if she belonged to the Oath Keepers or Three Percenters. The woman told Kelly she had no idea what those organizations were.

Kelly noted that the FBI has provided lawmakers a report titled, “Adherence to QAnon Conspiracy Theory by Some Domestic Violent Extremists,” which claims the “participation of some domestic violent extremists (DVE) who are also self-identified QAnon adherents in the violent siege of the US Capitol on 6 January underscores how the current environment likely will continue to act as a catalyst for some to begin accepting the legitimacy of violent action.”

As an aside, the FBI doesn’t appear to have the same interest in “violent action” on behalf of Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

The woman told Kelly that she now knows it was stupid to talk to the FBI, but she noted that she and her husband were not criminals.

“Obviously it was stupid to talk to the FBI, but we’re not criminals, we weren’t hiding anything, [and] I knew he did nothing wrong that day,” she told Kelly via text. “I’d like to think I answered their questions wisely and honestly but now I realize…howe they turn everything against you. Most of the questions I answered I don’t know, or I can’t remember. I feel so stupid!!!”

Stupid for answering questions, when you believe you and your husband are innocent, to what is supposed to be one of the, if not THE top law enforcement agencies in the world? An agency that should be tracking down real criminals as opposed to middle class Americans who showed up at the Capitol on January 6 to exercise their First Amendment rights.

As Kelly notes, “the only people who should feel stupid are the FBI officials and agents conducting this destructive farce disguised as a legitimate investigation.”

Republicans have long been ardent supporters of the FBI, often times to their own detriment.

While the FBI has turned their back on real crime, such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots, Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server to transmit national security information, and Hunter Biden and his father’s malfeasance, they target people who by and large committed criminal trespass.

Anyone who makes the claim that we were anywhere near an insurrection on January 6 has been smoking some of the same stuff as Hunter Biden. Our Democracy was never “threatened.”

Had the National Guard been in place, as requested numerous times prior to the incident, it never would have gotten as far as it did. Had the Pentagon’s offer of the National Guard and other military assets been accepted, the FBI would have time to investigate real crime.

As Kelly notes, with all the current talk about defunding the police, perhaps a good place to start would be the FBI. Tear it down and start from scratch. It’s broken, it has been broken for a long time and it’s time to start over.

At least half the American people have lost complete faith in its ability to act in an apolitical manner. Our civil liberties and the rule of law may depend on it.

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