Former NYPD captain Eric Adams, who opposed defunding police, wins NYC Democratic mayoral primary


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Brooklyn Borough President and also former NYPD captain Eric Adams has reportedly won the Democratic mayoral primary, which Adams reportedly noted in his campaign that he was against the defunding of police.

In November, Adams will have to face off against Republican Curtis Silwa to land the role of mayor in New York City – but with as high of a Democratic base that New York City hosts, Adams winning the Democratic primaries serves as almost a merely delayed win for the actual mayoral race.

Adams did face a close contender in the primaries, NYC’s former sanitation chief Kathryn Garcia, but Garcia conceded to the loss on July 7th saying that her campaign nearly broke the “glass ceiling”, an allusion to there being invisible barriers to women obtaining certain achievements professionally and socially:

“I want to congratulate Eric Adams on a well-fought campaign. This campaign has come closer than any other moment in history to breaking that glass ceiling in selecting New York City’s first female mayor. We cracked the hell out of it, and it’s ready to be broken.”

While speaking with CNN regarding his winning of the primaries, Adams said “it’s extremely exciting right now that, you know, just an everyday blue-collar worker, I like to say, is going to potentially become the mayor of the city of New York.”

The former police captain and current Brooklyn Borough President stated that his focus while in office will be to represent the “working class people” that he identifies with:

“This city is like many of our cities in America, we’re ready to finally look after working class people. And I’m going to be the mayor to symbolize that, partner with the other mayors across this country.”

Adams has been quite critical along the campaign trail when it comes to the notion of defunding the police, pointing out that the whole defund the police movement in New York City would be to the detriment of the community:

“When you start defunding, hey, the cop is no longer on your corner. That cop is no longer in your lobby. That cop is not standing outside when you leave your Broadway play. And I have never been to an event where the people were saying we want less cops. Never.”

Adams made the comments while speaking with New York Magazine back in April, recalling that he’d first heard the “defund the police” slogan when confronted by a one black man that was among a group of white friends during a protest from the summer of 2020.

He recounted the exchange he had with the young black man that day while speaking with the magazine, saying he told him that these friends he was surrounding himself that were chanting to “defund the police” won’t feel the harm of what they’re advocating for – because they don’t live in that young black man’s neighborhood:

“They are not living in the community that you are living in. Go back to your community, where there is real violence, and tell me you still want to defund the police.”

The Associated Press reported that while speaking before a group of his supporters on the night of the primaries, he said that to support the value of black lives, it has to be aimed against all matters harming the black community: 

“If Black lives really matter, it can’t only be against police abuse. It has to be against the violence that’s ripping apart our communities.”

With Adams’ success in the Democratic primaries for mayor of New York City, his campaign shows that while calls to defund police have been prevalent among highly vocal activists – the message clearly doesn’t resonate well when people hit the voting booth, even in majority-Democrat cities.


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In other news related to Eric Adams, there was horrific stabbing caught on surveillance camera of one of his campaign volunteers back in June. 

A suspect has been arrested in the case, identified as 34-year-old Gary Oliver, who has since been charged with attempted murder. Reports say that the suspect arrested is a local homeless man who hosts 14 prior arrests and was last arrested in 2020 on a robbery charge. 

Assistant District Attorney Michael McDonnell said the following during Oliver’s arraignment: 

“The defendant approached the victim in broad daylight and stabbed the victim multiple times using a large knife and then fled the scene. The incident was captured clearly on video and shows the defendant jumped on the victim and stabbed him multiple times.”

On July 3rd, Bronx Criminal Court Judge Patsy Gouldborne ordered that Oliver be held on $100,000 bail, which prosecutors pushed for said cash bail, arguing that Oliver poses a flight risk “due to the strength of the case and the nature of the charges and the sentencing he is facing.”

If convicted of attempted murder, Oliver could be facing up to 25 years in prison. 

Authorities still haven’t furnished a definitive motive for the attack as of this writing, having only previously entertained the possibility that there was perhaps some pre-existing feud between the victim and suspect.

As for the victim in the attack, he was said to be recovering after having undergone surgery for the sustained injuries during the stabbing.

We at Law Enforcement Today previously reported on the incident that led to Oliver’s arrest prior to a suspect having been identified. 

Here’s that previous report. 


NEW YORK CITY, NY – A 42-year-old campaign volunteer for Eric Adams’ mayoral campaign was non-fatally stabbed earlier in June, with officials saying that the knife and a icepick were found near the scene. 

Police are still looking for the two suspects involved in the attack, which surveillance video captured the disturbing attack. 

According to reports, the 42-year-old victim was in the area of the 500 block of Morris Avenue at approximately 2:30 p.m. on June 20th, with campaign flyers in tow, when two men approached him. 

One of the two men had repeatedly stabbed the man, with surveillance video capturing the harrowing moments as the victim is brought to the ground by the attacker and can be seen getting jabbed with the weapon as he’s grounded. 

By some miracle, the victim survived the attack.

The victim was last stated as being in critical but stable condition at Lincoln Hospital. 

Retired NYPD captain and now a mayoral-hopeful, Eric Adams shared the following on Twitter after receiving the news of his campaign volunteer being stabbed: 

“A member of Team Adams — who has been working hard & volunteering every day — was stabbed in the Bronx today @ 149th St & Morris Ave. The police are investigating & he’s in surgery. If you have any info, please call 800-577-TIPS. We pray for him. This violence must stop.”

The NYPD shared additional footage of the suspect wanted in connection with the stabbing, affording a clearer picture of those allegedly behind the brutal attack. 

While the attack was launched as the victim appeared to be in the midst of campaign activities, authorities are uncertain of what the motive may be as of this time. 

While addressing the press directly, Adams had the following to say about the incident and the victim: 

“There’s an investigation going on, the police department is now – I’m sure once he’s out of surgery, they’re going to be able to interview him and we’re going to find out exactly what led up to – what the video is showing.”

“In response to the employee – the volunteer, he was a volunteer – he was one of our most committed volunteers up in the Bronx. He was there everyday. He would come in, pick up his supplies and just hand them out. He was really a committed volunteer. And he’s been doing that since we opened the Bronx office.”

When Adams was asked if he believes the attack was at all connected with his bid for mayor, the retired police chief stated that while he doesn’t know, he certainly hopes it didn’t influence the stabbing: 

“We don’t know, hopefully not. The police department is conducting a thorough investigation. The video was there, and that’s why it’s so important to use technology to add another layer on public protection in the city.”

While it isn’t clear whether the victim’s previous brushes with the law played any role in the incident from June 20th, the New York Post reported that the victim had nearly 50 prior arrests for unspecified offenses. 

Anyone with information the incident or suspects’ whereabouts are urged to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782).


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