Former NYPD Officer Sent Back to PrisonWhat would you do if someone aimed a baseball bat at your elderly father’s head?.  One off-duty former officer’s actions in 2006 answering that question landed him in prison after he was convicted of killing another man in his family’s Dobbs Ferry, NY deli.

Officer Richard DiGuglielmo Jr., a white NYPD veteran of 11 eleven years, had finished his shift.  He stopped by the deli to check on his father and his brother-in-law. Both men were working at the deli that evening. His father had recently suffered a heart attack and had other health issues. Former Officer DiGuglielmo wanted to assist with the evening rush and orders at the deli.

A black Corvette owned by Charles Campbell, an African American man, pulled into one of the deli’s last parking spaces that night. Campbell was a local sanitation worker.  Signage indicated that parking was for deli customers only. Customers of the pizzeria  across the street would often park in the deli lot.  It appears that Mr. Campbell decided to ignore the signage and the request from the owner to move his vehicle.

He walked across the street to get his pizza.  By the time returned, the owner, Richard DiGuglielmo, Sr., had affixed a tow sticker on the Corvette’s window. The notice stated that the vehicle would be towed at customer’s expense.

Mr. Campbell returned with his pizza and became enraged about the sticker on his window.  A verbal assault ensued between the elderly deli owner and the car owner.  His son, Officer Richard DiGuglielmo, Jr., reported that that Mr Campbell became so enraged that he took a baseball bat from his trunk and brutally attacked the elder Mr.DiGuglielmo.

DiGuglielmo, Jr. entered the deli, retrieved a handgun from under the cash register, and went to save his father’s life. He fired the gun three times and killed Charles Campbell.

Former Officer DiGuglielmo was tried and convicted of murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison. However, after serving 11 years, a court ruled some evidence was not permitted that may have assisted the officer avoiding prosecution. Therefore, the court released the former officer in 2008.

In 2010, a higher court ruled the original court was correct and the re-arrested the former officer.  He is finishing his full 20 year prison sentence Now how’s that for a bat attack? I think most of us would be in prison right now in this situation. Which one of us would sit and watch our father being beaten to death? What happened to protecting life?  Campbell, an amateur boxer had a bat and used it to hit a senior citizen in the head and body. The store owner had a gun. In my opinion, case closed.

The only difference I’d add as insult to injury, would be to tow the car anyway. This whole ridiculous exchange of aggression began over towing a car. My support is with the former officer unless something critical was left out in the coverage of which I am not aware. What are your thoughts?

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