Former officer says she owes her life to a Lyft Driver, 71, who was just murdered by a 17 year old


PRINCE GEORGES, MD – A former Alexandria police officer is paying tribute to a slain Lyft driver who she claims saved her life in 2017.

The former officer said that news of her hero’s senseless murder was the most devastating news she has ever received.

The former police officer, Suzanne Watts, spoke of the bravery of Abdul Rauf Khan, who she credits with stepping between her and an armed suspect who was trying to kill her.

In 2017, Watts noted being dispatched to a man that was swinging a pipe in the city.

When Watts arrived at the scene, as she got out of her marked police vehicle, the suspect immediately attacked her and was able to knock her to the ground.

Instead of standing around and/or recording the incident, Khan jumped in between the man and the officer, saving her.

The injuries that Watts received from the brutal beating were bad enough that she was forced to retire from the Alexandria Police Department. While that must have been hard in and of itself, the news of Khan’s murder was harder.  She said:

“No one should have to go through what he did, but of all people in the world that man risked his life for me, and I was a complete stranger, and the fact that no one was there for him is absolutely the most horrific news I have ever received.”

Watts recounted how brutal the beating she received on that day in 2017 and how Khan stepped in to save her. She said:

“[Khan] pulled that guy off of me. I mean, I was being brutally attacked and sustained multiple head hits. There is no reason I should be alive today, and I thank him for that.”

The Alexandria Police Department did recognize Khan’s bravery by presenting him with a courage and bravery award. Watts said:

“He [Khan] was a nice guy. His family was so nice. I remember meeting his daughter and just telling her that, you know, her dad was a hero.”

Khan was shot and killed during an apparent carjacking attempt in Springfield, Virginia when a 17 year old and two others tried to take his car.

Khan received multiple gunshot wounds and was discovered lying on the street after someone called in a wellbeing check since he had not been heard from since he was in the area.

Police have taken three people, including the unnamed 17 year old, into custody after they were located driving in Khan’s stolen vehicle.

The teen has been charged with first-degree murder and carjacking, and police say that the teen will be tried as an adult.

According to WUSA9, the unnamed murder suspect is no stranger to the law as he has allegedly been arrested several times in the past for other violent crimes.

The source told WUSA9 that the teen’s violent arrests were recently out of DC and Prince Georges County, however, they were clearly not held in custody.

Saba Rauf, Khan’s widow, is not only dealing with the death of her husband, but also the pain that comes with knowing that he died on the street alone. She said:

“No one is there. Did he call my name? Did he call his daughter? Did he call for help or something?”

The pain that Khan’s family is going through is something that also deeply bothers Watts who said:

“I cannot believe that they have to now go through this, because no one should. His family was so kind, and he was so generous. I’m so sorry to him and his family.”

Police say he murdered a toddler and stuff the body in a freezer. Turns out he’s got a massive criminal history.

LAS VEGAS, NV – The man accused of murdering his girlfriend’s toddler has a violent criminal history which includes multiple instances of domestic violence, according to police and court records.

The suspect in the case is now accused of holding his girlfriend hostage and killing her 4-year-old, who police say he stuffed in a freezer.


The suspect in the case, identified as 35-year-old Brandon Toseland, was taken into custody by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

This, after the slain boy’s mother was able to sneak a note to one of her children in the hopes that her plea for help would be heard.

The note made it to school officials, who contacted police about the situation who were eventually able to rescue those who were still alive in the home.


Now that Toseland has been taken into custody, we are learning that he has quite a criminal history, specifically in terms of domestic violence. According to court records, Toseland’s path to violence against women seemingly started in September of 2013.

On September 29th, officers were called to The Suites at 4855 Boulder Highway for a reported domestic violence incident. When officers got to the scene, they were told Toseland had punched his sister in the face several times during an argument.

Officers allege that the sister’s young baby was present during the incident and watched as the mother was punched.

Police allege that the sister was able to get up after being beaten by Toseland and call for help.


Toseland was criminally charged in this case, however, it was dismissed before trial. There is no explanation available as to why the case was dismissed.

Then in December of 2018, police were called to a home at 4658 Tracylynn Lane on the 9th for another domestic violence incident.

This time, Toseland’s girlfriend, who was pregnant, alleged she had been dating him for five months before he accused her of cheating on him.

The girlfriend told police that she and Toseland got into an argument that turned violent after he slapped her in the face. The unidentified girlfriend in this case was able to break free before the beating got worse and call for help.

In this case, Toseland was also criminally charged and eventually pleaded no contest. He was court-ordered to attend an impulse control class and complete community service. He also received a 90-day suspended jail sentence.

Now, Toseland is in jail after being accused of holding his girlfriend, Dahsia Maldonado, and her children hostage for several months. Toseland is also accused of killing Dominguez’s 4-year-old, Mason, whose body was found in a freezer on February 22nd.


Toseland and Maldonado became acquainted after the death of her husband, Eli Dominguez. Toseland, who was a close friend of Eli, eventually moved into the family residence after the two became romantically involved in March of 2021.

According to Maldonado’s attorney, Stephen Stubbs, Toseland became increasingly controlling and eventually was able to trap all of them inside of the home they shared in the 4300 block of Saddle Brook Park Drive.

Stubbs reported that Maldonado eventually was locked into a room and separated from her two children.

Mason Dominguez

Maldonado claimed that she was not allowed to have contact with her children and last saw Mason alive in early December of 2021. Toseland allegedly informed Maldonado that Mason became ill around December 11th according to police.

Toseland allegedly took Mason into the master bedroom and barricaded the door on the 11th. Stubbs said that the house that the two shared was more like a “fortress.” The home had locks, window alarms, motions sensors amongst other forms of ensuring that Maldonado and the children could not escape.

Thankfully, the horror ended when Maldonado was allegedly able to sneak a note asking for help in her 7-year-old daughter’s effects. When Toseland dropped the young girl off at school, she provided that note to her teacher and the police were called.

Police arrived at the residence on February 22nd and were able to free Maldonado and her child from Toseland who was taken into custody and charged with murder and kidnapping.


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