Former police chief: All is well in MAGA Country as Democrat-run cities devolve into anarchy


The following contains editorial content written by a retired police chief and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

USA- Where are they calling to defund the police? Where are they calling for more gun control? Which places have exploding crime rates that match the rate of people fleeing them?

If you answered all three with “Democrats,” you win. John Nolte in Breitbart spells it out perfectly, noting that while elimination of Democrat-run cities from the American landscape wouldn’t eliminate everything from gun violence to hate crimes, mass-shootings or violent crime in crisis proportions, they would at least be manageable.

Look at what Democrat-run cities across the nation look like. Democrats are trying to make Washington, DC a state, which if it happened would make that “state” the most crime-infested sewer in the country. And that’s saying something, because there is a lot of competition.

As Nolte notes, as Democrats and their sycophants in DNC-run media rail on about things such as racism, gun violence, corrupt police and so on, those are overwhelmingly occurring in cities run by Democrats.

These same people rail on about MAGA supporters being violent, racist, anti-environment and any number of other adjectives that are simply false. Because if you take I-90 out of Chicago, or I-87 out of New York City and head out about 50 miles, those problems simply do not exist.

In the suburbs is where all the legal gun owners live—you know, the ones who are being targeted by the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats.

Yet how often do you see gun violence on the scale of what is experienced in Washington, DC, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles every day? And especially every weekend? It is virtually non-existent.

And what of the environment? The air and water are very clean, and by and large racial tensions are non-existent.

Nolte notes that in his particular neck of the woods, there is a significant amount of poverty, however violent crime is rare. While drug abuse knows no bounds and can also happen in suburban and rural communities, it doesn’t happen on the same scale per capita as it does in Democrat-run cities. And the murder, mayhem and violence that comes along with drug abuse in the major cities is also a rarity.

Let’s take a look at last weekend in the aforementioned Washington, DC, where the feckless mayor continues to oversee her city crashing and burning.

Two teenage girls—one 15 and one 13—were charged with felony murder when they attempted to carjack a Muslim immigrant, Mohammed Anwar.

Anwar was out working trying to make an extra bucks for a food delivery service when he was accosted by the two females, who tased him then took off in his car with him hanging on for dear life. They ended up crashing, killing Anwar.

So how did Bowser react? She called it a “joyride gone bad.” Joyride?

What’s more, Bowser issued a brain-dead tweet, since deleted in which she gave advice on how to prevent having your car stolen, saying, “Auto theft is a crime of opportunity. Follow these steps to reduce the risk of your vehicle becoming a target. Remember the motto, #ProtectYourAuto.”

In other words, blame the victim.

So how are things going in DC?

Well as Congress enjoys Jersey barriers, fences topped by concertina wire, and National Guard troops protecting them, carjackings in greater DC are up 350% this year, while in 2020 they were up 150% over the year before.

Police officials in the city say the perpetrators are often teens.

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How about Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago? It was a “quiet” weekend in the Windy City, with “only” thirty people being shot, including three who were killed. As we said, that’s a quiet weekend for Chicago.

Let’s head west to the once-great city of Portland, Oregon. As usual, Antifa continues to run roughshod over the city, including this past weekend when they took their roving circus to the state capital of Salem. Once there, they blocked roadways, and in one case attacked a man sitting in his truck, throwing paint and rocks.

They drove a tree limb through the windshield of the truck, whereby the man exited the truck and brandished a firearm, since he was clearly in fear for his life.

Salem police made an arrest—of the man with the gun protecting himself! Meanwhile, Antifa continues to wreak havoc , wearing ballistic vests, and carrying guns, bats, shields and gasmasks without fear of being prosecuted.

And what of District Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s Baltimore? People used to visit Baltimore to watch ballgames at Camden Yards, one of the most beautiful stadiums in the big leagues.

They would then walk down to the Inner Harbor. Making that same walk today, despite it being one of the safer areas of the city puts one’s life in their hands.

Baltimore has been run (into the ground) by Democrats for 54 years, since 1967. That city has basically stopped prosecuting certain crimes recently and the city’s  public school students’ proficiency in math and reading is an embarrassment.

Does violence occasionally happen in rural America? Of course it does. Emotions get the most of people however compared to life in the city, such incidents are the exception not a way of life.

As Nolte notes, an overwhelming amount of the time, in excess of 90 percent when there is an incident such as a hate crime, gun violence, violent crime, racial strife or whatever, it is in locations run by soft-on-crime Democrats. To quote Nolte, “Democrats have enjoyed a monopoly of political power in those shithole cities for decades.”

“Dear Democrats: Instead of blaming us Trumptards for all of your problems, maybe you should be asking us for advice on how to live. Because…Life is sweet and clean and safe and serene out here in MAGA Land.”

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