Former police chief: We no longer recognize the country we love and cherish – so what exactly happened?


The following editorial is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

USA- What happened to our country? One thing is for certain…my father, who has been gone for over 20 years, would not recognize it. In fact, my mother-in-law and my mother, who both passed away just over five years ago wouldn’t either.

A question posed in The Daily Signal by the esteemed historian and fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, Victor Davis Hanson went as follows: “Did someone or something seize control of the United States?” The following were inspired by Hanson and incorporate my own thoughts.

When Donald Trump ran for president back in 2016, he often talked about “draining the swamp.” For me as a conservative, I always had my doubts about Washington, DC, including both Democrats and Republicans. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump ripped the mask off of the ruling elite in Washington.

All elected officials, from the President of the United States all the way down to local officials take an oath of office, including a pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Many, including the president, swear to protect our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Why then have we allowed over 5 million foreigners enter our country illegally? And when we are talking about foreigners, we are not talking about those who entered the country legally, through ports of entry such as my mother and father did. We are talking about mostly criminals crossing our southern border unabated.

Recall that former President Trump was impeached twice…once for a phone call with a foreign leader whom he asked to look into the shady business dealings of a former vice president, Joe Biden, along with his crackhead son, Hunter. The second was for holding a rally on the Ellipse outside the White House and asking supporters to “peacefully and patriotically go to the Capitol and make your voices heard.”

The first “offense,” equated to being “high crimes and misdemeanors” paled in comparison to a meeting Joe Biden held in Ukraine, where he threatened to withhold foreign aid if a prosecutor who was looking into shady business dealings involving the Hunter Biden-affiliated crooked energy company, Burisma, was fired. Quid pro quo, you say?

We also see Joe Biden, who is duty bound to protect our country’s sovereignty allowing millions of illegals to invade our country, some bringing along with them Fentanyl, which killed more Americans last year than COVID-19, which we are still hearing about.

Mexico is currently embroiled in what amounts to a civil war involving violent drug cartels, yet our border remains a porous mess. It took Biden nearly two years to visit the border but when he did, what he saw in El Paso was a cleaned up version of what days before looked like a third world rathole.

The national debt has soared to over $30 trillion dollars and truth be told, some of that is on the shoulders of Trump. However Biden has taken increasing the debt to an art form, aided and abetted by a complicit Democrat-run House and Senate and more than a few cowardly spendthrift Republicans. Who told these people that by dumping trillions of dollars into the economy that we do not have, it would not effect prices which have soared since Biden took office?

Most nobody argues that we need to start looking for alternatives to fossil fuels, however what genius thought it wise to conduct a jihad on the fossil fuel industry? A jihad that took American energy independence through technology which allowed us to extract record quantities of natural gas from the ground and brought it (and Americans) to its knees.

Why would you attack the very engine that drives American industry without a viable and ready alternative to take its place?

Who thought it a good idea to shut down a pipeline that not only would have brought much needed oil from Canada into the United States but also created over 10,000 high-paying jobs?

When did it become OK for the FBI to act as the personal secret police of a presidential administration, conducting pre-dawn raids of political enemies, including a raid on your likely 2024 opponent for the presidency?

When did it become OK for the Department of Justice to target parents of young children as terrorists for the sin of not wanting their children indoctrinated into radical racist and deviate sexual ideologies?

Since when was it allowed to target pro-life activists whose only sin was to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights outside abortion clinics, while ignoring violent attacks on crisis pregnancy centers?

There is a statute in the federal register which makes it a crime to picket outside the homes of Supreme Court justices for the purposes of intimidating them on pending cases.

Yet last summer, we saw unhinged radicals loudly protest in front of the homes of conservative justices over Roe v Wade, after a leaked decision was released to the press, a leak which to this day has still not been solved and which Chief Justice John Roberts doesn’t seem particularly interested in solving.

To make matters worse, the violent rhetoric that came from liberal members of Congress encouraged one pro-abortion zealot to travel to Washington DC in a plot to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and at least two other unnamed justices.

This after the year before, the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer stood in front of the Supreme Court and threatened Kavanaugh, as well as Justice Neal Gorsuch. Schumer didn’t receive as much as a mild reprimand from the Senate.

Over the past two years, radical LGBT zealots have pushed to have biological males compete in women’s sports, completely gutting Title IX, and have gotten their way. Yet no law was passed by Congress and the Supreme Court has not ruled that men are allowed to shower in locker rooms with biological women.

However now this is the “new normal” in our country. So-called “drag queens,” who perform sexually charged, perverse “shows” are now allowed to perform their sick “art” in front of young children, and we’re supposed to accept that as not being a form of child abuse.

These performances have also been encouraged by leaders in our armed forces, while China and Russia look at us in bemusement. Good Morning America had a young boy “drag queen” on its show as an audience clapped and cheered.

During the pandemic, strip clubs, marijuana dispensaries and package stores were allowed to open with impunity but churches (1st Amendment) and gun stores and ranges (2nd Amendment) were closed or had significant restrictions placed on them.

Small stores were not allowed to open but national chains such as Walmart and Target made record profits. People could be cited for wakeboarding alone in the ocean without a mask on but politicians such as Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and others could skirt the very “emergency orders” they put in place.

When I was a youngster of, oh 50, I remember when election results were known on Election Day, the exception being the “hanging chad” fiasco of Florida in 2000.

Fast forward to today and election results, despite the “technology” being much more “improved” are often not known for days, or in some cases weeks. This despite the fact that many states allow the corruption-encouraging practice of drop boxes and early voting.

In many cases, with Arizona being the most recent example, leads vanish when it is discovered how many votes are needed to flip the result. This also occurred in 2020’s general election. But don’t worry folks nothing to see here.

Many of these practices were implemented either by governors, courts, or unelected bureaucrats, in clear violation of the United States Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 which mandates the state legislatures are to determine how electors are chosen. Period. Not lawyers like ambulance-chasing Marc Elias.

And what of crime? Time was when police were held up as heroes (remember 9/11) and criminals were the scourge of society. Remember when district attorneys actually prosecuted criminals and the result was generally the safest country we had seen in decades if not longer? Not anymore. Radical leftist DAs, put into office with a boost from the deep pockets of Marxist radicals like George Soros seek to “reform” criminal justice. In many cases, that involves no bail, light sentences (if any) and the refusal to prosecute all but the most serious cases. In some instances, even that is not done. Police used to get the benefit of the doubt, but not any longer.

The FBI used to be the preeminent law enforcement agency in the country. Now it has become a parody of itself, a laughingstock. No, not a vast majority of the front-line agents, but those who occupy the upper floors of FBI headquarters in Washington, DC and their sycophants. Fake dossiers, bogus FISA warrants, agents who allow their politics to color their job. The FBI, CIA and DHS all need to be completely dismantled and a new agency put in their places. Many Americans have lost complete faith in all of these agencies.

And what of our military? No, not the airmen, sailors, soldiers and Marines. The leadership. The good ones retire, refusing to obey the woke blathering of commanders and the Joint Chiefs. As Professor Hanson notes, when was it allowed for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to undermine the president of the United States without being summarily dismissed? When was it allowed for that same individual to threaten US national security by promising a high-ranking military official from China, our greatest adversary that he would warn him if the US were going to attack China, which was never even considered.

And what of our colleges and universities? With tens of billions of dollars in endowments, they continue to charge outrageous tuition, much of that used to employ unhinged radical idealogues whose only desire is to indoctrinate students in Marxist ideology. Universities, which used to embrace the free exchange of ideas are suddenly woke factories, where differences are quashed and only the desired narratives are permitted. Those with differing opinions are shouted down or in some cases physically assaulted.

Time was when the United States Constitution trumped everything. Yet, a virus which came from a Chinese lab changed all that. Some in the ruling class told us that “safety” trumps liberty. I don’t believe the founding fathers held that view.

I’ll finish with Victor Davis Hanson’s closing:

“We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare to a country we no longer recognize, and from a coup we never knew.”

My parents and my wife’s parents would no longer recognize the place they called home.

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