Former police chief: Liberal-turned-conservative rips the covers off the Black Lives Matter agenda to destroy America


The following contains editorial content written by a former Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

When former President Donald Trump said leftists would soon be coming after statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other Founding Fathers, his comments were dismissed as “hysterical rants from an unhinged lunatic.” Once again, Trump was right. 

Last year in the wake of George Floyd’s likely overdose death and the subsequent violent riots that took place across the country, the real unhinged lunatics—mayors in primarily Democrat-run cities—decided to cave to the mob.

Soon, along with statues of Confederate generals such as Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson others came down as well. Those included amazingly statues of Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves and even Frederick Douglass.

In their place, we have seen statues or busts erected of such “icons” as the late Rep. John Lewis, an avowed leftist, as well as the aforementioned lifetime criminal George Floyd, along with Breonna Taylor, who was killed during a botched no-knock raid in Louisville, Kentucky, albeit under suspicious circumstances.

In a new book, I Can’t Breathe- How a Racial Hoax is Killing America,” liberal turned conservative David Horowitz examines how a hoax being perpetrated by the far-left in the United States is serving to kill our country.

Lewis, Horowitz notes actually did achieve some things in his life of service to Georgia, albeit most of it was in the name of communism. But hey, at least he accomplished something.

As to Floyd and Taylor, they didn’t accomplish anything in their lives. In the case of Floyd, he accomplished sticking a gun in the stomach of a pregnant woman and, at the time of his death, getting himself high on fentanyl and meth thereby dying of a combination of drug intoxication and positional asphyxia.

As to Taylor, her death was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong guy, a drug dealer who thought it smart to start shooting at police officers who were executing a no-knock warrant at her apartment.

There were also some questions—unproven—that she may have also been involved in her boyfriend’s drug trade. Her death, while likely tragic, should not elevate her to folk hero status—yet here we are.

Of all the statues and monuments demanded by the woke mob to be destroyed, that of Frederick Douglass is among the most bizarre. Here we have a black man, a former slave who, as Horowitz notes became “a statesman, orator, writer and noted abolitionist.”

Yet for some reason his legacy is destroyed while Floyd is held up as a martyr by Marxists such as Black Lives Matter activists.

The deaths of Floyd and Taylor, along with the shooting of another criminal, Jacob Blake and police killing of Rayshard Brooks, an Atlanta man who disarmed a police officer of his Taser and was shot by police when he attempted to deploy the weapon on officers, have been weaponized by BLM to hype the false narrative that police are targeting blacks in a “systemically racist” manner.

This fallacy has been proven statistically incorrect by a number of scholars over the years, including Heather MacDonald as well as now Horowitz.

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Horowitz addresses how BLM, enabled by Democrats, the legacy media and social media were able to form the narrative beginning with Floyd’s death in May 2020, followed by months of rioting, causing billions in damage and a number of deaths during what he refers to as the “summer of insurrections.”

He noted that the 2020 riots resulted in “the costliest sustained acts of civil disorder in American history.”

Horowitz tied it all together—the siege of Portland by violent Antifa thugs, the Democrat’s attempts to defund the police which resulted in a crime wave that continues today practically unabated, to anti-American messaging and even harkens back to the 2016 murders of five white Dallas police officers by a Black Lives Matter-inspired extremist.

All of this ties into the myth fomented by BLM and their enablers of a systemically racist criminal justice system.

The casualties of the scorched-earth war unleashed by Black Lives Matter dwarf the total casualties of all the alleged racial injustices the organization has protested.

The atrocities instigated and inspired by BLM encompass scores of innocent wounded and dead, both black and white…surveying these disasters, one could reasonably conclude that, thanks to Black Lives Matter campaigns to abolish police departments, advances in both race relations and protections for urban black communities have been set back fifty years.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t even try to show a modicum of credibility in some of the people whom they claim were murdered or otherwise injured by police since Trayvon Martin’s death in 2012, a killing which despite having nothing to do with police still is used by the group to show systemic police racism.

Along with Martin, BLM uses people such as Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray and Michael Brown, whose police shooting death in Ferguson, Missouri sparked days of riots and hatched the fallacious “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative, despite the fact this was completely debunked by investigators, including from the Obama Justice Department.

In all, Horowitz takes 26 black “victims” BLM claims were killed by police and conducts a factual dissection of each case with a total of 70 pages of endnotes.

In all, he takes each of those 26 incidents and shows how BLM has taken each and lied about them in order to further their narrative, increase their power base among the liberal elites, and create and aggravate racial tensions in the United States.

Horowitz acknowledges “that while some of the Black Lives Matter cases reveal tragic errors of judgment, almost all involve resistance by known and armed criminals to warranted arrests.”

He notes that in the vast majority of cases, “the deceased would still be alive if they had simply obeyed police commands, and the Black Lives Matter charges are reckless inventions unsupported by facts.”

Horowitz also tears apart the motivation of the organization, noting their “motives and goals have nothing to do with black lives mattering.” That much is clear because the organization remains silent on the carnage and virtual genocide among blacks taking place in cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and others.

If they genuinely cared about black lives, why aren’t they taking their very deep pockets and doing something in these cities? Because Patrisse Cullors, one of BLM’s founders is more interested in expanding her real estate portfolio apparently.

“Black Lives Matter is not a civil rights organization. It is a revolutionary criminal movement whose goals are openly Marxist and communist,” Horowitz writes.

He says black lives matter not to them; however they are interested in pushing “the anti-American revolution they are advancing, and the fantasy world they think they will achieve by destroying the most equitable, inclusive, tolerant, and free society that has ever existed.”

He continues noting that despite claims of systemic oppression, black Americans have been “widely integrated into the dominant culture” of our country.

Horowitz is able to debunk through facts and statistics that “harsh claims of a hunting season on blacks by police” is a fallacy. In fact, he proves that there is irrefutable evidence that the truth is in fact the opposite of the organization’s “malicious racial fiction.”

Horowitz found deep ties between BLM and cop killers and domestic terrorists such as Assata Shakur and Susan Rosenberg, who is tied to Thousand Currents, a George Soros-funded organization that previously acted as the funding conduit for BLM.

The group is also closely tied to anti-Semites Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan, to Antifa, and other far-left philanthropic organizations such as the Ford and Kellogg Foundations.

Not content with merely targeting the usual gaggle of leftists and anarchists, BLM is also targeting school children through BLM-centric curriculum, pushing for the dissolution of the nuclear family, and pushing the aforementioned fantasy of “systemic racism.”

Black Lives Matter also scored a coup when the incompetent boob Joe Biden somehow prevailed in last November’s election.

Nothing more than a puppet of the far-left puppet masters both in the Democratic Party and who sit at the far left of the political spectrum, Biden has also pushed the lie of systemic racism in the country and has made equity…not equality…a centerpiece of everything the shadow presidency pushes for.

Most of us knew all along that Black Lives Matter was nothing but a front for the far-left Marxists, far from any type of racial justice organization. And Horowitz has been able to prove it.

Editor note: In 2020, we saw a nationwide push to “defund the police”.  While we all stood here shaking our heads wondering if these people were serious… they cut billions of dollars in funding for police officers.  And as a result, crime has skyrocketed – all while the same politicians who said “you don’t need guns, the government will protect you” continued their attacks on both our police officers and our Second Amendment rights.

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